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Christophe Castaner n'est pas sourd aux critiques au sein de LREM.

While the movement flourished on the promise of greater consideration for grassroots activists, many now denounce the lack of transparency in decision-making.

The Republic on the move put to the test of reality. Since the summer, members and executives of the movement have been concerned about the structuring of the bodies and an excessively vertical functioning. “Unfortunately, when we try to do something new with old tenors, the practices remain the same”, deplores Frédéric Ducrocq, member of the collective The Angry Walkers . With his wife and daughter, also LREM members, he is writing a long letter of resignation which he intends to send to management. The appointment of Christophe Castaner to drive the movement, decided at the Élysée (which will be ratified on November 18 by a show of hands in Lyon, did not help). Even if the current government spokesperson is lucky to have unanimous support in the ranks, this lockdown is making people cringe.

"We understand that you have to go through autocratic phases to move forward"

Philippe Chadeyron, LREM referent in Vienne

“Yes, it looks like the fact of the prince. We all want a perfect world, but we understand that we have to go through autocratic phases to move forward, concedes Philippe Chadeyron, LREM referent in Vienne. But on the ground, I only met one person who did not recognize himself in this choice. Christophe Castaner is not deaf to criticism. “It will be necessary to answer it with elements of method. If we have to change the rules, we will change them, ”says the future delegate general, who asked himself the question of the single candidacy. “We could have pushed an application to pretend. But that didn't seem right to me." Behind the scenes, a deputy collects signatures from members of the council to demand that the executive office of the movement be elected by secret ballot and not by a show of hands. “I have good hopes that this approach will succeed, so that the result is indisputable,” she confides.

Many macronists complain of opaque operation and lack of transparency in decision-making

For many, the climate within the movement began to deteriorate at the time of the nominations for the legislative elections. "Some then began to withdraw," said a former referent who prefers to remain anonymous. While LREM has thrived on the promise of democratic renewal and greater consideration for grassroots activists, many macronists complain of opaque functioning and lack of transparency in decision-making. If the movement puts forward that 25% of the council, the parliament of the party, is composed of members drawn by lot, doubt persists. “When I see certain names, companions of elected officials and others who have supposedly been drawn… I tell myself that chance does things really well!”, Quipped an LREM executive. Élisabeth Mailloux, ex-referent in Calvados from July 2016 to October 2017, learned overnight and for no reason that she was dismissed from her position. The national leadership has appointed new local leaders, while some other parties favor consultation with activists. “I had a team with which everything was going well, it was a shock, admits Elisabeth Mailloux. But parachuting may also be in LREM's DNA, ”she squeaks. The presence on the “En Marche avec Casta” list of executives and historic members of LREM also annoyed. “There are only deputies in sight, Parisians… I do not recognize myself there”, regrets a parliamentarian. Christophe Castaner will have a lot to do to close ranks.

Source: ©  Le Figaro Premium – Macronist members and executives protest against the operation of LREM


  • Daniel Lorvin
    Posted November 11, 2017 10h30 0Likes

    Nothing new in the political landscape.
    Promises are not made.....

  • Christian Victor Jean Bru
    Posted November 11, 2017 11h11 0Likes

    band of brels, get out of the herd
    you are trapped in the slaughterhouse of concerted advice. you voted to give direction, not lose it.

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