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Jacqueline Gourault, Minister to the Minister of the Interior, on July 26, 2017 at the National Assembly, responding to MP Meyer Habib (Credit: Twitter/LCP screenshot)

During questions to the Assembly on July 26, Meyer Habib challenged the government: “why did the police remain spectators of this tragedy? ". But according to the minister, Sarah Halimi would have been defenestrated only 16 minutes after the arrival of the police

During questions to the government on Wednesday July 26, Meyer Habib, MP for French citizens living abroad (8th constituency including Israel) questioned the Minister of the Interior about the Sarah Halimi affair.

“On April 4, a woman (…) was tortured, beaten and mutilated for 45 minutes (…) while at the bottom of the building 26 policemen waited without intervening,” recalled MP Habib. “Why did the police remain spectators instead of intervening? Why does the prefect of Paris refuse an IGPN investigation (General Inspectorate of the National Police-Editor's note)? »

 It was Jacqueline Gourault, Minister to the Minister of the Interior who answered him. If she specifies "sharing" the emotion of Meyer Habib, she reports facts which support the thesis that that evening "the intervention of the police was rapid in a complex situation", contrary to the opinion shared by part of the Jewish community, and by Me Goldnadel, lawyer for the victim's sister-in-law, who filed a complaint against the police for failure to assist a person in danger in June.

According to the facts related by the minister "on April 4 at 4:22 a.m., a call received by the police reported a kidnapping at the home of a family residing at 26 rue Vaucouleurs in the XNUMXth arrondissement".

(The call comes from a frightened Malian family, living in the first apartment entered by Kobili Traoré, who admitted to the investigating judge having committed the crime. It was by stepping over the balcony of their apartment that Traoré reached the balcony of Sarah Halimi's apartment before entering her home. Sarah Halimi lived in a different wing of this HLM complex, which may have made it more difficult for the police to locate Traoré).


"A first team from the Bac (Anti-Crime Brigade-Editor's note) arrived on the scene at 4:25 a.m., continues the minister, followed by a second. Three staff remained in front of the front door while 2 others went to the garden side where they heard cries without being able to locate them. One of them was going back to the street to talk to the witnesses. Called back by his colleague, he discovered on his arrival in the inner courtyard the body of a bloodied woman. At 4:41 am a call received by the firefighters reported the fall of a woman from a balcony.

That is 16 minutes after the arrival of the police.


“These elements, explains Jacqueline Gourault, show that the police intervention was rapid in a complicated context, the initial call leading them to an apartment separate from that where the victim was attacked.

Maitre Gilles-William Goldnadel, representing "Sarah Halimi's sister-in-law who lives in Israel" filed a complaint against the police at the end of June for failure to assist a person in danger.

In an interview granted Times of Israel, he was explaining “that the police had been there for an hour when her killer kicked her out. So how do you expect, he asked, that in such a context, where we are witnessing culpable negligence, we do not find there any trace of the non-assistance of a person in danger? ".

For his part Me Buchinger, lawyer for the children of Sarah Halimi, "categorically refused" to file a complaint against the police, he affirmed to the Times of Israel. And this despite “various pressures asking me to join in the filing of a complaint for non-assistance to a person in danger targeting police officers,” he specifies.

“Rather than filing a complaint for non-assistance to a person in danger, he explains, I considered it much more appropriate to form a detailed request for acts with the investigating judge. (…) It is therefore in no way a question of trying to conceal this police dysfunction and its consequences, quite the contrary”.

Today, the instruction is still awaiting the psychiatric expert report which must determine whether Kobili Traoré was in possession of his means when he murdered Sarah Halimi.

I felt like "possessed", "oppressed by an external force, a demonic force", explained the young man, quoted by AFP, taken from "puffs of anguish" since the day before and who claims to have smoked more than about ten cannabis joints that day.

But for Me Jean-Alex Buchinger, in view of his hearing, the suspect demonstrates to be "a completely coherent person" and "who remembers everything in great detail" from the night he murdered Sarah Halimi.

AFP contributed to this article.

Source: Halimi case: “police intervention was quick in a complex situation” according to Minister Jacqueline Gourault | The Times of Israel


  • lukyluke
    Posted July 31, 2017 16h15 0Likes

    The individual tortured her for 45 minutes. The police and air Already on the spot what did she do???? We ask ourselves the question we do not have the answer yet!!!!

  • chrif
    Posted July 31, 2017 23h44 0Likes

    The poor woman!
    It is painful to learn all the torture she was able to endure for 45 minutes followed by her death by defenestration while the police were at the bottom of the building.
    The agents would not have located the place where the killer was rampant while the victim had previously filed thirty handrails against this psychopath.
    It seems so grotesque that a noir novel would not have imagined it.

  • Patricia JS Cambay
    Posted August 2 13h32 0Likes

    Eh yes ! Unfortunately, I expected no better from them. They did the same for my case, they lied, at all levels, until the justice that followed. Our Ministry of the Interior is now run only by a bunch of thugs, ass and shirt with our Ministry of Justice.
    It is the Court of Miracles that directs us so how do you expect it to recognize the “non-assistance in person in danger” when it has programmed it itself.

    Even to recognize this crime as purely and strictly anti-Semitic, they do not do it, which proves that our justice is entirely subordinate to the real head of the Court of Miracles. The little macron could make his beautiful speech and this, in front of Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. What nerve and what shame for France. We can no longer be surprised at what happened with General de Villiers.

    The fact remains that I am frightened by the cowardice of our men because, a man who respects himself, a human being, would have exceeded orders and would have come to Sarah's aid; but NOT ONE moved, NOT ONE!
    I have a deep contempt for those who were there and who normally are mine.
    I have also banished them and I have made my mourning.

    Sarah rest in peace. She is with Gd.

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