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Sarah Halimi affair: “We don't like to talk about anti-Semitism of Islamic origin” Image credit: Joël Saget / AFP | Media Credit

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”#993300″ size=””]The 65-year-old retiree was killed last April in Paris by her Muslim neighbor. A crime that justice did not qualify as anti-Semitic.[/perfectpullquote]

Florence Cohen RTL journalist

“If the assassin had been a blond with blue eyes, the whole of France would have taken to the streets.” It is in a declaration that he himself considers formulated “with a punch” that the lawyer for Sarah Halimi's sister sets out his point of view.


Sarah Halimi, 65, was killed on April 4 in Paris, in the Belleville district (XNUMXth arrondissement) by a Muslim neighbor. The man kicked her out of the window after torturing her, shouting “Allah Akhbar”. If Sarah Halimi's supporters see this as the mark of anti-Semitism, justice did not retain the anti-Semitic qualification of this murder.

"There is a kind of reverent fear in relation to everything that revolves around Islam", believes Goldnadel Gilles-William, guest of RTL Evening this Monday, July 17. "In France, we don't like to talk about anti-Semitism when it is of Islamic origin", considers the lawyer. “He tortured her with the cry of Allah Akbar, so he is an Islamist and an Islamist is rarely a philo-Semite”, He continues.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” quote=”Goldnadel Gilles-William, lawyer for Sarah Halimi's sister” link=”” color=”#993300″ class=”” size=””]It was time that at the top of the state we wanted to talk about it.[/perfectpullquote]

In the middle of the night, Kobili Traoré, interned in psychiatry since the murder, had entered his neighbor upstairs through the apartment of a family of friends. To cries of "Allahu Akbar", interspersed with insults and verses from the Koran, he had beaten her on the balcony, before throwing her out of the window into the courtyard. Lucie Attal, also called Sarah Halimi – name of her former husband -, a 65-year-old Orthodox Jew, died in the fall. “I killed the sheitan" (the demon, in Arabic), had shouted the young man.

Three months after the murder of Sarah Halimi in Paris, a support committee demanded “truth” and “justice” for Sarah Halimi, demanding that the circumstance of anti-Semitism be retained and suspecting the police of “inaction” the night of the crime. “In 2017, a woman was tortured in Paris (…) because Jewish, defenestrated alive because Jewish“, underlined the deputy Meyer Habib, member of the support committee.

Emmanuel Macron in turn reacted to the case on Sunday July 16, during the ceremony to commemorate the Vel d'Hiv roundup. Justice “must now shed full light on the death of Sarah Halimi”, said the head of state. His position is welcomed by Goldnadel Gilles-William. “I'm glad he's finally talking about it. She was murdered on April 4. It was July 16. It was time that at the top of the state we wanted to talk about it”, retorts the lawyer for Sarah Halimi's sister.

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