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A 39-year-old man, not quite out of nowhere but with no other political past than a post of adviser at the Elysée and a whirlwind stint at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, comes to be elected President of the French Republic. In the process, the movement he created won an absolute majority in the National Assembly. And as if that were not enough, the former government parties are divided between opponents and "constructive".

On the right as on the left, two groups stand out and offer the new president good and loyal services which he does not even need. After having knocked down his opponents, Emmanuel Macron loves a significant part of them. This event has no precedent: Bonaparte himself had proven himself before becoming First Consul. Macron is a Napoleon without the Pont d'Arcole. We must certainly guard against the retrospective illusion of fatality and make room for contingency. Without the revelations of Chained duck, that is to say without the leaks from which this newspaper has conveniently benefited, François Fillon had every chance of being elected and we would conscientiously comment on the tradition of alternation.

Admiration without membership

It remains that Emmanuel Macron was able to seize the opportunity by the hair and I share, on this point, the general feeling: hats off to the artist! My admiration, however, does not go as far as membership. And, reading the comments that accompany each step of François Hollande's successor, I feel quite alone. What's going on ? Are they bewitched those who salute not only the performance of a man but the wonder of a revival, or am I the one who is mad? This second hypothesis cannot be excluded. Nevertheless, here are my arguments: the apostles of the Revolution in progress presented the law of moralization of public life as its founding act. And then, first quack, the minister who carried this law is forced to resign at the same time as three other members of the government for business, that is to say for what the new power, hand on heart , promised to break up. " Never mind ! », tell us the bewitched: “This episode is the last hiccup of the Old Regime, the ultimate spasm of the old world. Virtue sets in, moralization clears the way. » What virtue? What moralization? As you can see very late François Bayrou, the great rupture we are supposed to witness puts the sycophants in power. Informing makes the law. You have a revenge to satisfy? Nothing could be easier: you deliver your information to the Chained duck in Mediapart or to France Inter, justice immediately opens an investigation and, without waiting for the indictment, the political leader you are targeting resigns. It is to the dregs of the earth that public morality is entrusted and this morality, moreover, shamelessly derogates from its own principles.

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Exfiltrated from the government because he is strongly suspected of personal enrichment, Richard Ferrand was elected unanimously and by a show of hands president of the group La République en Marche. Taking their courage in both hands, two deputies abstained, the others, who had been chosen on file by the HRD of the Macronian company, thanked their coach. By way of renewal, a French-style Forza Italia exercises its hegemony within the confines of the Palais Bourbon.

Schiappa protected, Valls shouted down

And then if morality was, for this government, anything other than a posture, Marlène Schiappa would not have been reappointed. Because finally, the new Secretary of State for equality between men and women was caught in the act of lying. Responding to criticism, she claimed never to have campaigned against the ban on the wearing of the veil by teachers or students at school, even though, in a letter to Manuel Valls published by the Huffington post in 2013, she wrote verbatim that this prohibition was contrary to the law of 1905. And this letter was titled: « No Mr. Valls, there is no anti-Semitism in working-class neighborhoods. » Is it through denial and lies that the new power intends to break with the practices of another time and face the progressive disintegration of French society? Is it through denial and lies that we can respond to the cries of hatred that have welcomed, at the town hall of Évry, the announcement by Manuel Valls of his narrow victory in the legislative elections? What Valls pays today is not his social-liberalism, it is not the reform of the labor code, it is his defense of secularism, his intransigent republicanism, his fight without prevarication against radical Islam, his decision to ban an anti-Semitic show by Dieudonné et these comments made on a Jewish radio station : “My family is deeply linked to Vladimir Jankélévitch, who wrote the most beautiful book that can be written on the imprescriptible. Through my wife, I am eternally linked to the Jewish community and to Israel, however. » The Sorians call it ever since "Val anyway" and, all shame drunk, La France insoumise chose to present against him an ethnic candidate to capitalize on this hatred.

Rehabilitate Cassandra!

At the same time, Houria Bouteldja, the passionaria of the Indigenous Peoples of the Republic, was being photographed, all smiles and thumbs up, next to a graffiti sending "The Zionists in the Gulag!" » And because Jean Birnbaum dared, in Le Monde, express some reservations about this commitment, intellectuals led by Annie Ernaux published in the same newspaper a petition where one can read: “What is targeted, through the violence of the attacks that target it, is political anti-racism as a whole, that is to say any attempt to organize and fight to put an end to oppression. . The hatred that Houria Bouteldja arouses is commensurate with her courage. »

As also testified by the attitude of the deputy of La France insoumise Danièle Obono, quicker to say "Fuck France" which " Long live France ", the post-socialist left offers political asylum to the new anti-Semitism and Francophobia, while Macron's power, faced with these frightening phenomena, chooses the policy of the ostrich.

I am worried about it instead of rejoicing that France is reconnecting, after a long period of depression, with optimism and hope. How I am not even consoled by the grandiose prospect of seeing Paris organize the 2024 Olympic Games, they call me Cassandra. What a strange reproach! The daughter of Hecuba and Priam was not raving. It was neither crazy nor a pain to enjoy. Having received from Apollo the gift of prophecy, she had begged the Trojans not to let in the wooden horse which the Greeks had abandoned on the beach while pretending to withdraw. They did not listen to her and Troy was razed to the ground by the victorious enemy. The bewitched should read the classics again: it is urgent to rehabilitate Cassandre.

Source: © Alain Finkielkraut: I am not pro-Macron and I feel alone – Talker


  • Brno
    Posted July 23, 2017 20h15 0Likes

    .How right you are.

  • JG
    Posted August 5 7h25 0Likes

    You are not pro-Macron, but you still said you would vote for him in the second round of the presidential election. I will not offend you by repeating Bossuet's sentence about those who deplore the consequences of their actions….but admit that the temptation is strong…..

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