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  • Albert Soued
    Published December 7th 13h38 0Likes

    Jewish Jerusalem and US Embassy Transfer: Some Hope or Think It's Trumpery;
    we will sound the Trumpet when he stops signing “waivers”, otherwise who are we kidding?

  • Hugo Blum
    Published December 7th 18h50 0Likes

    Trump's decision ignores the unacceptable legal discrimination affecting Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. They are annexed without having Israeli citizenship and equal rights. They have the same economic and social rights but not the same political rights.

  • sitbon
    Published December 8th 19h55 0Likes

    since 1967 they are not Israeli? it is that they refused it because Jerusalem was unified after a war won by Israel
    where have you seen that a victory is not endorsed by law?
    Jerusalem was not annexed as the media say but won over the Jordanians after very hard fighting on both sides and the victorious general Moshe Dayan in his great generosity gave the keys to the mosques built on the Temple Mount to the Muslim religious authorities
    and if we transposed it to France, Alsace and Lorraine would not be French!
    why would Israel be the only country that would not have the right to win a war with the achievements that entails?

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