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Emmanuel Macron and Dominique Strauss-Kahn. AFP / LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP / JOEL SAGET

The former president of the IMF has come out of his silence on social networks and directly challenges the head of state on the social context of recent weeks. He accuses the executive of multiplying “errors”.

His speech is extremely rare since he is no longer in the spotlight. In a lengthy post posted to Twitter on Monday titled “The fifth mistake» former IMF President Dominique Strauss-Kahn looks back on the tense social context of recent weeks in France, linked to the pension reform“Today, it is not the retirement age that needs to be changed, it is the very design of the system“, indicates the former Minister of the Economy who directly challenges the President of the Republic, at the origin of four errors. The opportunity to praise, by contrast, the "systemic reform" thatEmmanuel Macron had wanted to undertake, during its first five-year term, in 2019. While the reform had finally been put on hold in the face of the first epidemic wave, before being abandoned in this form, “DSK” sees it as a "method error".

For Dominique Strauss-Kahn, France, which "is in a sorry state", must "move away from a system based on the retirement age to build a system based on the contribution period." This last “would adjust slowly and steadily with changing funding needs.” And the putative former contender for the 2012 presidential election to apostrophize Emmanuel Macron on the temporality of the reform in the inflationary and social context. Another one "error». "Wasn't the moment particularly badly chosen which creates a new fear on the retreat when other distresses assail the French?", then asks DSK a few days before the decision of the Constitutional Council on the pension reform.

"To restart  the cycle of 

"One thinks first of all of the decline in purchasing power resulting from inflation which is hitting the less well-off part of the population hard, worries the former member of the PS. If, as we learn from a recent survey, nearly half of the most modest French people have had to cut out one meal a day, then that is where the urgency lies. Because “Nothing obliged us to act immediately. Nothing, except perhaps the feeling that it was necessary to keep a promise as soon as possible.


The following error is "strategic". "France is not a country in which one can carry out a major social reform by referring solely to a political balance of power and neglecting the social balance of power and, beyond that, the minimum consensus within the society. Yet that is what was done." pings the former boss of Bercy. The outbreak of 49.3 having led to a series of violence in the country, “the crisis reflects (…) the deep blockage of French society". Staggering this news "error", the former Minister of Industry considers that "the political power"“measured by its lack of a political majority","found itself at an impasse.”

If the reform goes to the end of its journey and has the approval of the Constitutional Council on Friday, “the law risks, when it is published, relaunching
the cycle of violence, he warns. Reason why DSK, who wants Emmanuel Macron “reconnects the threads of a social dialogue that was too brutally interrupted”, dreads a fifth error: “It can be avoided by postponing this publication until a point of balance has been found with social forces. Otherwise the danger is great to see the country ignite again.

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