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%Why so much hatred for the Jewish people who nevertheless represent only 0,0016% of the world's population? How to explain this tenacious hatred over time? Indeed, for many centuries the Jews have been discriminated against first of all by the Christian councils which draw up anti-Jewish legislation in economic activities, in housing by the ghetto, in dress and to this legal rejection is added the popular hatred which decks the Jews with the most incredible crimes: ritual murder, the desecration of hosts, the poisoning of wells. With the charter of Omar the Jews become dhimmi in the land of Islam and can reside, practice their religion and benefit from autonomy concerning their private rights. In return they must accept their inferiority, pay specific taxes and wear a distinctive sign on their clothes. In this context, the Jews experienced periods of peaceful coexistence, but also of persecution. But let's not forget that the greatest extermination of the Jewish people took place in Europe on Christian land.

Indeed, anti-Semitic ideology is mutating and we must draw inspiration from China, a people of 1,4 billion inhabitants where there is no anti-Semitism thanks to its ancestral culture. The traditional Chinese culture carried by Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, focuses mainly on harmony, sharing and balance in relationships. It also insists on important values, such as kindness, charity, love of neighbor, justice, simplicity, responsibility, as in Jewish culture and wisdom. At the outbreak of the Second World War, when Jews fled Europe in search of a hospitable land, China welcomed some twenty thousand refugees from Austria, Poland and Russia who settled in the Hongkou district. The Jews had already been present in China for several centuries before others arrived in the 907th century, this is particularly the case of the Jews of Kaifeng, capital of the Song dynasty (1279-XNUMX) which then reigned over the Empire of environment. In the minds of many Chinese Jews are admired and the Talmud is not a religious text, but a guide to flourish in life and therefore copies of the Talmud are sold in Chinese bookstores. It must be said that the Jew is not considered a victim but rather a positive vector for successful development, contrary to what we do in the West to fight against anti-Semitic ideology. Let's take inspiration from the Chinese cultural model rather than caricaturing this country with a culture several thousand years old, from which we have a lot to learn!

Hervé AZOULAY: Engineer from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration), PROPEDIA, has been a manager in major international groups (including INTEL and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC), co-founder of several innovative companies, involved in large schools (including Sciences Po and HEC), at universities in France and abroad (including in Geneva and at the University of Renmin and X'ian in China), author of numerous works (including one in Chinese "Les networks to conquer the world” Ed. Du Peuple Beijing).%

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  • Disraeli
    Posted April 3, 2023 20h42 0Likes

    Chinese politics today has completely changed. Without speaking of anti-Semitism, the current leaders are doing everything to erase this Jewish particularism and even the past existence of a community for the sake of total ethnic unity in China. The authorities banned the publication of a study proving the Jewish genes of descendants of the Jews of Kaifeng.

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