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THE POLITICAL SCAN – Returning to his first steps as a deputy, the deputy from Amiens judges that it is actually at the Élysée that the laws are made, and that the Bourbon palace is reduced to playing the recording chambers.

The deputy-reporter of France Insoumise never hid it: he happened to be bored in the Assembly. Delivering his analyzes and impressions on a regular basis, François Ruffin was repeatedly surprised by the codes and customs of the Palais Bourbon, or even by the absence of debate within the majority to vote on the texts. Guest this Wednesday morning on BFM, he remains faithful to this practice of subjective transparency, in the exercise of his mandate. L'Amiénois delivers an unequivocal assessment of what he was able to observe at the start of the legislature: "the theater" of the making of the law does not convince him.

“What I see in the National Assembly is that it's flan. The law is not made in the Assembly, it is made at the Élysée. Parliament is a registry of the president's wishes with deputies voting in time. That's how it happens,” says François Ruffin. "It opens a forum, but that's not where the law is made," he notes again. We have indeed seen that the elected Insoumis the first are inclined to use this platform to its full potential., as when Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his group unpacked a shopping bag in the hemicycle to protest against the reduction of 5 euros in APL, announced by the majority for the start of the school year.

The National Assembly, reduced to playing the "recording chambers", a phenomenon of which the director of Thanks boss does not attribute the merits to Emmanuel Macron alone. "The bulk of François Hollande's policy went to the Assembly, without too much damage, and yet he had many rebellious people," he underlines. A way, in passing, to further scratch the mechanical voting discipline of the elected representatives of the current majority. This trend, François Ruffin has tried to stem it, in vain. “I had asked as an amendment that the legislative elections take place on the same day as the presidential one or a year later, but not a month later when the government finds itself with plethoric majorities and where all the power is with the president”, still reminded the boss of the committed newspaper Fakir.

Ruffin wants to "learn" from Jean-Luc Mélenchon

During the presidential election, Jean-Luc Mélenchon had made it clear that he was probably leading his last battle, because of his age. The question therefore arises of the establishment of a "succession" for the tribune of France Insoumise. The name of François Ruffin is mentioned repeatedly, to the point that some are already anticipating a possible competition in the future between these two explosive figures of the radical left.

This beginning of rivalry, Ruffin intends to contradict it resolutely on RMC. “I landed in politics. I've been doing my diary for 18 years, which is another way of doing politics. But I entered politics in the spring, and when you have someone like Jean-Luc Mélenchon by your side, you first have a lot to learn, ”he emphasizes.



Source: ©  Le Figaro Premium – For MP Ruffin (LFI), "the Assembly is blank"

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