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After the Franco-Israeli celebrations during the 75th commemoration of the Vel d'Hiv roundup, the realpolitics of the Quai d'Orsay regains all its rights, so to speak, given that the law is totally absent from its position.

But what is the reason for the ire of the Quai d'Orsay?

Last Friday, July 21, Yossef Salomon, aged 70, and his children Haya and Elad, aged 46 and 35 respectively, were cowardly murdered in their home by a Palestinian terrorist during the Shabbat meal.

Following this abominable massacre, and the multiplication of terrorist attacks on the Temple Esplanade in Jerusalem, the Israeli government decided to install metal detector gates at the entrance to this esplanade, in territory under Israeli sovereignty and just in front of the area governed by the Wafq, which is under Jordanian diplomatic sovereignty.

Thus, the Israeli government decides to reinforce security on the scene of the attack as do all the rulers and in all countries, starting with France and the Arab countries.

However, this simple security measure is transformed into a new alibi so that anti-Israeli, even anti-Semitic hatred can spread in Jerusalem, in the Palestinian territories, in Arab countries and… in the French media!

Thus, to cite only the most famous French media, the Journal Le Monde headlines: In Jerusalem, the crisis of the esplanade of the Mosques causes new clashes

And the log continues: “In the aftermath of a deadly day, the violence continues. Two Palestinians died. The UN Security Council is due to meet on Monday at the request of France, Sweden and Egypt! »

Two Palestinians died, of course, but for what reasons? One of them, an 18-year-old Palestinian, died when the Molotov cocktail he wanted to throw at the Israeli forces exploded in his hands!!!!

So he died because he wanted to kill! Moreover, he dies by his own turpitudes! But that doesn't appear in the title.

And what is the cause, according to our press, of this crisis evoked both by European diplomacy and by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the fact that "the Palestinians vigorously denounce the installation by Israel of gates, metal detectors, before the access to the third holiest site in Islam!

Without, of course, recalling that Jews have always been subject to this measure, and that they must pass through metal detector gates to get to the place of their prayers, in the holiest place in Judaism: “ The Western Wall!

By forgetting to remember that it is the same for Christians who oblige themselves to the same constraint to pray on their holy places!

Failing to say that it is the same in the Vatican or Mecca, to name only the most famous places in Christianity or Islam!

But, it would therefore be inappropriate and indecent to ask Muslims to do the same on the place where they perpetuate day after day terrorist attacks against Israelis and those whom they consider to be the impious!

Thus, it would seem accepted that, everywhere in the world, Muslims can demand laws of exception and exemption against them, whereas it does not do them an insult to recall that today, 100 % of terrorist attacks are attributable to them!

It would therefore be impudent, even Islamophobic (a fashionable word in the West), to suggest that all citizens, including Muslims, should be treated equally in a well-ordered democracy!

Thus, while the French, the English, the Germans, the Americans, the Saudis... in short, all the citizens of the world today are obliged to go through checkpoints, to spend hours in airports and stations to be controlled, but Muslims should be exempt even though they would be the most likely, given the statistics, to be the perpetrators of these terrorist acts!

Thus, we find it normal that Western states, and France in the first place, amputate a dose of freedom from all of their fellow citizens in order to ensure collective security, but that this right would be forbidden to Israel!

And now France, at the head of a European delegation which has the sad privilege of having the Gold Medal for acts contributing to the growth of anti-Semitism on their territory, seized the Security Council of the UN! Not to condemn terrorist acts in holy places! Nope ! But to call for moderation from the Israeli authorities so that they do not react to the terrorists! In fact, to ask Israel exactly the opposite of what they demand and support in all other countries! Including Egypt, co-applicant with France, of this emergency meeting of the Council!

This delegation, accompanying the Arab countries in their steps, calls as usual for “moderation”! But of whom does she ask this moderation? Not to those who armed the assassins, nor to those who award them medals and annuities! Nope ! But to the victims of these attacks! That is to say to Israel! And this, for the sole reason that Israel is taking security measures identical to those that these said countries have taken!

Faced with such intellectual turpitude, the hypocrisy of the European Union and of the European states, taken one by one, is such that beyond the laughable it becomes contemptible!

This is all the more iniquitous in that despite the permanent attacks on the Jewish people by the European Union both on its heritage and on its history, the Jews living on its territory do not burn cars, neither churches nor mosques, that they do not attack any European citizen, nor commit the slightest violence... It is perhaps this respect, this ethics and this civic morality, which appear in the eyes of these bad governments as weakness !

Thus, when again, Palestinians have just stabbed three Israeli civilians in their homes, which, unfortunately, has become commonplace in most Western countries, while these Palestinians do not hesitate to stab or to explode day after day within the Israeli civilian populations, the Israeli government should be the only one to abstain from taking the self-protection measures that are necessary in view of the circumstances!

The hypocrisy of European rulers, and in particular French (with the notable exception of what was the Valls government), is shown in broad daylight when those who have been the driving forces and the actors (as Emmanuel Macron has just recognized) of the greatest genocide of all time against the Jewish people, pretend to come and mourn our dead, of whom they were, moreover, the gravediggers; and this, to better contribute to the new anti-Semitism by not hesitating to sacrifice, without shame, our children and our grandchildren!

This is pure and simple ignominy!

If need be, the recent Halimi affair serves as a reminder that this does not only concern Israelis; and that the words of our governments, which are intended to be soothing, are in fact only intended to anesthetize us better!


We want to let them know that we are not fooled and that weWe will not give up on our values, nor on our cultural, historical and archaeological heritage, nor even less on our determination!

Richard C. ABITBOL


  • Willard JJ
    Posted July 25, 2017 15h03 0Likes

    THANK YOU FOR Reacting with the latest energy Tartuffe is in power

  • Brno
    Posted July 26, 2017 0h53 0Likes

    The problem is that Israel lives on hope and refuses to treat its enemies as enemies.
    Many honors are given to dead Jews, not to the living.

  • Amouyal
    Posted July 26, 2017 7h44 0Likes

    Eurabian policy of France! A subject that transcends governments because it involves highly strategic choices

    • Patricia JS Cambay
      Posted July 26, 2017 19h50 0Likes

      Absolutely. The Quai d'Orsay, before the EU, was a state within a state and its politics have been pro-Arab for more than a century. Today, the Quai d'Orsay is under the orders of the EU. So we can imagine what our rulers are worth, they no longer weigh heavily in the balance; Macron is just a puppet.
      This morning, one of the foxes born this year came almost to my door; the window was open and he was looking at me. The rascal was bold. I don't like hunters….

  • manitou
    Posted July 26, 2017 10h47 0Likes

    Sooner or later, France will sooner or later pay for its commitment to terrorists through its migrants, who only have the objective of conquering France.

    Posted July 26, 2017 11h10 0Likes

    Totally agree with everything you wrote. Did you send your Edito to Le Monde and the Quai d'Orsay?

  • Jonathan
    Posted July 26, 2017 13h00 0Likes

    Vibrant plea, unfortunately sterile in view of Europe's cowardly policy. The terror will continue in France, UK, Germany, … and only there will minds turn away from the “speck in the eye” of Israel.

    I recommend to Israel to recall the value of 1 Jew (= 1.027 Palestinians), value fixed by Hamas during the exchange of our soldier Shalit.

    Israel must announce that any lethal act against a Jew (from “River to Sea”) will result in the settlement of 1.027 Jews in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem…and if not announced, act accordingly, on the ground.

  • Patricia JS Cambay
    Posted July 26, 2017 21h20 0Likes

    Israel is a miracle, Mr. Abitbol, ​​Israel remains a miracle.
    Thank you for this edito could not be more accurate. Yes, this does not only concern Israelis, nor only Jews; it concerns us all, Islam is a scourge.

  • Brno
    Posted July 26, 2017 23h43 0Likes

    Manitou is right, France is about to be conquered. Any reaction against this predictable conquest is very heavily countered.
    We close our mouths to all those who announce it
    So the dice are cast. Europe will be dead in less than a generation. It will definitely change when they are granted more and more important positions. Rome died when part of the Roman army was entrusted to the Visigoth allies. At the 3rd attempt, Rome was ransacked, destroyed and disappeared from the world scene.

    • Patricia JS Cambay
      Posted July 27, 2017 1h40 0Likes

      Yes, manitou is right; Western civilization is on the way out. Another, different one will be reborn and our great grandchildren will live in another way and either they will convert to Islam or they will become dhimmis. The richest will leave.

      On the other hand, as far as Israel is concerned, if one day the Jews can no longer cope with the deadly demography of Islam, at worst they will return to the diaspora; but Judaism will endure. Unless, in the meantime, Israel has decided otherwise. Joshua was consistent.

  • Amouyal
    Posted July 27, 2017 8h21 0Likes

    Demographically, Europe is sinking, it is a suicide linked to the absence of hope, at the paradoxical moment when it is at peace and has never been so rich! This makes it possible to question what really motivates people to survive.
    Alongside Israel has chosen to follow the upward movement of Asia, which is the center of the world of tomorrow, when in the Arab world, it is the ball and chain that clings to the feet of Europe to accelerate its collapse.

  • Brno
    Posted July 27, 2017 11h39 0Likes

    Israel wants peace, but her enemies will never give it to her. First of all for ideological/Koranic reasons which remains a very powerful driving force and even more now because Israel represents a colossal booty. His entry into the club of oil producers will always be closed to him with or without Palestine. Predation is cultural in some societies

  • Haim
    Posted July 27, 2017 14h28 0Likes

    What else to expect from a Pétainist country in the process of Islamization?

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