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 [perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”Filip VANDENDRIESSCHE” link=”” color=”#993300″ class=”” size=”24″]“Lead without imposing and not impose without leading”[/perfectpullquote]


Emmanuel Macron's unconditional support since day one, since April 6, 2016, I can't help but compare the candidate Macron to President Macron!

15 months ago began the Macron adventure and with him that of En Marche!

While the media, politicians and analysts refused to bet a kopek on the success of this adventure, a horde of young and old were carried by a wave of hope!

We all dreamed of democratic renewal, of an arbitrator President who respected the balance of powers and of a truly representative democracy. We dreamed of an alliance between a social democracy outlined by Manuel Valls, an intelligent and responsible right coordinated by a center of Giscardian essence! Finally, we had to get out of the ideological shackles of right and left!

Basically, the realization of the Giscardian hope: to bring together two out of three French people to assume and carry out the major reforms so necessary for our country in order not only to modernize the national economy but also to transform the political landscape in the everyone's interest.  And all this with respect for the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens.

It was looking good… until Manuel Valls' defeat in the Left primaries and the escape of the troops (elected officials and activists) from the Socialist Party! The rats left the ship and went to take refuge in the boat “En Marche”!

Contrary to the description made by the media, Emmanuel Macron did not destroy the Socialist Party but, on the contrary, he largely contributed to saving it and giving it a second life!

The media rallying of François Bayrou gave rise to a new alliance when it was only a new alibi!

En Marche unwittingly became the New Socialist Party!

Thus, the meetings, which at the beginning resembled the first meetings of the UDF, became meetings of reunification of the sections of the Socialist Party!

Disappointment ! In March which was to be a gathering of the centers, pivot of the great alliance, become the renewal of the socialist party!

The “open” nominations turned into the biggest political farce of recent years: it was discovered that 95% of those invested by the Republic En Marche were socialists. Admittedly, many of them did not appear on the list of known elected members of the party, but they were all either from the ministerial cabinets of the various socialist governments of the past 15 years, or, for the youngest among them, from the sections socialists (general secretaries, section presidents, etc.) and therefore unknown to the general public!

In addition, for many of them, they had been talked about on social networks (and often negatively) or by questionable publications, not to mention those who were dragging a few pots of various kinds behind them. Some even, coming from the far left or the Indigenous peoples of the Republic, had made statements that were either not very amenable to the Republic, or downright anti-Semitic! So much so that they had to be pushed aside at the last minute…without having a substitute facing them…which gave little weight to this pushback!

More serious the few socialists, like Manuel Valls, who had demonstrated in the facts their attachment to social democracy, secularism and the values ​​of the Republic were dismissed and humiliated without any consideration!

Instead of building a vast coalition ranging from the moderate right to the progressive left, the newly elected President preferred to demolish any hint of opposition by poaching a few sidekicks and making En Marche a proud and dominating!

Thus, instead of designing a governance of respect and collaboration with the opposition, a governance “of State humiliation” was chosen.

Bayrou, Valls and more recently General Pierre De Villiers have been clumsily and shamefully humiliated. As for the Minister SCIAPPA (who by her presence in the government demonstrates that anyone can access this high office), she does not hesitate to insult and humiliate one of our famous academicians (Alain Finkielkraut) like an illiterate who would like crushed the literary qualities of Victor Hugo!

A famous psychologist and HRD, in a famous book, promoted a new form of management by conviction. The leitmotif of this work by Filip Vandendriessche was: “Leading without imposing”.

I will add that good governance should be based on this axiom "Lead without imposing and not impose without leading"

Another disappointment: the new statutes of En Marche! New statutes which are anything but imbued with democratic respect and where the members would in no way direct the march of their party!

Finally, I will return later, in another editorial, to the sovereign and societal vision of our President!

I will conclude by calling on our President to pull himself together and resume filming this adventure from the start. It's not too late !

The French were expecting a President who presides, a President who is an arbiter, respectful of our institutions, of our parliament and above all respectful of the opposition and open to debate!

The authoritarianism he has shown in recent weeks, and the unacceptable humiliation he has inflicted on one of our greatest soldiers, is indigestible for the majority of French people and is starting to be felt in the polls.

With the approach of the implementation of the major economic reforms initiated by the government, difficult to assume by the most fragile of our fellow citizens, "those who are nothing" but who make kings, you have to convince and not impose. We must respect and not humiliate . We must act and not communicate. It is necessary to be and not to appear.

Yes, there is still time to review the flight plan and adjust the shot.

Yes, Mr President, with all the respect that I owe you and the friendship that I have for you, we must “Lead without imposing and not impose without leading” !

Richard C. ABITBOL


  • Germax
    Posted July 23, 2017 19h19 0Likes

    Either Macron has hidden his game well or we see it today at its true value. Sad, sad

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