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In a press release, the new administrator (among the 13 new elected officials) calls for "reconnecting with respect for the rules and democratic transparency"

In a certain indifference, the campaign upstream seems to have passed almost unnoticed, the partial elections of the Consistory of Paris have renewed at its head the outgoing president, Joël Mergui, whose list won 12 of the 13 seats of administrators to be renewed.

The partially renewed board of directors will elect its new chairman in January 2018. Joël Mergui has a comfortable majority which should ensure his re-election.

The remaining seat went to David Revcolevschi, 47, at the top of the “Our Consistory tomorrow” list, which had presented nine candidates.

In a press release, David Revcolevschi regrets the lack of participation in this election, and “the disaffection vis-à-vis a great institution which has revealed its extent: out of 30.000 voters, 3713 voters moved against 5.352 voters in 2013. Abstention, already considerable, has now reached almost 90%…”

Joël Mergui, president of the Consistory, in front of French deputies to talk about ritual slaughter and circumcision, at the National Assembly, June 23, 2016. (YouTube screenshot)

Half-word, he also points to a certain lack of transparency, without giving further details. "The conduct of the electoral process has also confirmed the need to reconnect with respect for the rules and democratic transparency to restore confidence in the Consistory," explains Revcolevschi.

Asked by email, he gives more details: “We are referring to irregularities observed in polling stations (community presidents telling voters who to vote for […] and in particular in one of the most important of them west of Paris (ballots given to voters just before entering the polling station; pile of ballots to be filled in found at the entrance…)”.

Joining other voices, he hopes that the Consistory of Paris, the most important consistory in France, will be able to represent more currents of Judaism.

At present, the Consistory of Paris has not yet responded to our requests for clarification.

Today, recalls the everyday The cross, “a number of Jews do not adhere to it. The liberal, Masortis, or even Lubavitch currents, whose growth is significant, are not under its tutelage. The detractors of the consistorial institution accuse it of having polarized itself on the traditionalist or even orthodox current of French Judaism”.

To date, the Consistory of Paris "brings together only 80 communities and 40 associated communities, while more than 250 communities in Ile de France, including 100 Lubavitch, are not attached to it," recalls Revcolevschi.

Source: © Paris Consistory elections: David Revcolevschi calls for more transparency

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