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In the East, the night is not over yet

By Albert Soued, writer, for

The 28 / 11 / 17

Massacres of Yazidis in Iraq, Sufis and Christians in Sinai, slavery in Libya, ethnic cleansing in Syria, honor killings under the Palestinian Authority, mass hangings in Iran, mass roundups in Turkey and purges in Arabia, famine and epidemics in Yemen … and we can go on like this indefinitely, while hoping that one day perhaps a glimmer will appear on the horizon.

5 years ago, we announced an “Arab Spring” and light; but this light was quickly extinguished, giving rise to a dark chaos almost everywhere, in Libya, in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen; only Tunisia and Egypt have managed to escape the barbaric yoke of the "Muslim Brotherhood" or Islamist, Salafist or Shiite militias.

Since the end of the 2nd World War, Western or Russian external interventions in the Middle East have only led to internal disorders and conflicts. Today two states in particular threaten world stability, because of their fierce desire to acquire nuclear weapons, an effective means of establishing and even extending their regional power, North Korea and Iran, two states which form what is called the "Axis of Evil".

Faced with this Axis of Evil, democratic nations seem disunited and unable to react effectively, for fear of triggering a nuclear world war.

To neutralize North Korea, which seems very advanced in its bomb/missile launch arsenal, the United States is looking for means of deterrence on the Asian side, China-Japan-South Korea.

The “5 + 1” nations reached a lame agreement with Iran in 2015, to reduce its ardor to nuclearize, but which only serves to buy time and slow down its nuclear program, inspired in part by Korea North.

The Islamic State was formed in 2013 to realize the Muslim dream of reconstituting the "ouma" and a caliphate. It was initiated by former Sunni soldiers from the Iraqi army, then it absorbed a series of Sunni militias in Africa and Asia which pledged allegiance to it, Mali, Somalia, Libya, Sinai, Syria, Iraq… In a few From time to time, it occupied more than half Syria/Iraq and threatened the whole world with attacks often perpetrated by nationals of these states, won over to the Islamist cause. In 4 years a coalition of Western forces, Russians, Iranians and affiliated Shiite militias, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah, have overcome the Islamic State as a state. The most effective forces, both in Iraq and in Syria, have been the Kurdish “peshmergas” who have been rewarded by the loss of the conquered oil fields, to the benefit of the regular armies of the two states, aided by Iran. The liberated areas were immediately occupied by troops and militias affiliated with Iran, with the brutal help of Russia, which does not hesitate to bomb civilian populations. The latter country has succeeded in setting up two maritime bases and two airports in the Alawite zone of Syria. Iran has begun to set up a permanent military base south of Damascus, a few km from the Israeli Golan.

The Russia-Iran-Hezbollah association saved the Assad family from the loss of Syria, orbited Iraq for the benefit of Iran, opened the Mediterranean route to Iran whose troops are a few km from Israel.

Initiated by the Obama administration, the policy of disengagement of the United States from the Middle East in favor of Iran, continued during the first year of the Donald Trump administration. However, Iran does not hide its intentions and repeats them on every occasion, " destroy the state of israel », the only and last obstacle to its domination of the Middle East. And for this purpose, it has armed its Lebanese satellite with 100 missiles, some of which are precise with powerful charges.

As the region's political expert, Mordekhay Kedar, puts it so well, " in a situation of threats and tensions, in a region where the various actors have divergent interests, either a charismatic leader appears who radiates power and wisdom, unifying and protecting all the parties in a coherent whole and ready to face the threats , either each player in the region will seek to save his bet in his own way, in disorder, even rallying to the enemy, if he is stronger or more determined ».

Sunni Qatar made its choice before anyone else by allying with Iran, drawing the wrath of Arabia and the Emirates in 2017. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are joining the financial provider, today the 'Iran. Even Sunni Turkey ended up under the Russia-Iran umbrella rather than NATO. Lebanon, although multi-denominational, found itself on the Iranian side, under the influence of Shiite Hezbollah, to the great displeasure of Saudi financial provider which managed to recover its protege temporarily. Shunned by the United States, which has reduced its financial contribution instead of increasing it, Egypt is also turning towards Iran... As long as a charismatic Sunni leader has not asserted himself in the region, the rout will favor Iran.

Inclinations have appeared on the Saudi Arabian side, bearing the name MBS, the heir to the throne Mohamed bin Salman, under the instigation of his mentor MBZ, the Sheikh Mohammed Ben Zayed, de facto leader of  UAE (United Arab Emirates) and with the support of Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kuchner. He seems to want to lead his country in the direction of modernity and tolerance towards other religions, a very difficult challenge to succeed in such a backward and rigid context.

Arabia is in trouble both internally and externally. For 3 months, it has been leading a vigorous campaign to inform Jewish communities around the world about its program of reforms.

It is up to us to help him in his immense courageous and risky task to bring a little light to the East. The future of Europe and the West is also at stake.




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