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Celine Pina. – Photo credits: Hannah ASSOULINE

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – The invitation of Houria Bouteldja, spokesperson for the Indigenous Peoples of the Republic, to the University of Limoges has been cancelled. However, neo-racist and Islamist theses are increasingly present within the university.

Former local elected official, Céline Pina is an essayist and activist. In 2015, she denounced the “Muslim woman” show in Pontoise and recently published Silence Coupable (Kero editions, 2016). With Fatiha Boutjalhat, she is the founder of Viv(r)e la République, a secular and republican citizen movement calling for the fight against all forms of totalitarianism and for the promotion of the essential universality of our republican values.

Why is the university a privileged target of the Islamists and their false noses, the Indigenous Peoples of the Republic?

If the University is so massively invested by the Muslim Brotherhood and indigenous militants, it is for the same reason that Tariq Ramadan, who is not an academic, presents himself as a professor at Oxford: the academic title notabilizes, reinforces and gives authority both to man and to ideology. It is a weapon of mass legitimization.

To give credibility to their sectarian ideology, raise it to the height of knowledge and give it the appearance of science, the Islamists are trying to infiltrate the academic world.

This is how, in order to give credibility to their sectarian ideology, raise it to the level of knowledge and give it the appearance of science, the Islamists are trying to infiltrate the university world. The most serious being that the doors are opened to them. Two paths are generally favored to promote this entryism: either courses linked to discrimination and diversity, which was the case in Lyon, or infiltration is done through this fashionable concept of “decolonial studies”. ". The goal for these activists is both to train an elite and to have it recognized, but also to invest in certain fields of research to divert it from its purpose and make it a space for indoctrination and falsification of History. .

The sleight of hand game is extremely profitable: on the one hand it legitimizes an ideology, however unequal, violent and deadly, and on the other hand the person doing the work of propaganda becomes unassailable. Even when his publications are mediocre and his work oriented, he just has to pull out the map of the political trial and the thought police at the slightest admonition or challenge and this militancy then becomes the protector of intellectual dishonesty. Better still, he adorns the aura of the committed intellectual who nevertheless betrays scientific ethics.

We therefore had the right to the Islamist colloquium of Lyon II where militant speech was presented as scientific speech in an unparalleled confusion of genres; to Tariq Ramadan, president of a thesis jury at the University of Strasbourg; at Sciences-po Aix which validates a thesis by Nabil Ennasri on Al Qaradawi, thought leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and great launcher of fatwa calling and justifying jihad (all thanks to an academic committed alongside the Muslim Brotherhood, to the point of participating to the "jihad of the courts" as a witness of the UOIF). We also had the right to the hijab day at Sciences-Po Paris and now, as a grand finale, the University of Limoges is organizing a conference-debate with Houria Bouteldja. Bringing the legitimacy of a form of academic recognition to an authentically racist word, rejecting interbreeding and defending a State racism as delusional as it is fantasized.

However, inviting Houria Bouteldja to the University for a conference in order to present her book "The whites, the Jews and us" is as unworthy as if the President of the University of Limoges had proposed to Jean-Marie-Le Pen and Faurisson a lecture on the gas chambers. But nothing beats the facts on the matter and an anthology of the writings of Houria Bouteldja makes it possible to grasp all the hatred that this person spreads in his brutality.

In an interview on the Indigenous Party website on June 26, 2015, she wrote: “the ideology that mixed couples, the meeting of two cultures, is beautiful, is really rotten”. On January 26, 2015, Less than 20 days after the Charlie Hebdo editorial massacre: “I blame Charlie Hebdo for making us collectively bear the heavy burden of its inconsistency. (…) I resent them for having emptied satire of its meaning, for having directed it against the oppressed – which is a form of sadism – instead of power and the powerful – which is a form of resistance. “Charb led his writing to death”. Let's end with a few quotes from his book: “As for us, anti-Zionism is our land of asylum. Under his high patronage, we resist integration through anti-Semitism while continuing the fight for the liberation of the damned of the Earth. Bouteldja also speaks of Genet, not for his style, but because he hailed Hitler's victory over France. “There is an aesthetic in this indifference to Hitler. She is vision. Was it necessary to be a poet to attain this grace?». A potpourri to finish: "I belong to my family, to my clan, to my race, to Algeria, to Islam", "Whiteness is a fortress, all white people are builders of this fortress", “If a black woman is raped by a black, it is understandable that she does not file a complaint to protect the black community”, “As everyone knows, the tarlouze is not quite a man. Thus, the Arab who loses his virile power is no longer a man.

We cannot say that the speech is encrypted however. Well, that was not enough to alert the management of the University of Limoges. At this degree of blindness, we pinch ourselves on the quality of the lessons delivered in such a context.

Militant speech is presented as a scientific research approach within the University itself.

To the proliferation of dubious cases where militant speech (which is not illegitimate but must be put back in its proper place) is presented as a scientific research approach within the University itself, the promoters of this entryism generally oppose Academic Freedoms. As if freedom were not above all an exercise in responsibility. As if asking for a distinction to be made between ideological propaganda and academic work were an attack on freedom, when on the contrary it is the requirement that makes this freedom effective.

We are once again in a process of vocabulary inversion, where the word Freedom only serves to legitimize the most vulgar propaganda. The state of sociology in France, victim of this drift of scientific work towards ideological propaganda should however enlighten us. As for academics, it might be time for them to really watch over academic freedom, by exercising this duty of control and requirement by peers which alone makes the quality of a university education, when the service of a ideology contains the germ of the death of real freedoms. Its goal is to manufacture consent, where the University has a requirement to know. To confuse the two approaches, it is always science and rigor that we destroy and propaganda that we serve. Today it is the honor of academics and of the future of the University to become aware of this.


Source: © Islamist entryism at the university: help us Mr. Blanquer!

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