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                           8 Boulevard Saint-Simon 93700 Drancy

The President                                                      Drancy on October 6, 2017

 The BNVCA strongly condemns the new anti-Semitic attack committed against the pavilion of a Jewish family in Noisy le Grand  

The. Chairman of. BNVCA was contacted by the victim who told him of his very strong concern and his fear of returning to his home.  Once again anti-Jewish graffiti was painted on the walls of this pavilion and the garage door "Fuck the Jews Jewish shit to death the Jews long live Palestine" We recall that the previous times bullets from automatic weapons were discovered in the targeted family's mailbox. The first time 9mm cartridges in an envelope with the inscription "Allah. Ou. akhbar" The second time a Kalashnikov bullet with an inscription. "The next one. It's for you"" The BNVCA civil party in this case is following the investigation very carefully. We ask the police to do everything possible to identify and arrest the anti-Semitic author.  

 These threats and attempts at intimidation confirm once again that Palestinianism remains the main source of anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish acts. The BN VCA observes that more and more Jewish families are worried, including by their neighbors, and feel insecure both in their neighborhood and in their building. This situation is leading to the worsening of the exodus of Jewish citizens to more reassuring This phenomenon particularly affects the department of Seine-Saint-Denis The Jewish communities have become depopulated  to such an extent that synagogues are deserted or closed like that of the city of. Holy. Dennis 

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