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The President                                                      December 18, 2017
The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism has for several days received numerous protests from Internet users or customers of EBAY and AMAZONE, outraged by the fact that these sites 
sell LEGO minifigures made up as Nazi soldiers.
According to our information, a German father, shocked to have received a package containing this kind of LEGOS, has launched a petition asking for the withdrawal of all these figurines.
These can be found by simply typing "Lego Wehrmacht" into the site's search bar. They would not be sold by the Danish group, but by individuals who make them up as infantrymen of the Third Reich. Some characters are armed with machine guns or cannons, and are accompanied by tanks The Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) confirms in its press release that "On YouTube, videos made with these figurines and viewed several million times reproduce the revolt of the Warsaw ghetto, the Auschwitz camp or entire armies of soldiers of the Third Reich »
The BNVCA still does not understand this fascination that many citizens still show for this dark period in the history of Europe.
The BNVCA, which remains vigilant, demands that effective measures be taken against these EBAY and AMAZONE online shops which relay this form of intolerable and reprehensible propaganda.

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  • sitbon yvette
    Posted December 19th 15h01 0Likes

    these are two sites without ethics or morals
    well done for suing them; only thing that matters that we touch their profits

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