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                           8 Boulevard Saint-Simon 93700 Drancy

The President                                                      Drancy on AUGUST 10, 2017
The BNVCA expresses its solidarity with the soldiers of the Sentinel patrol who were victims of a terrorist attack while carrying out their mission in the town of Levallois Perret.

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017, around 8 a.m. (anniversary of the Palestinian and anti-Semitic terrorist attack on rue des Rosiers in 1982) a BMW car hit the formation of young soldiers from the 35th Infantry Regiment of Belfort, causing 6 injured, three of them in serious condition. 

the BNVCA welcomes the action of the police which made it possible to identify and arrest the presumed perpetrator of the attack. in a time close to the offense, around 13:10 p.m. in the town of Leulinghen-Bernes (Pas de Calais).
The BNVCA notes that this is the 6th case of its kind since 2015, and the 3rd since the beginning of 2017, not counting the knife or ax attacks targeting the police.
According to the first results of the investigation, the alleged perpetrator Hamou B…Algerian, 36 years old, had been domiciled for 2 years in Bezons in the Val d'Oise.
In this new case, the BNVCA notes two elements that it has constantly denounced.
1-The terrorist uses the modus operandi invented by the Palestinian terrorists to kill the greatest number of Israeli Jewish civilians.
2-The presumed perpetrator resides in Bezons, (95), this town which under the direction of the Communist mayor Dominique Lesparre was prosecuted by the BNVCA for apology for terrorism after a deliberation of the Municipal Council of 13/2/13 had decided to raise to the rank of honorary citizen, the terrorist Majdi Ih Rima Al Rimawi, assassin of the Israeli minister Rechavan Zeevi in ​​2001. Although the administrative court of Cergy Pontoise canceled on 10/12/14; this deliberation and demanded the demolition of the stele erected in his honour, we consider that this indiscriminate support for terrorism could have justified an act by one of the nationals of Bezons.
The BNVCA again warns of the risk posed to the safety of our fellow citizens, our soldiers and our police officers, by the support given by several communist municipalities to Palestinian terrorists. 
To prevent these risks, the BNVCA never ceases to seize the competent administrative courts and the prefects of the departments concerned in order to have the deliberations in question canceled and to prevent these facts from spreading.
The BNVCA, which since 2012 had called for a state of emergency to be declared, wants it to be maintained as long as the Islamo-terrorist danger is not completely eradicated.

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