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The President                                                      Drancy on September 15, 2017

Sammy GHOZLAN     


The BNVCA acknowledges receipt of the letter from the President of the CSA, Mr Olivier SCHRAMECK who, on 11/09/17, responds satisfactorily to our protest expressed on 21/12/16 following the broadcast by M6 of a report entitled "Jerusalem: When the city tears itself apart aired 18/12/16, in the program Enquête Exclusive". 

We considered that "this report was likely to generate, for an uninformed viewer, hatred towards the Jews".

In its meeting of June 21, 2017, in accordance with our request, the CSA examined the disputed report. He thus concludes 
“The council deeply regretted that the historical treatment of the conflict, at the beginning of the broadcast, was exposed in an imprecise and erroneous way.

The Council considered that the treatment reserved for this subject lacked balance – in particular by the choices of the people questioned and the particular situations exposed – and was thus likely to come to fuel tensions and antagonisms within the national territory. population or lead to attitudes of rejection or xenophobia towards certain communities or countries.
He therefore asked the managers of the channel to ensure better compliance, in the future, with the aforementioned provisions of Article 22 of his agreement as well as the recommendation of November 20, 2013.

Reinforced by the observations of the CSA which are addressed to M6, the BNVCA decided to claim from the chain a right of reply which we are entitled to obtain and to exercise for the manifestation of the truth, and to fight against all ingredients that provoke anti-Jewish hatred and generate anti-Semitism.

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