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Les événements de Charlottesville montrent le danger d'une lecture raciale de la société, de plus en plus présente aux Etats-Unis.

FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE- Gilles-William Goldnadel looks back on the events in Charlottesville in the United States. For him, if we cannot of course send back the camp of the victims and that of the murderers, we cannot save a criticism of American racialism.

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and writer. He is president of the France-Israel association. Every week, he deciphers the news for FigaroVox.

As always when the media ideology seizes a subject among a hundred others which would deserve a treatment at least as important and reserves for it a planetary and hysterical medicine, the freedom to think rationally suspends its flight. The treatment of the Charlottesville tragedy is no exception to this sad but resigned observation. A few days after the facts, it is perhaps finally allowed to emit some hard truths.

-The fact that the current President of the United States is clumsy, rude, vulgar and politically awkward does not allow him to be treated worse than the Turkish, Syrian or Iranian dictators on the pretext that he rules the largest democracy of the world.

-It was morally and politically stupid to dismiss the two ends of the American political spectrum back to back even when there was the camp of the victims and that of the murderers. Similarly, during his first intervention, Donald Trump should have expressly incriminated the supremacists, one of whose members, fanatical, had just killed a young counter-demonstrator who only wanted to live.

But one would have liked, for their intellectual and moral coherence, that his most relentless critics show the same severity in previous circumstances.

Regarding the shocking back-to-back dismissal, not 10 days ago a good part of the international press proceeded without qualms between the President of the United States and the North Korean leader of the worst communist dictatorship of the world. And the same people who are crying out loud today were in no way shocked to see the State of Israel and the terrorists of Hamas subject to the same loathing during the Gaza affair.

I observed in the aftermath of the Barcelona attack that most political leaders did not think it necessary to mention Islamist terrorism, without anyone daring to reproach them for it.

As for not pronouncing the name of the guilty ideology, I would have spent my last three editorial years, with very relative success, chastising French heads of state, including the last one, for having a vocabulary problem. with the word "Islamist" the day after each attack.

I observed in the aftermath of the terrible attack in Barcelona that most political leaders or personalities, including Barack Obama, did not think it necessary to cite Islamist terrorism without anyone daring to reproach them for it.

With regard to the former American president, I published in these same columns more than a year ago (July 11, 2016) an article entitled "After Dallas, the appalling absence of the word 'racist'" I wrote : “After the cruel carnage of Dallas, a word was sorely missing from the speech of the first American: “racist”. A black man, a follower of black supremacy, claimed to have massacred white police officers in revenge for crimes committed by other white police officers. But the word that would have come naturally to anyone's lips if, for example unlikely, a Frenchman wanted to kill a fundamentalist Muslim to avenge November 13, was missing. I haven't heard that Barak Obama has been put on trial yet.

-We can never be tough enough on supremacists. Incidentally, I confess to confusing them with the Nazis in the same detestation. Both communing in the same racism, the same anti-Semitism, the same anti-Zionism and, lately, the same use of the ram car. Having written this with a steady hand, I must continue with the same hand: having observed the stark difference in media treatment of white criminals and others, I find it hard to accept that leftist ideology in media majesty is profiting from a crime mediatised to the extreme in an attempt to relax the American extreme left guilty of anti-white pathology and consequently of criminal indulgence towards Islamism. She did not say a word when on July 21 American Imam Ammar Shahin delivered his sermon at the Islamic Center in Davis, California and called for the annihilation of the wicked Jewish people: "Oh Allah destroy them, and do not spare them, nor their children nor their ancestors!”

Nor did I see any outcry in the progressive press when American-Palestinian Linda Sarsour led the anti-Trump women's march at Trump's inauguration while publicly supporting the terrorist. convict Rasmea Odeh (Jerusalem Post August 17)

Finally, on the substance, and as the correspondent of the Figaro in the United States, Laure Mandeville (August 17) "For many conservatives who share his ideas on the responsibility of the extreme left in the spiral of division that is blowing over the country, Trump's inability to nip in the bud the far-right poison after Charlottesville is very bad news. Because it makes inaudible his speech on the existence of a radicalization on the left, which deserves to be heard.… Intellectuals, like the historian of Antiquity Victor Davis Hanson, believe that “Trump is not the cause but "the reflection" of the division. They denounce the excesses of political correctness that are sweeping through universities, racializing the debate by making white male privileges the center of all discussion. “By asserting that the language of race and identity is the only acceptable one, the left is leaving white people no choice but to use that same language,” notes George Mitchell, professor of political theory at the university. of Georgetown who fears a new time of tragic unrest. Peter Simi, a specialist in white supremacist movements at the University of California, who considers their rise to be “extremely worrying”, concludes that “an honest conversation is necessary in America” on these subjects. “Much of the people who voted for Trump are not racist but share the idea that the relentless trial of the white man in the name of the past must end”

Unfortunately the hysterical Charlottesville polemic was nothing like an honest conversation.

To refuse to understand that there is a pseudo neurotic anti-white anti-racism just as despicable and criminal as white racism is not only to show stupid racism but it is above all to prepare us for a crying tomorrow.

Gilles William Goldnadel


Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and writer. He is president of the France-Israel association. Every week, he deciphers the news for FigaroVox.




Source: © Le Figaro Premium – Gilles-William Goldnadel: Charlottesville, a disturbing double standard


  • Patricia JS Cambay
    Posted August 22 2h54 0Likes

    “Prepare us for a mournful tomorrow.” except to follow you in your reasoning, your workhorse, GWG, but even D. Trump seems to avoid it.

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