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“I regret to inform you that my group has decided to no longer participate in the fact-finding mission on the institutional future of New Caledonia. We were, however, determined to be associated with its work.” ( Jean-Luc Mélenchon)

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A future editorial will come back to this despicable attack by Jean-Luc Mélenchon against Manuel Valls! 

Mélenchon, unfailing support of the worst present or past dictators, admirers of the most virulent anti-Semites and whose elected officials, from the natives of the Republic, praise the terrorists, allows himself to give lessons in morality!

The height in this story is that Mr. Mélenchon was dubbed “Republican Model” by Édouard Philippe, Prime Minister, during his visit to France 2!




Source: Letter of resignation from the fact-finding mission on the institutional future of New Caledonia | Jean-Luc Melenchon


  • Jeanmarc Blitzdarrou
    Posted October 7, 2017 18h19 0Likes

    despicable simply despicable

  • Albert Zouari
    Posted October 7, 2017 22h41 0Likes

    Bbfejors Mélenchon outside
    Dangerous disruptor

  • Albert Toledano
    Posted October 8, 2017 12h11 0Likes

    The worst insult for Mélenchon is to be a friend of Israel

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