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The Company is in a Long Restructuring Phase

By Albert Soued, for
August 4, 2017

I asked my little girls in their late teens what they thought of the society in which they lived.
Unanimously, they told me about the absence of solidarity and the dominant individualism.
Living in families where there is no question of identity - which seems to be affirmed in them - nor of the question of gender, nor of recomposed families, nor of migratory competition, they have in fact only found withdrawal on oneself and on one's own interests, to the detriment of those of the group, as a long-term problem.

In fact, by going through the programs broadcast almost everywhere and the complaints and criticisms that ooze in the reading of essays, novels or magazines, we are faced with undeniable facts, society is in full decomposition, and some even speak of liquefaction…. How and why ?

The last world war which ended 72 years ago has been replaced by a series of contained local or regional wars, asymmetric wars where all means are good to express one's aggressiveness, violence or desire for destabilization and/or of conquest.
Despite or because of all the changes that have taken place, society remains eminently violent. The purpose of the changes was to emancipate the family and its members, in particular the woman, to provide shelter and food, better health for the individual, through useful and adapted work and physical and mental prevention.

We obtained the destruction of the biblical family, sexual evanescence, limitless tolerance, the loss of identity and bearings... that "scarabuccia" - without much discernment, because everything that took centuries to establish as a more or less stable balance was shattered before freedom without borders, an equality made up of illusions, a fraternity of interests, in a magma governed by the rapid progress of technology and the dissemination of information.

What was ephemeral becomes “instantaneous”, nothing is immutable, neither predictable, nor legible; people understand each other less, values, interests and knowledge being so dispersed. Loneliness is replaced by incoherent or occasional groupings.
Apart from automatons, no one is capable of mastering the available information, of which we only seize bits and pieces, embellished with harmful "fakes", to the point that we can wonder if it was not healthier to 'have very little information, but credible. The profusion of truncated images and information leads to a permanent "zapping" in the "virtual", without the possibility of understanding in order to act better.

It is in this Western society in full decline that an offensive religious power, but itself out of breath, has managed to take root. The followers of this primitive faith, intolerant and without free will, often enlightened, came from afar to replace sometimes aggressively those who opened the door to them with credulity or excess of confidence. The atmosphere of permanent insecurity sets in.

But at the same time, many human and socio-economic indices lead us to believe that the seeds of a renaissance are nevertheless present.
We believe that this phase of liquefied and threatened society will not last forever and that society will move towards more structured, more solid and more stable forms, once the oscillation in the wrong direction has ceased. The process is likely to be long and it depends on everyone's capacity for action to work with courage and determination in the direction of progress, discernment, responsibility and justice. It is also possible that an important conflict or the appearance of a providential man accelerates this stabilization. The Company is in the Long Restructuring Phase. Each of us must participate!

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