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Former US president Barack Obama regretted what he called a “temporary absence of American leadership” on climate change Martin BUREAU (AFP)

Investigation hampered to shore up Iran's 2015 nuclear deal

The Obama administration secretly thwarted an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States that targeted Iran-backed Hezbollah to help shore up the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, according to an investigation by the news site Political.

The investigation, dubbed "Project Cassandra", was launched in 2008 to monitor the terrorist group's practices in arms and narcotics trafficking, including the delivery of cocaine to the United States.

In addition to drug trafficking, the Lebanon-based Hezbollah also engaged in money laundering and other illicit activities which earned them around $XNUMX billion a year, reports Political, relying on numerous reports from the prosecutor's office.

Hezbollah fighters giving a guided tour near the Lebanese-Syrian border on July 26, 2017 raise a Lebanese flag showing pictures of soldiers killed fighting jihadists AFP

After gathering substantial evidence against the Shia organization, investigators sought the green light from the US Department of Justice and Treasury to prosecute but the two bodies left them unanswered, the report said. Political.

 “It was a political decision,” said David Asher, a US Department of Defense analyst who specializes in illicit finance who contributed to Project Cassandra.

According to Mr. Asher, Obama administration officials knowingly obstructed efforts to apprehend key members of Hezbollah, including one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's main arms suppliers.

Officials close to the former president, for their part, told Political that they sought to improve relations with Iran, and its protege Hezbollah, as part of a broader strategy to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear arsenal, but did not seek to sabotage the Cassandra project to political reasons.

"The world is much more complicated than seen from the narrow angle of drug trafficking," said a former national security official.

Katherine Bauer, a treasury official from the Obama administration, who presented written testimony presented last February to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, acknowledged that “under Obama, investigations into Hezbollah have come to naught. lest we stir up trouble with Iran and jeopardize the nuclear deal.”

As a result, the report also mentions that the US government ignored not only Hezbollah's drug trafficking operation, but also other aspects of its vast illicit operations around the world.

Source: ©  The Obama administration would have failed an investigation against Hezbollah


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