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FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – After the rout of the presidential election, a hundred executives of young Republicans are calling for the reconstruction of a right of French values, culture and identity around Laurent Wauquiez.

Among the 100 young LR executives who co-signed this forum are notably Aurane REIHANIAN (President of the JAW and RDJ of Ain) Mélissa SOMON (RDJ of the Somme), Guillaume Geoffre (RDJ of the Oise), Ludovic PERNEY (RDJ of the Bouches du Rhône), Edwina MANIKA (RDJ Val d'Oise), Charles MORGAT (RDJ Seine-Maritime) and more than 1.000 Young LRs.

These presidential and legislative elections will leave millions of French people with the bitter taste of a missed opportunity. They were the most terrible and cruel misunderstanding in our recent history, because we are convinced that the majority of our compatriots were first waiting for the return of the ideas defended by the right: work, effort, the fight against communitarianism, meritocracy, authority, secularism, the demand for assimilation.

The French wanted to overthrow François Hollande, but they were forced to elect his heir. The result is that France is off again for five years of compromise and decline. So, despite the disappointment and the failures, we are waiting for the right to raise its head: more than ever, our family has the opportunity to reinvent itself and rediscover a vision of France that is based on deep values ​​and convictions, those who have built our country throughout its history.

Renewal in practices and renewal in political life, yes, we need it, and we, Young Republicans, will be on the front line to bring this demand within our movement. But on values ​​and ideals, we only believe in one thing: fidelity, loyalty, sincerity.

The youth of France has suffered five years of deconstruction of our country. This deconstruction is above all the fruit of a left-wing ideology which for thirty years has destroyed all the foundations of the authority of the Republic and of respect for the Nation. She condemned future generations to rebuild on scorched earth, leaving our youth with a world without landmarks or references.

Faced with this ongoing deconstruction, the right must refuse to be lulled into the hollow slogans, communication devices and political marketing of Emmanuel Macron. It must refuse unnatural alliances and find the only valid compass to guide its action: values. So we, Young Republicans, are asking Laurent Wauquiez for a simple thing: reinvent a right of values!

Reinventing a line of values ​​means addressing this France of territories, medium-sized towns, the countryside, those "without address books", this "France of the metro at 6 o'clock" by André Malraux, who suffered so much in recent years.

Reinventing a line of values ​​means reconsidering the Nation, our most precious asset, as the ambition of a community of destiny and the feeling of unity and common belonging.

Reinventing a right of values ​​means promoting our historical model with its cultural roots, its rules, its traditions and its way of life which constitute the identity of the French people.

Reinventing a line of values ​​means restoring authority and transmission at school to serenely bequeath knowledge, a taste for learning and our unique heritage.

Reinventing a right of values ​​means encouraging work, invention, personal effort and merit, which must once again become the engines of our social mobility.

Reinventing a right of values ​​means promoting our historical model with its cultural roots, its rules, its traditions and its way of life which constitute the identity of the French as a Nation and as a civilisation.

Only Laurent Wauquiez transcends these aspirations. “When the right assumes its convictions, it shines and brings people together”: his message represents tremendous hope for our family. With him, we want to prove to the French that politicians can be faithful to their words and their ideas: before, during and after the elections.

We therefore ask him to take up the torch of a responsible but uncompromising opposition. It's urgent. Everything has to be rebuilt. Everything starts. Our autumn congress must be the first step in the recovery of our movement, which must assert itself as a free and united force against Emmanuel Macron. We will support Laurent Wauquiez with enthusiasm and determination because he knows that we do not expect the right to say less but to do more when it is in charge.

Under the ashes remain embers waiting for our breath. So let's take up the flag of our beautiful family and come together today behind Laurent Wauquiez to rediscover the foundation of our commitment: love of France.


Source: ©  Le Figaro Premium – The call of young Republicans for a right of values

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