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The President                                                      Drancy on October 7, 2017
The BNVCA has decided to file a complaint against Mrs. Zoe Desbureaux, substitute for deputy François Ruffin of the France Insoumise party, on the grounds of complicity in advocating terrorism of which she was guilty by posting on 3/10/17 at 20:52 p.m. a tweet in which she declares "TOTAL SUPPORT FOR SONIA NOUR WHO IS SUFFERING PRESSURE FROM THE FACHOSPHERE AND THE CASSOULET LEFT" 
The BNVCA has already filed a complaint against Sonia Nour, a territorial official from Courneuve (93) who had described as a 'martyr' the Islamo-terrorist who slaughtered and stabbed to death two young 20-year-old girls at the Gare de Marseille, shouting "ALLAH OUAKHBAR"

As we welcomed the reaction of the Mayor of Courneuve PCF, Mr Gilles Poux who dismissed his collaborator from his functions, we salute the deputies François Ruffin of which she is still the substitute and Jean Luc Melanchon Founder of insubordinate France and president of this group in the National Assembly, who immediately dissociated themselves from Zoe Desbureaux,
The BNVCA considers that the disavowal expressed remains very insufficient and demands the resignation of Zoe Desbureaux from all her functions and her exclusion from the party.

We recall that Zoé Desbureaux had already posted on 28.7.15, a manifestly anti-Semitic tweet and an illegal call for the Boycott of Israel. 
.The BNVCA is surprised and worried by the fact that political movements surround themselves, integrate and promote militants of their party without a more in-depth control.

The BNVCA calls for dissuasive and exemplary measures against these elected officials, State officials, police officers, collaborators of politicians who have infiltrated the most strategic structures of the State, dishonor the Republic, and endanger it in sharing and supporting the ideology of the enemies of France 

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