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                           8 Boulevard Saint-Simon 93700 Drancy

The President                                                      Drancy on AUGUST 15, 2017

The BNVCA is furious and outraged by the information published by the TIMES OF ISRAEL" which reveals that a Swiss hotel asks its Jewish customers and them only to shower before bathing in the swimming pool. The sign is addressed thus "TO OUR JEWISH GUESTS WOMEN MEN AND CHILDREN" to tourists juifs men women and children. The threat to close the swimming pool to them alone if they do not observe this rule is clear and peremptory. prescribed by religious texts, which protected them and spared them from the many epidemics that spread in the countries where they lived.

 The hotel in question, Aparthaus Paradies, is located in the village of Arosa, in the Swiss Alps. However, for years it has welcomed many Jewish customers, particularly ultra-Orthodox, from the United Kingdom, the United States and even Israel.
 We do not understand and we strongly condemn this form of discrimination displayed on a sign intended only for Jewish guests of this hotel.
The BNVCA immediately contacted the Swiss ambassador in France and asked him to intervene with his government so that severe sanctions were taken against the managers of this hotel, and to demand the closure of the establishment as a example.
Anti-Semitism is not only trivialized, but still deeply rooted in the mentality of many liberated Europeans since the new anti-Zionist anti-Semitism appeared more than 17 years ago.
Sign placed in a Swiss hotel asking Jewish guests to shower before going swimming. (Credit: courtesy)
The Aparthaus Paradies hotel in Arosa, Switzerland. (Credit: courtesy)

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