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8 Boulevard Saint-Simon 93700 Drancy 


The President                                                      Drancy on OCTOBER 11, 2017

The BNVCA will be present at the hearing of the trial against Anne Guerrier, teacher at the Janson de Sailly high school, who had published on social networks anti-Semitic, negationist, revisionist remarks, in particular "SHOA WAS PLANNED AND ORGANIZED BY JEWS ".

This lawsuit stems from the complaint filed by the BNVCA against this "teacher" on August 1, 2016 and January 2, 2017. Following the letter sent by the BNVCA to the Minister of National Education, the rector of the Paris Academy suspended Ms. Anne Guerrier from her functions on August 25, 2016.

Maître Charles Baccouche, who is following this case for the BNVCA, will plead at the hearing of October 11, 2017 before the 17th correctional chamber of the Paris TGI 

The BNVCA, vigilant and reactive, invites all witnesses of anti-Semitic acts or publications to alert it by telephone by calling the 0663883029, or through the website SOSANTISEMITISM.ORG.

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