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                           8 Boulevard Saint-Simon 93700 Drancy

President Drancy on August 9, 2017
The BNVCA, which supports CRIF's request, calls on French justice and diplomacy to do everything possible to obtain
the extradition of the terrorists responsible for the anti-Semitic attack known as "Rue des Rosiers" committed by Palestinian terrorists
August 9, 1982 killing 6 and injuring 22;
The BNVCA salutes the stubborn action of the examining magistrates Jean Louis Bruguiere and Marc Trévidic which resulted in the identification of the perpetrators and sponsors of this attack.

Mahmoud Khader Abed Adra, alias “Hicham Harb” (who now lives in the West Bank) and Walid Abdulrahman Abou Zayed, alias “Souhail Othman” (who lives in Norway)

The BNVCA asks the President of the Republic Mr Emmanuel Macron to invest himself personally, to use his influence to get the King of Jordan and the Norwegian authorities to stop harboring and protecting assassins. at the risk of being considered accomplices to their murders.

The President of the BNVCA Mr Sammy Ghozlan feels particularly concerned. At the time, in his capacity as divisional police inspector, invested with an exceptional mission by the Prime Minister Pierre Maurois, to assist the investigation of the PJ placed under the authority of Commissioner Alain Cancès. he himself had received Abou Nidal's telephone claim.

The BNVCA considers that after 35 years, it is time for the perpetrators and sponsors to finally be tried and punished for their crimes 

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