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Asked about France Inter, Christophe Ayad is accused of having offered an oriented analysis concerning the reasons for the detention of the Franco-Palestinian terrorist

Imprisoned in Israel between 2005 and 2011 after being found guilty of the attempted assassination of the late Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, and for belonging to illegal political organizations, the Franco-Palestinian Salah Hamouri was arrested again on August 23 by the police. Israeli.

He has since been under the “administrative detention” regime. A practice that the state justifies for security reasons, but decried by some for its apparently arbitrary nature.

A few days ago, Christophe Ayad, head of the international department at World, devoted a short column on France Inter to the Franco-Palestinian detainee entitled “ Who cares about Salah Hamouri?" page (in French).

If the journalist specifies that Salah Hamouri "has already spent 6 years in prison", he specifies the reasons for this first detention: Hamouri was tried for the attempted assassination of Rabbi Obadia Yossef and for belonging to the Front de liberation de la la Palestine (PFLP), organization classified as terrorist by the European Union. His defenders argue that Salah Hamouri then chose a "guilty plea" procedure in order to reduce his sentence. The judgment did however take place following an investigation and in the presence of witnesses.

The pro-Israel militant website InfoEquitable  attentive to the lack of journalistic impartiality concerning Israel and the Jewish people in the French-speaking media” also notes that Christophe Ayad affirmed more untruths.

“Christophe Ayad goes on to say that neither Salah Hamouri nor his relatives know what the Israeli authorities are accusing him of. […] We have, at most, an anonymous statement from the police that suspects him of having engaged in illegal political activities'”.

There is, however, a declaration of justice (here in Hebrew) which justifies the reasons for his detention, a detention recognized as derogating from common law.

It describes Salah Hamouri as "a senior official of a terrorist organization operating in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria [West Bank]". This decision, explains the site, was examined by the Supreme Court, renowned for its independence, which ruled as follows: "It appears from the elements that the defendant does indeed constitute a significant and real danger for public security and that the detention administrative for the given period is justified".

Salah Hamouri had been accused of being a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), described by some as a left-wing nationalist movement, a terrorist group which claimed responsibility for several attacks killing dozens between 2001 and 2015, including the November 18, 2014 massacre of four Jews in a synagogue in Jerusalem.

"The Consulate General of France in Jerusalem 'is following the file very closely, with Paris', and is mobilizing 'to ensure consular protection' for Hamouri, confided to the World a French diplomat on the spot”, indicates the daily.

Source: ©  Le Monde's inaccuracies about Salah Hamouri

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