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Benyamin Netanyahu presented his new government on Thursday in the Knesset. Amir Cohen/UPI/ABACA
Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who brought his ultranationalist, anti-Arab and homophobic allies to power, has promised not to be overwhelmed.
Source: © The far right marks its territory in the government of Israel

After a brief crossing of the desert, Benyamin Netanyahu presented the most ultra-nationalist Israeli government in the country's history on Thursday. To achieve this, he has led, since his victory in the legislative elections of 1er November, bitter bargaining with three far-right anti-Arab parties, supporters of colonization at all costs in the West Bank and homophobic. Two other ultra-Orthodox parties and the Likud, Benyamin Netanyahu's right-wing formation complete the team of this government.

To put together the various components of this puzzle, the Prime Minister gave the impression of constantly giving in to the demands of his ultra-right allies, whose support was vital to him. The creation of a Palestinian state that Benyamin Netanyahu had to pay lip service to in 2009, under pressure at the time of Barack Obama, now seems to be definitively buried.

Two ministers, leaders of two far-right parties, have been given virtually carte blanche in the West Bank. Itamar Ben Gvir, himself a settler with multiple convictions for abuses against Palestinians, was granted the portfolio of "national security minister". He will have the upper hand over some 2000 border guards, a force specializing in law enforcement operations in the West Bank in particular. Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, also a Greater Israel enthusiast, will oversee the civil affairs administration in the West Bank.

This institution is responsible, among other things, for issuing building permits in the settlements, where nearly 500.000 Israeli settlers live alongside 2,5 million Palestinians. Important detail: the control of the border guards and the civil administration was withdrawn from the army, which prompted the chief of staff, General Aviv Kohavi, to protest in vain to Benyamin Netanyahu, in claiming that these decisions would "to have serious consequences" for military operations. Opposition columnists have raised the specter of the emergence of a "private militia" in the hands of the extreme right.

The Smotrich-Ben Gvir tandem can also welcome the commitment made to legalize within sixty days dozens of uncontrolled settlements built by groups of far-right activists without the slightest official authorization, and sometimes encroaching on land privately owned by Palestinians. The government's program clearly proclaims that " the nation of Israel has a natural right to the Land of Israel which includes the West Bank, Judea and Samaria of the Bible. The only restriction: Benyamin Netanyahu did not dare to cross the Rubicon by advocating the pure and simple annexation of this region, a measure which would not fail to provoke a crisis with the United States.

"I'm the one driving"

Regarding Iran, he warned that his priority will be " to defeat Iran's attempts to develop an arsenal of nuclear weapons ", for now " Israel's military superiority in its environment". Yohav Galant, a former general appointed to Defense, will be responsible for this mission.

On the home front, accused of weakness by the opposition in the face of the demands of his allies, he has not ceased in recent weeks to affirm: "Cit's me who's driving », In other words, he will not allow himself to be overwhelmed. He called on the opposition to accept their defeat by taking an example " on the supporters of the French football team who applauded the Argentina team after the match ».

To reassure Israelis, 60% of whom, according to a poll, believe that democracy is now in danger, Benyamin Netanyahu countered the sweeping statements of some of his allies. He promised he would block any attack on the rights of the LGBTQ community, while he appointed Avi Maoz, leader of an openly homophobic party, as deputy minister in charge of a “authority of Jewish national identity”. The Prime Minister, during his sixth term, seems on the other hand determined to attack the Supreme Court, which plays the role of Constitutional Council. Its Minister of Justice, Yariv Levin, intends to deny the right of the highest legal body to annul texts voted by the Knesset, which would allow, for example, to pass a law suspending all legal proceedings against a Prime Minister in exercise, while Binyamin Netanyahu is currently on trial for corruption, fraud and breach of trust.


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  • Pat
    Published January 9, 2023 21h45 0Likes

    “The far right is marking its territory in the government of Israel”

    When you want to drown your dog, you no longer say “he has rabies” but “HE IS EXTREME RIGHT”

    This should stop because you are causing great harm to Israel and nesting anti-Semites and enemies of Israel! Are you aware of this?`

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