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Islam, Islamism and the Blind

Claude Berger

We now have to get used to living under the permanent threat of reputedly "unpredictable" Islamist attacks. France, Germany, Australia, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan… Powerlessness, incomprehension and blindness in the face of the profile of the murderous terrorists who, for the most part, are classified in the “unbalanced” box acting without a direct link to the organized terrorism of Daesh or Al-Kaida. This is to seriously ignore that there is no hermetic border between ordinary Islam called "moderate" and violent Islamism, just as there is no hermetic border between sponsored Islamist terrorism and terrorism spontaneous Islamist. This ignorance, this oversight testifies to a severe deficiency in the analysis of cultures on the part of politicians who, obeying the sole credo of submission to the free and competitive labor market, advocate a multicultural model without safeguards. From this point of view, our societies are unaware of themselves. It is a story that goes back to the French Revolution when it adopted in the same momentum human rights, the prohibition of corporations and the supremacy of the free labor market reduced to a competitive commodity without taking into account culture. applicants, even if it was deadly. The same error will be repeated by Marx who, while rebelling against the labor market system, will reduce culture, Christian and more particularly Jewish, to a class position and ideology. Nowadays, this same unconsciousness, right or left, will thus forget that so-called “economic” migrants are also cultural migrants. The sad example of an event that occurred in 2015 is there to remind us of this: on a boat loaded with one hundred and twelve migrants and threatening to sink, fifteen Muslims threw twelve Christians caught praying, into the sea.

The assassination of Sarah Halimi, assaulted and defenestrated despite her cries and the police presence in her building and the media silence that followed, is there to remind us of the still current blindness in the face of this spontaneous Islamism whose actors are described as " unbalanced”. Still happy when they are not excused as victims of "Islamophobia" or economic misery.

It is high time to pose the question of Islam objectively, time to reconquer “the lost territories of the Republic” by dismantling the counter-cultures which have developed there. We cannot forget from this point of view that before becoming compatible with the Republic, the Inquisitorial Church had to undergo revolutionary constraint and the anti-clerical struggle, to admit the Reformation and then, after the Second World War, to work on itself. even to stand out from an anti-Judaism that could have fueled exterminating anti-Semitism.

Islam is also based on a divisive dogma: Muhammad is the Prophet and not believing in him rejects the side of the unbelievers. Follows the obligation to conquer the universe. But the underlying parental and sexual schema under the unanalyzed model of the Prophet involves an oppression of women and a death drive directed against Jews, apostates and Christians. An impulse which finds its enjoyment in the death of the disbelievers. Submitting the desire for spirituality and morality displayed in Islam, like other religions but contradicted by violence, to be put on the couch is a necessity. Introducing criticism of this conquering violence into places of education is a duty.

Especially since the cultural matrices that shape individuals outside the texts do not only shape a ritual Islam that is likely to become radicalized, they shape a cultural Islam that is also radicalized. The killers of most of the various recent attacks were by no means experts in Quranic commentary. This cultural Islamism operates on French soil, it is in the air that our young people breathe, it is in the hatred of French culture. It spreads from a very young age more or less in what is transmitted by the cultural unconscious.

Resorting to secularism as a defensive barrier erected against Islamism is no longer enough. There is reason today to assume this clash of cultures by appealing to historical criticism and psychoanalysis to dismantle what in Islam leads to violence. The globalization of the labor market and wage labor with the freedom of movement of women that it presupposes means for Islam the loss of its cultural hegemony, hence its violent reaction, a reaction that is only in its infancy. beginning. In 1948, the Palestinian movement led by Mufti Husseini, who was stationed in Berlin for two years alongside his friend Hitler, was anchored in the rejection of the Jewish fact and of a Jewish state without even thinking of creating its own state on the part that was allotted to him, which triggered the expulsion and exile of Jews from Arab-Muslim countries, a repressed exile. It was the birth of Islamism. Today, it attacks Christians, Copts, the Western world, moderate Muslims who are also its victims. It is now necessary to carry out this clash of cultures without being satisfied with military or police measures which concern only sponsored Islamism and which abandon the spontaneous Islamism which is generated in the heart of the cities.

  • Author of "Why anti-Semitism", "End with wage labor", "Itinerary of a Jew of the century" (Aux Editions de Paris)

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