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My Shtetele brent

Evelyne Gougenheim


Flat encephalogram!

The frantic pace of bad news that is the daily thread of Jewish community news remains confined to the Facebook sphere. Recall thatfew elements: the trial of the brother of the killeru small Arie, Gabriel and Jonathan Sandler and little Myriam Monsonego gave rise to a veritable outpouring of anti-Jewish hatred. Day after day the declarations of the mother, veiled venomous, have been taken up and commented on, without counter poison. The damage of this “heroization” will be seen and felt, unfortunately there is no hope that this will not be the case. Meanwhile, those who without screaming, thanks good sound system of their demonstrations, throw their hatred of Israel – « murdering Israel and the Palestinian children who are abandoned to die by the "colonizer", not to mention the call for a boycott of Teva » – arrogantly tread the squares of Paris where a crowd wanders at best, indifferent. With prefectural authorization and under police protection. M. Pupponi is youtaken to court by the organizer of the Sarcelles riots, the horrible humorist resumes service in giant rooms, as for Georges Bensoussan its passage in front of the XVIIème correctional chamber, the 25 January 2017 marked France's entry into a dark tunnel. Forgotes the pizzeria attacks this summer, the two young girls lacerated in Marseille, and I forget so many, without speaking desgirls attacked in schools. As for Sarah Halimi (Z’l) and his atrocious slaughter in the presence of twenty-six armed and equipped representatives of the security forces, his unbalanced killer possibly anti-Semitic who we were told was under the influence of narcotics, the recent results of his toxicological analysis remain, as expected, negative. Amazing! We are awaiting his trial. fair, a new platform with a tenor from the bar...certainly. 

Are we anesthetized?

In the midst of such an avalanche of news, each more disturbing than the other, two new facts appear derisory. Israeli judokas who participated in the Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi, an event counting for qualification for the Olympics, have been denied their citizenship. Prohibition to display their membership of the State of Israel, the only Jewish State in the world: no mention on their jerseys, no insignia, no HaTikvah a cas de victoire. And they won four bronze medals and a medalGold Mazel tab ! No team demonstrated against this discrimination, none showed their indignation. Solidarity is no longer a value in the world of sport?. What other country in the world would have to compete under the colors of the International Judo Federation with the anthem of the same Federation? In order to protest against this international shame, some organizations called to demonstrate in front of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Sunday evening at 19:30 p.m. It was mild in Paris, the holidays. The presents could bee numbered, they were numbered. Finally, hasoday we learn that the new director of theUnescoMrs. azoulay, without capitals, tiny, a distributed to all delegations a gift . What a gift, I don't know. Why ? arrival gift, thanks for voting. Mr. Ambassador of Israel with Unesco Mr. Carmel Sharma HaCohen denounces the fact that a delegation has been forgotten. You know who I mean. Thus in two weeks, Israel is symbolically erased and no longer from the countries of the world. I suppose that there for a box of chocolates or a Swiss army knife, not a Swiss army knife, a silver Bic pen, there will be no call to demonstrate. Just as hate speech against Israel is now repeating the vote of international bodies that have delegitimized Jerusalem and the renamed Kotel Al Machin, these two episodes will leave their mark. 




The Raft of the Medusa


The lack of mobilization of the so-called organized community, its inability to federate motivated troops speaks volumes about the problem. Jean-Claude Milner during a recent intervention speaking about the Jews said " forget its of all” and I add “forgotten by ourselves”. If even such violent attacks on Israel leavesnt the indifferent Community, then we are lost in the middle of the ocean and, seeing the antagonism between so-called associationsrepresentative, it is to be feared that we are adrift on the Raft of the Medusa. The weakest have already been thrown back into the water, the others watch each other to find out who is going to eat who. What future for this Raft? 


Complete check-up 


A functional overhaul is needed. A leave the Raft like this à drift, shipwreck is certain, multiple direct and collateral damage. Need we remind you that the so-called organized community is at the service of ae population in great minority.  Iworry for  his future to meyen term, ten years, five years and, for the very short term, is simply concerned to see the return of the shows of the worst sold-out comedian, not to mention the damage that will be caused by the outcome of the trial of the brother and the mother. To follow up on Mr. Sandler's constantly repeated request, I say
release the names of the killers. Disappearing the names, that's what it's all about here: the flag, the national anthem or simply existence. It is therefore conceivable for child killers with pacifiers in their mouths. To accept that Israel is not named is to accept that Israel is likened to a child killer, it is to condone this historical, political, social lie. It is already renouncing to fight for values ​​for which for millennia Jewish blood has been shed.


I very solemnly ask here for the constitution of a Safeguard and Defense Committee which will have within six months to propose a new scheme for the organization of the Community, taking into account the diagnosis which its first mission will be to establish. These recommendations will be debated, not just to say that it is debated, but with people ready to get involved with an application file and a clear motivation. And I'm not the only one to think that. Without excluding the plural voices of the Community, without favoring monolithic voices. Let us make this effort, demand it now. In un year, how much will we still have lost people. Is brentmein Shtetl brent !


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  • CJC
    Posted November 2, 2017 21h12 0Likes

    When we are in commemoration we are not in anticipation!
    To govern was to foresee and nothing was done to prepare our community for an evolution that we could envisage with a number of clues, warnings.

    No one is a prophet in his country and even less in our community!

    These warnings were not heard among community leaders totally disconnected from reality.
    Too bad they didn't come out more often in the lost territories!

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