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During the summer, Me Gilles-William Goldnadel shares his view of current political events.

Although I no longer expect anything from the international mass media whose sinister tropism I know, in the literal sense, of course, I admit I was amazed.

In the space of twenty-four clocked hours, these, without the slightest shame, with an immaculate good conscience, will have very exactly contradicted their most outraged positions. Thus, on August 17, Donald Trump was universally and electronically cursed for not having expressly cited the supremacists as responsible for the death, by means of a ram-car driven by one of their own, of a young wife in Charlottesville, USA. The reproach was serious but universal and planetary, in other words, a trifle disproportionate.

The next day, Moroccan Islamists, using the same ram, murdered fourteen people in the streets of Barcelona. The French president delivered to the city and to the world the following terrible sentence: “All my thoughts and the solidarity of France for the victims of the tragic attack in Barcelona. We remain united and determined. »

Barack Obama was not outdone either by a banality that did not offend anyone: “Michelle and I are thinking of the victims and their families in Barcelona. Americans will always be with their Spanish friends. A kiss. »

I affirm that none of the journalists who the day before still cursed the name of the first American, ascendants and descendants included, expressed the beginning of the beginning of a sketch of regret on the omission-submission of Emmanuel Obama.

To tell the truth, I find their own moral and professional denial even more outrageous.

But by dint of judging with iniquity we forget even the meaning of the word dignity.

Source: © [LE BLOGNADEL] – When clerics betray themselves | Current values

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