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During the commemoration of the Vel' d'Hiv roundup on July 16, the Head of State mentioned this very sensitive affair for the Jewish community.


Macron calls for "full clarity" on the death of Sarah Halimi

During the commemoration of the Vel' d'Hiv roundup on July 16, the Head of State mentioned this very sensitive affair for the Jewish community.

On the occasion of his speech for the commemoration ceremony of the Vél 'd'Hiv roundup, in Paris, Sunday July 16, Emmanuel Macron claimed that "all the clarity" be made on the death of Sarah Halimi. A very sensitive affair within the Jewish community, when this woman was killed in early April in Paris by one of her neighbors, to cries of" Allahu Akbar ! » A file also mentioned by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, just before the speech of the Head of State.

Mr. Macron's statement comes in the wake of the court's decision, Wednesday, July 12, not to retain the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism in this case. The suspect, Kobili T., 27 years old, interned in psychiatry since the facts, was indicted, but only for " voluntary homicide " without premeditation and "sequestration". A decision misunderstood by the Jewish community, today at the initiative of a vast support committee calling for the " truth ".

According to investigations carried out over the past four months, Sarah Halimi, former director of a nursery, was at home, in an HLM in the Belleville district, in the 11e arrondissement of Paris, when the tragedy happened. Kobili T. was his downstairs neighbor. When he broke into her home in the middle of the night, he first beat her up. Then to the cries of" Allahu Akbar ! », mingled with insults and recitations of suras from the Koran, he threw her out of the window, throwing her into the courtyard of the building.

Incoherent remarks

The police were called by the neighborhood, worried about the screams of Kobili T. Especially since before entering Sarah Halimi's home, he violently burst into the home of other neighbors, a family of Malian origin. of which he was a friend, and whom he sequesters by making incoherent remarks. But confusion reigns. When the police arrive, Kobili T. fled by a balcony, it is from there that he tipped over to Halimi. They don't have time to save the retiree.

During a press conference, organized at the beginning of July, the lawyer for part of the victim's family, Me Gilles-William Goldnadel, denounced the "abusive and instantaneous psychiatrization" of the suspect. “A way of denying anti-Semitism”, according to him. Denouncing " the inaction of the police, the lawyer also filed a complaint for " no assistance to the person in danger ".

Today, Mr. Kobili remains hospitalized. If the measure were lifted, he would be remanded in custody. His lawyer, Mr.e Thomas Bidnic, for his part, assures that his client, questioned by the investigating magistrates, " contests any anti-Semitic motivation”.

This is not the first time that the anti-Semitic nature of a crime or misdemeanor has been the subject of divergent interpretations between justice, civil parties and political leaders. The most recent case concerns the so-called “Créteil” affair. The story of a couple violently attacked, kidnapped and raped – in the case of the young woman – at their home in December 2014 by a gang of young people looking for money and jewelry. “You are Jews, you have money”, their attackers had told them in particular.

Very quickly arriving on the scene, the Minister of the Interior at the time, Bernard Cazeneuve, immediately denounced the anti-Semitic nature of the tragedy, erecting the fight against anti-Semitism as a "national cause". Justice had first followed, indicting the alleged attackers for gang rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion followed by violence "because of belonging to a religion". But in February, at the end of his investigation, the investigating magistrate had abandoned the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism. Abandonment from which he finally returned, in June, after new requisitions from the prosecution.

Source: ©  Macron calls for "full clarity" on the death of Sarah Halimi


  • Patricia JS Cambay
    Posted July 19, 2017 1h42 0Likes

    Hello ladies,
    Hello gentlemen,

    What Macron says is one thing, what will be is another.
    The anti-Semitic murder will be recognized. Mr Binyamin Netanyahu obliges!

    As for the Police, I remain skeptical about their recognition of non-assistance to anyone in danger. Perhaps one or two police officers present that day will be removed for having, for example, misunderstood the orders, unless the Police intend to dismiss one of the superiors from above who gave orders. In any case and whatever she decides, she will manage to stifle the truth.
    As far as I'm concerned, I no longer have and, forever, I will no longer have confidence in the Police or the Gendarmerie – the latter is attached to the Ministry of the Interior – I know what they are capable of. to do and I deeply despise them.
    As for Justice, I remain more than suspicious; I heard and saw it with a partiality to vomit. Today, if I had to have one regret about my case, I would say that I regret not having jumped on the judge and broke his nose, especially since he had advanced it on me with a small smirk: A treat to see a judge with a big clown nose, very red. A dream that faded...

    Conclusion, the Police/Gendarmerie is no longer what it used to be; she is taken so badly by thugs and killers that she doesn't care about ordinary French people. As for Justice, it is very often biased, dependent on politics, often belonging to lodges of several obediences, cronyism obliges. Partial, it therefore becomes injustice again.
    My final word, Justice was invented because Injustice exists. If it goes back to Injustice, the moment will come when we will have to Re-invent it.

    Patricia JS Cambay

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