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Africa: Emmanuel Macron knows that French influence has diminished. The time when Paris could disrupt African governments with impunity


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Is Macron this first "President 3.0" who will really challenge Françafrique?

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     Africa : Emmanuel Macron sait that French influence has diminished.

The days when Paris could disrupt African governments with impunity are over.

Just consult the "African street" about the cases of Côte d'Ivoire - where France dethroned ex-President Laurent Gbagbo in favor of Alassane Ouattara, Nicolas Sarkozy's friend and darling of the IMF -, then from Libya, where the French army overthrew and killed Gaddafi at the cost of a general destabilization of Africa and the Mediterranean, to see to what extent France's prestige among Africans, who still consider themselves of the victims of imperialism, has gone down.

Only time will tell if these are just simple elements of language, but the method and the tone still have exchange. During his journey in West Africa, from Burkina Faso – a country with a strong anti-imperialist tradition – to English-speaking Ghana, via the unmissable Ivory Coast, the French president indeed wanted to communicate a radical change of perspective.

"There is no longer an African policy in France, but a French policy in Africa", he said, to symbolize his new vision of the relationship between France and Africa, that he wants to elsewhere associate with Europe as a whole which must invest and not leave to France (or even to Italy) the management of security and military issues (fight against illegal immigration and Islamism).


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