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At the beginning of May, Russian hackers hacked into the accounts of the En Marche movement! The Julian Assange Wikileaks site has put a search engine online to filter and view these documents. There are emails from Jean-Louis Fousseret's team during Emmanuel's campaign Macron.

By Sophie Courageot

Rib, mobile numbers, invoices… are online

In Wikileaks search engine put online on July 31, 2017, there are therefore 21 emails signed by Macron's team or that of Jean-Louis Fousseret, early support for the candidate En Marche!

In these messages, exchanges around the campaign, and Emmanuel Macron's visit to Besançon on September 27, 2016. Among the hacked emails are documents such as the bank identity statement of the Besançon elected official. The latter would have personally advanced invoices for the travel of the candidate Macron.

We also discover exchanges around the CV of the director of communication for the city of Besançon who seems to have put himself at the service several days a week of Emmanuel Macron's campaign.

Complain or not?

Contacted by France 3 Franche-Comté, Jean-Louis Fousseret, currently on vacation, admits discovering the existence of these emails. “I'll see with En Marche! if we file a complaint,” he said, finding the publication of all these purely professional conversations and private elements such as his bank details regrettable. As for the precise content of the emails, he had not yet looked at them closely this Monday evening. The chosen one says he has nothing to be ashamed of. “Yes, I rented cars for the Macron meeting so as not to use municipal vehicles,” he explains. “Yes, I paid the bills in my own name”. Regarding the work of his communications director in Macron's campaign, the elected official from Besançon affirms that he did things in complete transparency by putting himself on leave from his job at the town hall.

Are these emails real?

Are these emails real or just fake intended to destabilize the campaign of the future President of the French Republic?

The non-governmental organization Wikileaks published 21.075 electronic messages concerning Emmanuel Macron's campaign. Wikileaks explains that it verified the authenticity of these emails via the “DKIM verified” process, which testifies to the authenticity of an email.
All e-mails are not equipped with an encryption system that allows the authentication of an e-mail. The DKIM system made it possible to certify only two emails concerning the elected official from Besançon. The others may be authentic without any computer proof being established.

Russian hackers hacked a total of more than 71.000 emails sent between March 2009 and April 24, 2017.

Friday, May 5, 2017, one hour before the official end of the presidential election campaign and the second round, thousands of internal documents from the En Marche movement! (emails, accounting documents, quotes, invoices) appeared on social networks and spread at the speed of light.

Emmanuel Macron's movement did not seem particularly worried about the content of the documents published and the damage that their revelation could cause. He had then changed the passwords of these accounts.


Emmanuel Macron à Besançon, 27 septembre 2016
Emmanuel Macron in Besançon, September 27, 2016

Source: ©  #Macronleaks: Wikileaks publishes 21 emails concerning the mayor of Besançon – France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

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