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[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”Bertolt Brecht ” link=”” color=”#b22222″ class=”” size=””]« He who fights can lose, but he who does not fight has already lost. »[/perfectpullquote]

Thank you, thank you to the 91.267 people who answered present!

But in 2017, more than ever, we still need you: to weigh in and to act!

Dear members, dear friend, dear friend, dear subscriber,

Ten months ago we launched a membership campaign for our association.

You were more than 90.000 (this morning at 8:00 am, you were exactly 91.267, more than 10.000 more than a month ago!) to answer our call. We thank you a lot!

Beyond the many Jewish and non-Jewish associations that have joined our structure, today you are 91.267 members, direct members, to have joined us. You were seduced by our way of acting, of meeting, of exchanging, freely, frankly but always with respect, you believed in our way of building a democratic space where the essence of our fight consists in defending the Republic of Enlightenment, to defend a paradigm of life that defends the values ​​that make France France.

Many of you have joined us regardless of your origin, your religion or your political opinion, but all having in mind to fight for a better life in France, this country dear to our hearts!

We all come together, witnesses or actors, to fight hatred, injustice, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, but also to defend these French values, those of humanism and enlightenment that rocked our history, our childhood and to build a future that is dear to us both for us and for our descendants! And which are fought, day after day, by extremist fanatics!

With you, we will continue this fight with force, without waffling and without compromise, without sinking into ineffective extremism, nor into useless emotionalism.

Let us be aware that in the current international and national context, this fight is far from over.

To succeed and carry out our fight, we need to influence the authorities, the media and civil society.

To do this, we need not only an effective structure, and that we believe we have built, but also the mass effect, the effect of numbers, that is to say your support for all !

Currently about thirty associations and more than 80.000 direct members make up our base, while you are nearly 500.000 subscribers to our Newsletter and several million have visited our site.

Among you, there are, of course, Jews but also very many non-Jews who are in the vast majority and who all share the same values.

You have been more than 80.000, in ten months, to have joined us, but to be even stronger, we still need you to multiply our action, to strengthen our listening and to act!

Our Newsletter is now sent to 1.108.256 subscribers, ie 600.000 more than on August 8, and we hope to exceed 2.000.000 in January.

We integrated 500.000 subscribers from September 1st and the rest will be integrated in January because this requires a technical arrangement to be able to distribute to 2.000.000 subscribers in a reasonable time (especially since our newsletter is daily).

About 10% read it regularly and about 3% react (which is still more than 35.000 people). Of course, to reach 2.000.000 people daily, we will have to strengthen the power of our server.

According to the Alexa Ranking site (see diagram below), which measures the frequentation of hundreds of millions of Internet sites, that of the CJFAI – – is ranked as the 1st most frequented site among those of the institutions French Jews. It is ranked 11.761st in France (it was ranked 14.683rd in February) while the CRIF fell to 83.168th place (it was ranked 30.321st on August 8)! Our ranking greatly surpasses that of so-called anti-racist associations (LICRA, SOS-RACISME, etc.). We gained 3.000 places in the rankings in one month while all the other sites fell.

We have made progress on all the criteria and in the middle of summer!

You will also find that our ranking greatly surpasses that of Actualités Juives and (which, for me, is a surprise).

On August 8, only was slightly ahead of us at the French level, this is no longer the case today since it has fallen behind us.

Not only are we superbly ranked, but our net surfer attraction result is even better than last August 8, since each visit spends an average of 40′ on the site! This is considerable when you see that on most sites the average is between 1′ and 2′!

Our goal is to reach 100.000 members by December 31, which, given these figures, seems easily achievable!

We want to raise a crowd, and not, like many others, raise funds!

So, we call on you, for your help, by adhering kindly for the year 2017.

Below is an interactive membership form.

The more we are, the stronger we will be!

The more we are, the more our voice will be heard!
The more we are, the more our action will carry!
The more you will be, the more the variety of opinion will be represented!


Join and Join! It's free !


Let's be many to make our ideas win!

Richard C. ABITBOL


Individual membership form

Individual membership form for the Confederation of Jews in France and Friends of Israel



  • Ren
    Posted September 4, 2017 13h45 0Likes

    Well done for your work.

  • sitbon yvette
    Posted September 4, 2017 19h53 0Likes

    I regularly and fully read your news and am delighted? always relevant always up to date

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