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Are women a protected species?

Elisabeth Lévy's editorial

We did not know. Barely a few weeks ago, we were still living under the illusion that our marvelous country, resisting the Americanization of relations between men and women, still knew how to combine equality and difference, seduction and respect. You could say "happy as a woman in France".

Shakespeare out of love

Unaware that we were. Thanks to the tsunami of free speech, we can no longer ignore that every woman in France has been, is or will be a victim, that the culture of rape is rampant at all levels, especially those where the rich white male exercises its detestable domination and that one day out of three a frightful feminicide is committed, a term Le Monde now employs without quotes because these 109 murders (in 2016) would not result from singular tragedies, but "of a logic of domination of men over women". And don't talk about a crime of passion, this oxymoron is to be banished. “Love and violence are not compatible”, decrees Edouard Durand, juvenile judge at the Bobigny court, who must never have read Racine, Shakespeare or Stendhal – nor any masterpiece of literature. Defenders of women in danger are accustomed to making such assertions about what love and sexuality should be. Behind the compassion, obviously legitimate for assaulted, assaulted or raped women, but perhaps excessive for the "victims" of insistent flirts, and slightly incongruous when it comes to women who, repenting afterwards of having yielded to advances for fear of torpedoing their career or of being seen as stuck, declare themselves traumatized, one quickly feels a normative and punitive drive breaking through.

In the meantime, the fate of the 40 men killed in 2016 by their partner does not move many people. As Alain Finkielkraut remarked, during the raout organized on October 26 to celebrate "gender equality, a major cause of the five-year term", in front of the gratin of whiny feminism which succeeded the merry warriors of the heroic times, these too male victims were not entitled to the minute of silence observed at the request of the President of the Republic for the murdered women. If it is, they had well researched what happened to them.

#Not me

It only took two months of mass hysteria for women to be officially declared a protected species – which makes men a monitored species. "Basically, we live in a society that mistreats women", proclaimed a few days earlier, in an appeal to the President of the Republic, a hundred exclusively female petitioners led by the inevitable Caro de Haas, holy madonna of the convergence of struggles. To assert that society mistreats women because women are mistreated is tantamount to claiming that it does not respect human life because there are several hundred homicides each year (between people of the same sex) or that it flouts property because the theft has not been eradicated. Above all, it is to write off the tremendous upheaval in the relations between the sexes which has given women control of their destiny. That injustices persist is undeniable – even men experience it. It is possible that women experience more and on a larger scale than previously believed. Judging by a number of testimonies, the younger generation, despite being nurtured with political correctness, is not always more respectful than the elders to whom it willingly lavishes lessons in deportment.

It prevents. When Edwy Plenel declares that the feminist revolution has only just begun, it scares the hell out of you. The day after the presidential speech, Jacques Toubon published this tweet: “In the event of sexual harassment, it is up to the perpetrator to demonstrate in court that there was no harassment. The Defender of Rights supports the victims and investigates to help them win. » When a man invested with such a solemn title as "Defender of Rights" quietly proposes reverse the burden of proof, which means that an accusation would be worth a conviction, we say to ourselves that this wonderful revolution is not far from inventing its law of suspects. So at the risk of sounding like a dry heart, this makes me want to launch the hashtag “Me not! »

Source: Our female friends – Talker


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