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Richard C. ABITBOL President

Comment:Le Monde has always been wrong and it continues!

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In its December 23 editorial (see below), the management of Le Monde, as it is accustomed to do, slams President Donald Trump's remarks on Jerusalem.

Admittedly, we all know the political coloring of the newspaper which since Hubert Beuve-Méry has always had a very anti-Israeli position, and that well before the six-day war. It is therefore not colonization or East Jerusalem whose it is a question of the very existence of Israel!

We also know the natural aversion of this newspaper towards Les Républicains and more particularly the hatred it has for Donald Trump; letting appear, or sweat, their aversion towards everything that comes or touches America and therefore, by extension, Israel!

But what many people don't know is that beyond their ideological bias, this newspaper, “Le Monde”, has always been wrong in its analyzes for decades.

You have an illustration of this, concerning the Khmer Rouge, in this issue of the Newsletter. It is also notable that 42 years later, once everyone has forgotten the militant commitment in this newspaper towards these barbaric criminals who will decimate a large part of their population, “Le Monde” prides itself on a “ méa culpa” which he considers salutary.

This could have been the case if he did not plunge, again, into this partisan spirit which makes him lose all objective reference. This is what we note bitterly in its editorial, bitter, of December 23 last.

Indeed, what does he blame Donald Trump for: having come out of fantasy and the virtual to return to reality?

Who can deny that Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel since 1949 without denying the very existence of Israel and its sovereignty?

The management of the newspaper, which considers itself to be the "elite of French thought" (one can always dream), declares that the use of a threat must be part of a strategy. But that is exactly what was done! 

In the same columns of Le Monde, the day before the vote at the UN General Assembly, these same thinkers wrote that the vote for the motion should win between 170 and 190 votes and that a vote below 130 would be a failure !

The result fell (126 for) we change the diagnosis: it would be a huge defeat for the United States!

Now, such well-informed minds, familiar with international politics, should know that a motion proclaiming that "the Jews are the direct descendants of the Devil" would have to obtain a majority of at least 150 votes (and perhaps even that the Europeans would join in to say right after that they didn't want to, but...).

Under the circumstances of supreme excitement organized and generated by the countries most hostile to Israel and the unfailing commitment of the media on their side, the score obtained is clearly a success for the United States. 

And, in doing so, it is more than normal for the United States to have the decency to warn that one cannot be “at the same time” FOR and AGAINST the United States, that everyone is free to choose but that every decision has a price to pay. Prevention is only a guarantee of honesty.

To think, as the newspaper or President Macron does, that the United States is marginalized or even discredited by the statements of Donald Trump, is a fault of geopolitical analysis that a first-year student would not make!

The only ones who can "guide" the peace process are the United States, on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia, on the other.

And the current agitations are the very demonstration that the peace process and the proposal finalized by Donald Trump is already on the carpet, and that the protagonists know the essential elements.

We can already see the outline and outline of this agreement through the reactions of each other.

We will know much more during the first quarter of 2018.

And, I promise, I take the bet today, here and in front of you, that next Christmas we will be able to celebrate the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement and the normalization of relations between Israel and most of the Arab-Muslim countries!

And once again, Europe and the newspaper “Le Monde” will once again have gone astray!

They are wrong because they transpose their hatred of the Jews and the United States into an unrealizable fantasy of hope which, fortunately, will remain only their fantasy.

See you next year, same day, same time, to check it out !!!!

Happy Holidays to all !

Richard C. ABITBOL



Editorial of Le Monde of December 23.

Editorial of the World. The isolation of the United States before the General Assembly of the United Nations on the question of Jerusalem illustrates the narrowness of the view of the American president on international relations.

Editorial of the World. The threat is a diplomatic tool like any other, but its use follows a few well-understood rules. First of all, it is better to resort to it only after other less aggressive forms of persuasion have been exhausted. It should then be agitated only when the stakes justify it, and only if it can make it possible to win. Finally, the threat must be part of a strategy. For not having respected any of these precepts, the United States suffered at the United Nations, on December 21, a humiliation as stinging as it was useless.

Read also:   Isolated on Jerusalem at the UN, the United States saves face

After Washington's December 18 veto in the Security Council of a resolution disapproving in hushed terms Donald Trump's unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the US administration knew that the Palestinians would obtain purely symbolic reparation before the General Assembly, where they have an overwhelming majority. But, instead of minimizing the importance of this vote, the American administration made it a test of truth, virulently raising the specter of financial sanctions against its opponents.

No doubt this dramatization led fifty-six countries to abstain or not to take part in the vote. But it did not prevent a rather pitiful isolation of the United States (9 votes against, 128 for). Apart from Israel, they were supported only by Togo, Guatemala, Honduras and four micro-nations in the Pacific. And the first recipients of American bilateral aid (apart from Israel) refused to comply.

Read also:   Status of Jerusalem: the United States "is marginalized", says Macron

"Let them vote against us, we'll save a lot of money, we don't care", assured Mr. Trump disdainfully on Wednesday. It is unlikely, however, that Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan will suffer from their vote on a text essentially recalling the previous resolutions concerning this file supported by… Washington.

Fairly rudimentary blackmail

This episode also highlights the problematic reading that the American president makes of international relations. In fact, he seems to be reducing the aid paid by his country to the maintenance of a clientele of debtors, whereas it is part of this soft power of which one of the first supporters in Washington is none other than the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, precisely in the name of American interests.

The UN fiasco also underscores the short-sightedness that led Mr. Trump to take sides on Jerusalem. This recognition was decided for domestic political reasons: the fulfillment of a campaign commitment, as if the electoral promise was by definition adorned with all the virtues, and the satisfaction of an almost captive electorate.

The American ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, then resorted to this fairly rudimentary blackmail based on imperatives that certainly have little to do with the Middle East. A member of a party where it is always popular to attack the UN, the latter has on this occasion made fruitful a political capital which it intends to convert when the time comes.

Read also:   The United States contested, China pretends to pose as a mediator in the Middle East

The improbable sequence that began on December 6 has so far claimed one main victim: Mr. Trump's ambition to succeed where all his predecessors have failed. By again dramatizing the issue of Jerusalem, the American administration is on the way to creating a precedent in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: it has placed itself in a situation of failure even before having played its cards.

Source: UN: Trump and the risky use of threats


  • Hazen
    Posted December 25th 6h37 0Likes

    Even if the Arabs of Gazza and the cis Jordan succeed in forming a state, they will all want to immigrate to the Democratic Republic of Israel.
    they will be unable to feed themselves because they have only existed through the help of others.

  • bilou
    Posted December 26th 11h26 0Likes

    I hope you are wrong.
    To give a state to the Palestinians, however small, is to give them a win and a gain and a respectability that they do not have today. This is a major mistake. It will be irreversible, even if tomorrow there is peace, strictly nothing proves that with other rulers there will not be war. The only possible peace is that of a form of autonomy under the close control of its rulers.
    Any other system is prolonging the war indefinitely.
    We need a Herod vassal of Israel, who owes his post only to Israel and who holds his population under his reins. Then if in the end after a few years, it doesn't work, it may be time to act like the Romans to keep territories. What I am describing to you was already the plan drawn up and openly announced by Arafat and then by his current successor. You would have to be a mad utopian to hope for anything else.
    After the so-called Palestinian peace which will not last, it will be necessary to let go of something else for the Lebanese, the Syrians, the Algerians etc…
    Nothing is better than this plan or the status quo

  • sorel zissu
    Posted December 30th 10h12 0Likes

    Yes, what to expect from this newspaper that I have long called “La PRAVDA française”

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