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The Macron couple, here in June, accuse a photographer of entering their Marseille villa where he is spending his vacation. Olivier Lejeune/LP

The Elysée accuses him of having entered the Marseille residence of the presidential couple. A version he refutes.

He is the photographer targeted by the first presidential complaint since the Sarkozy era. Boss of the E-Press agency, Thibaut Daliphard, whose identity was revealed on Tuesday by L'Express and was confirmed to us this Wednesday, tried to immortalize the Macron couple's Marseille vacation. Until what point ? According to the Elysée, he entered the couple's residence on Sunday, causing the filing of a complaint by the Head of State for "harassment and attempted invasion of privacy". According to him, he would have been placed in police custody for six hours after having simply been recognized by a security officer of the president.

A story on which he no longer wishes to return, after speaking, anonymously at first, to several media. “He wants to concentrate on his job,” we are told by his agency. A profession that has often led him to follow politicians very closely. During the presidential campaign, the 29-year-old paparazzi had disagreements with Emmanuel Macron's security team. And in 2014, he stood out with this shot of another tenant of the Elysée, Francois Hollande, her face glistening with sunscreen during her summer vacation. A front page of Here that the Head of State had little taste for.



"Since President Sarkozy, I have always worked on the holidays of Heads of State and I have never had such treatment", he was indignant on Tuesday evening on RTL. “He is known to be a fine sleuth, but if he entered the presidential residence, he did something stupid”, says a connoisseur of the environment. “I prefer not to talk about him, I would risk being unpleasant, answers us a size of people photography. The blow of private property is the mark of those who fail to photograph their scoops in public.

>The Macron, priority targets of the paparazzi


Thibaut Daliphard does not only do politics. On his agency's website, photos of supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and the preview of Luc Besson's latest film “Valerian” testify to the eclecticism of her activity. He is also a regular at the Cannes Film Festival, where he landed his camera for the eighth time this year. "For us, it's an event that becomes like the others, it's a lot of work but it's clearly not the Festival that's going to boost revenues," he explained in May to the Echoes.

According to our information, the photographer has since returned to Saint-Tropez, where he follows the holidays of many celebrities. And assures the media that he took no photo of the president. It will take a quick trip to the kiosk in the next few days to see if he is telling the truth.


[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#993300″ class=”” size=””] A union requests the withdrawal of the complaint The SNJ-CGT journalists' union on Wednesday asked the president to withdraw his complaint. While saying that it does not recognize itself in the “people” press, the SNJ-CGT explains in a press release that it “cannot accept seeing a President of the Republic, who has widely used and abused the press, as well “ people” only information, lodge a complaint against a photographer”. According to the union, the different versions of the facts concerning the arrest of the photographer "are so far apart that any filing of a complaint seems inappropriate". [/perfectpullquote]


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Source: ©  Macron's complaint: who is Thibaut Daliphard, the paparazzi prosecuted? - The Parisian

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