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PPPPP No. 203
Albert Soued et – No. 203 – November 10, 2017
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Palestinian Authority (PA)
- Officials of the UN body dedicated to Palestinian refugees, UNrwa, discovered a tunnel drilled by terrorists under a school run by the body - and which enjoys "inviolability" - thus endangering life children.
– The United Nations and the PA have drawn up a joint comprehensive plan to fight against Israel and “ transition to Palestinian independence “, according to Makor Rishon. The plan includes active and visible UN participation in the PA's diplomatic struggle against Israel. According to the plan, the UN, its organizations and affiliates, will offer financial support of $1,3 billion over the years 2018/22, with the aim of “end the occupation, mobilize international support, blame Israel, strengthen Palestinian ties to the world, and elicit UN support for a transition to Palestinian independence ". Another clear objective is todeal with the negative implications of construction in Area C, which is under full Israeli control ". In other words, it is also an attempt to abolish Israel's planning and building powers in Jewish settlements, according to the Oslo Accords.
Freed from three years of captivity and tribulations at the hands of jihadists from Mosul and Tal Afar, a young Christian testifies: “ We were taken to Mosul and in a market I was sold to a family whose man always wore an explosive vest  ... I lived through different marriages under duress, and like all women, I suffered abuse that I cannot talk about ... Thank God I'm alive “, claims Hayat in Syriac… Her friend Dima was delivered after having belonged to more than sixteen executioners. His painful descriptions refer to a jihadist from Germany, "the most sordid », or a journalist from Al Jazeera, Air al-Idlibi, having joined the organization in Syria.
– The Russia-Iran axis is an existential double threat for Israel according to Ygal Carmon, president of Memri. A first threat is that of the expansion of Iran in Syria, up to the borders of Israel in the Golan, an expansion facilitated by Russia. The 2nd threat is nuclear. Iran's inventory of 8,5 tons of enriched uranium, shipped from Iran to Russia in December 2015 in accordance with the JCPOA, disappeared in Russia. This was confirmed by the Obama administration's senior State Department coordinator on Iran, Stephen Mull. The most egregious example of Russia's facilitation of Tehran's nuclear capability development is its support for Iran's refusal to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections under JCPOA Section T. – which prohibits Iran “ to design, develop, manufacture, acquire, or use multipoint explosive detonation systems suitable for a nuclear explosive device ". This prohibition also includes the prohibition of any " design, development, manufacture, acquisition or use of explosives diagnostic systems (scanner cameras, frame cameras and x-ray cameras) ", unless these activities are " approved by the Joint Commission as being used for non-nuclear purposes and subject to control ". Iran refuses such control and Russia supports its refusal. Russia claims that the IAEA is not authorized to process this part of the JCPOA. It is clear that Russia's sabotage of the implementation of sections of the JCPOA, and its assertion that the 8,5 ton enriched uranium inventory is missing, directly contributes to the unhindered capability of the Iran to develop nuclear weapons.
– Iran has threatened Arabia and the Gulf countries with reprisals, if they do not lift the blockade imposed on Yemeni ports and airports, to prevent the Houthi rebels from receiving long-range missiles from the Guardians of the Revolution of Iran or Lebanese Hezbollah. However, to date, for various reasons, the American and Saudi fleets have not intercepted any Iranian ship supplying missiles to the Houthi rebels.
Saudi Arabia
The Middle East has gone through a series of events that will change the politico-strategic landscape of the region: first the Sunni Saad Hariri resigns from the post of Lebanese Prime Minister, announcing it in Riyadh, explaining that he was resigning following an Iran-Hezbollah conspiracy to assassinate him.
Then 32-year-old Saudi Crown Prince Mohamad Ibn Salman led a massive purge, sacking hundreds of princes, former ministers and generals, sending them to prison for corruption, purging even the most senior opponents -placed in the military, financial and political spheres. Thus the son of the former king, Prince Mitab bin Abdullah was driven out of the National Guard, which is responsible for the preservation of the throne and its oil wells. The multi-billionaire Prince Al-Walid Ben Talal, who invests in giant international projects, such as Citigroup, 21st Century Fox, Apple and Twitter, was also thrown in prison.
In addition, a helicopter carrying Saudi officials crashed in the south of the country, on the Yemeni border.
By purging the kingdom's most powerful princes, the Crown Prince is betting on his political survival and that of his ambitious program of political reform. He is confident that 70% of young Saudis under 30 are behind him. Having had 3 long talks with Jared Kuchner, son-in-law of US President Donald Trump, during his stay in Riyadh, the Crown Prince seeks to bring his country into modernity and the 21nd century. He stated : " We are part of the G-20 and are one of the strongest economies in the world. Putting Saudi Arabia in its rightful place will help bring about the needed changes in the region – and that's exactly what we're doing right now ". He promised to destroy extremist ideologies and return to a more moderate Islam: “ We want to lead normal lives, to live what our religion and traditions translate into tolerance, so that we coexist with the world and are part of the development of the world. » 
Pat anti-missiles
American riots intercepted a Burkan 2H missile, fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels, affiliated with Iran, and intended to reach Riyadh international airport. The missile with a range of 1000 km would come from the arsenal of the Revolutionary Guards, coming from Iran.
Saudi Arabia believes Lebanon has declared war on it over what it sees as acts of aggression committed in the kingdom by Lebanon's Iran-backed Hezbollah. " The Lebanese government will be treated like a government that declared war on Saudi Arabiasaid Saudi Gulf Affairs Minister Thamer al Sabhan.
- Upon his resignation from the post of 1er minister, Saad Hariri said: Where Iran is present, it sows division and destruction. Proof of this is his interference in Arab countries, not to mention his deep resentment against the Arab nation…. Iran has a stranglehold on the destiny of the countries of the region (…) Hezbollah is the arm of Iran not only in Lebanon, but also in other Arab countries »
– After this resignation, the daily An-Nahar mentions “The Lebanese inferno about to ignite“, then wonders: “Is the earthquake of Hariri's resignation the prelude to the great confrontation in the region? ? For its part, the daily al-Joumhouria quotes a minister who explains that Mr. Hariri's speech amounts to a “final divorce” with Hezbollah. In his speech, the 1er outgoing minister accused Iran of wanting to exercise control over Lebanon through the Shiite party.
For its part, the daily Ad-Diyar estimates that “Saudi Arabia, via Hariri's resignation, paves the way for an Israeli offensive against Hezbollah and Lebanon“, claiming that the new strongman of Riyadh, Mohamed Ibn Salman, and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, have planned a Sunni-Shia discord in Lebanon… Al-Sharq al-Awsat, meanwhile, states: “Hariri left the Republic of Hezbollah. Lebanon's prime minister preferred to resign rather stay in a state ruled by Iran through Hezbollah “…” The Lebanese await the consequences of Saad Hariri's resignation, as the Lebanese economy will probably be one of the biggest losers from this resignation ". Al-Hayat title on “the concern in Lebanon where a delicate period opens after the surprise of the resignation of Hariri“. The Israeli daily Haaretz publishes an analysis with an evocative title: “Is Saudi Arabia pushing Israel to war against Hezbollah and Iran?  the 1er Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Saad Hariri's comments "are a wake-up call for the international community".

- An important decision was taken by Judge Salim Joubran, a Christian Arab, who upheld the settlement control law that the Knesset passed and is being reviewed by the Israeli High Court of Justice. Joubran rejected "Yesh Din's" claim that the Hague Convention would prohibit confiscation of private land in "occupied" territory and argued that The Hague does not mention cases where confiscation is temporary and where owners absentees receive its full market value. Indeed, Judge Joubran ruled that Jewish residents in the "occupied territories» are also a «protected civilian populationwhich the occupying army must deal with with this law in mind.
– According to the Police, the Arabs of the country committed 57% of murders, 55% of attempted murders, 59% of arson, 45% of thefts, 36% of offenses against private property, 26% of offenses related to drug trafficking, while they represent only 21% Population.
– The demographic situation in Jerusalem jeopardizes the legal future of the capital, with Jews leaving the city for lack of housing built, and Arabs infiltrating it and building illegal structures that become permanent, according to Minister Elkin.
– Israel lost 2 places in the 2018 “Doing Business” ranking carried out by the World Bank, falling from 52nd to 54th position, which is due to “ a cumbersome and expensive business environment in Israel negatively impacting the country's competitiveness ". Just 11 years ago, the "start-up nation" was ranked 26th in the same category. The inability to overcome heavy regulations leads to corrupt behavior, because companies feel they must rely more and more on intermediaries to avoid bureaucratic processes. Heavier bureaucracy also negatively affects equal opportunities insofar as large and powerful companies can engage the services of accountants, lawyers and intermediaries to help speed up regulatory processes while small and medium-sized companies cannot afford to do so.
It takes four procedures and 12 days to start a business in Israel, while managing building permits requires 15 procedures and 209 days, the report shows, with 81 days to register a property. In comparison, setting up a business in New Zealand takes a day and a half and requires only one procedure, and it takes 93 days to take care of building permits, over 11 different procedures.

Everyday anti-Semitism has become entrenched and is spreading: insults, intimidation, physical violence, tags… Jews recount attacks that have become commonplace and have multiplied since the year 2000. An example in the eastern suburbs. “A first letter arrived in the mailbox of Paul's family in Noisy-le-Grand. It included death threats, " God is great " and a 9mm bullet. The next day, this family, settled in the city for seventeen years, received a second missive specifying: “You are the target, you are all dead. » This time, a Kalashnikov bullet was attached. Paul's family contacted the police. She had a camera placed in front of the pavilion and the letters stopped. But, later, the camera was removed. Tags have reappeared on the wall of the pavilion: "Long live Daesh", “we are going to eliminate you”, "fuck the jews". A 7,65mm bullet was found in the mailbox. Then a new burst of tags from August: "Kill the Jews", "long live Palestine",
"Long live Daesh"
, among others. On the night of October 5, someone even tried to force open the garage door. Worried day and night, vulnerable, Paul, his wife and their four children had to decide to leave their home. “In the house, at the slightest noise, we no longer slept. As long as the police have not arrested the perpetrator, we stay elsewhere ”, slice Paul. Violence against the family of Paul, traumatized and forced to move, we do not make a headline. However, it illustrates this “everyday” anti-Semitism which, year after year, has taken root and then spread in France, to the point of putting so many Jewish families under pressure. See :

A study carried out last year by the Observatory of Rights, in collaboration with the universities of Rome, Bari, Milan and Vox, claims that Italy is the most anti-Semitic country in Western Europe. The result is worrying: 21% of the population hold anti-Semitic beliefs. That is double Germany, more than France and England or even Spain where 17% of the population has anti-Semitic impulses, according to this study. “The majority of Italians are not anti-Semites, on the other hand, the extreme right, the extreme left and the Islamist ideology are. The first two generations of migrants have a cultural background that pushes them to demonize Israel and therefore the entire Jewish diaspora,” says Lisa Biling, representative in Italy and to the Holy See of the AJC, the American Jewish Committee.
United States
A Cato Institute survey of 2300 adult Americans that aims to gauge “freedom of speech and tolerance” shows that 71% of Americans are convinced that “political correctness” has supplanted any debate necessary for the smooth running of the country and that 58% are afraid to share their point of view, if it is perceived as controversial. The country will lose its main freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution for 2 centuries, if it does not teach the younger generations to tolerate comments with which they would disagree. See: 
Anti semitism
Throughout the world, and particularly in the university environment, we are witnessing a major and serious resurgence of this scourge of doctrinal irrationality. For 3 different extremist groups, this visceral hatred has become a reason for living. One group comes from traditional Christianity, born especially since the Spanish Inquisition and leading to the Nazis, the Klu KLus Klan and various far-right European groups. Another group comes from radical Islam which spreads hatred and rejection of the “Infidels” and in particular the Jews, especially since the creation of the State of Israel. The 3nd group is developing at great speed in the parties of the extreme left which, in the absence of "communism", have found in "Palestinism" a cause to defend, and the Jews and the Zionists have thus become the henchmen of capitalism and imperialism western. The “Islamo-leftist” association, made up of 2 totalitarianisms, has given a new and dangerous impetus to a so-called “modern” anti-Semitism. See : 
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