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PPPPP No. 194


Albert Soued et – No. 194 – July 13, 2017


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Palestinian Authority (PA)

– For “the Emirates Red Crescent”, Hamas has done everything to interrupt the distribution of humanitarian aid in Gaza. UAE aid organization says Hamas continually sought to provoke IDF forces by firing rockets from the field hospital where the rescue group's medical team was stationed during Operation Protective Barrier - " This demonstrates the evil intentions of Hamas and its manipulations said its Secretary-General Mohamed Ateeq Al-Falahi. " The betrayal came from them ».

– For Hamas, the main objectives of the new “moderate” political program are:
1. The reliance on Islam as the sole source of authority;
2. The denial of the right of Jews to self-determination in the Land of Israel;
3. The confession of an Islamic sanctity over all Palestine;
4. The armed struggle to liberate Palestine is legitimate and must continue.



For John Bolton, former American ambassador to the UN, the ayatollahs' regime has failed on all fronts, and it is high time for it to collapse. The opposition is substantial and the strategy of the United States should take this into account to overthrow the Islamist regime, one way or another. And now is not the time to sign gigantic trade agreements with Iran, as Total has done.



- According to Israel Hayom, Jordana Cutler, head of FaceBook in Israel, said that since Holocaust denial is illegal in Israel, this content will be blocked in that country and in countries where it is illegal. But Facebook will keep its platform open for Holocaust denial in countries where it's not illegal.

– Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked: “Israel is ranked as one of the most advanced countries in the fight against human trafficking and dedicates a special unit for this purpose, hoping that this practice will disappear forever in the world » 

– According to Maj. Gen (res.) Yair Naveh, former Commanding General of the Center and later Deputy Chief of Staff, the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 was a mistake, as it did not bring any strategic advantage in terms of security or diplomatically. There is even talk of restoring the authority of the country over the 4 communities of Samaria evacuated at the same time, Kadim, Ganim, Homesh and Sa-Nour, because they were not destroyed.

– Both in the Knesset and in the US Congress, voices are being raised to say that to put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there must be an effective victory on the ground and no longer useless negotiations and unilateral concessions to the advantage of the enemy. Palestinian society must be brought to accept Israel as the legitimate land of the Jewish nation, having had a permanent presence in its ancestral land.

– In the near future, Israel will face one of the greatest military challenges in its history. Winning the coming war against Iran and its satellites may depend on the degree of readiness for a preventive war, due to the large number of missiles possessed by Hezbollah, the quality of training of its armed militias and its weapons and especially the number of fronts that could become active. Analysts have pointed to Hezbollah's ability to make inroads into Israeli territory, which could be devastating for a small country. Israel must plan and manage a preemptive war, even without US assistance, a war fast enough to win quickly.

– The Midgam Institute carried out a poll for the Aroutz 2 channel, in order to assess the importance of the parties in the Knesset, with the new leader of the Labor party Gabay: Likud 28 – Yesh Atid 21- Zionist Camp 14; Joint Arab List 13-; Koulanou 11, Habayit Hayehoudi 9- Israel Beitenou 7-; Yahadout Hatorah 6 – Meretz 6 – Shass 5-

The current coalition would therefore retain its majority and the distribution of blocks would remain substantially the same.



Eric Denécé, Director of the French Center for Intelligence Research considers that the terrorist danger comes more from the suburbs than from abroad. The vast majority of the perpetrators of the 2015 and 2016 attacks are French, whether or not they received training abroad. According to him, " the totally anxiety-provoking climate in which we live today is not illegitimate, but it is increased tenfold by excessive media coverage of terrorists and their actions, giving them the publicity they seek – To solve this problem, we would have to start by clearly designate the internal enemy, it is the Salafists, the Wahabites and the Muslim Brotherhood who represent a veritable fifth column, infiltrating French society, in particular the population of Muslim faith.

« We have to fight this 5nd column with the greatest firmness:

– by closing all centers for the dissemination of Islamist ideology in France (mosques, associations, centers and radical bookstores);

– by imposing a ban on outward signs of radicalism in harmony with our Muslim compatriots. The niqab and the burqa are explicit signs of affirmation of belonging to these hateful fundamentalist movements which openly reject our values. At the same time, you must:

– develop a genuine counter-radicalization strategy by reaffirming the superiority of our values,

– proceed with the security, economic and social reconquest of “lost territories”, these suburban areas which escape
t to the authority and action of law enforcement and public services, spaces "outside the law" in which delinquency, trafficking and radical Islam develop with complete impunity, 

– restore border controls to control our territory and hinder the mobility of terrorists and apply the articles of the penal code and the military security code relating to treason and intelligence with the enemy »

– Ivan Rioufol journalist and columnist: “ The deviations that I have just noted are found to varying degrees in most European countries. They are all the more likely to cause concern, since analyzes of the electorate show that the young electorate (those under twenty-five) vote more easily for parties hostile to Israel or adopting “pro-Israeli” positions. Palestinians”, which seems to show that anti-Israeli propaganda is gaining ground and taking root in people's minds.

These abuses are all the more threatening as the proportion of Muslims in the various European countries increases, and as the Muslim population is, in each country concerned, on average younger than the general population. The Muslim electorate weighs more and more heavily everywhere in Europe and this evolution seems destined to last. It is therefore, unsurprisingly, a very anti-Israeli electorate. In a book just published, "The Strange Death of Europe", the British essayist Douglas Murray says that Europe has entered a phase of collective suicide, and explains that this suicide is unlikely to be interrupted. He sees hostility towards Israel and Jews as part and parcel of this suicide ».

– On immigration and Islam, a survey published in Le Monde shows that 65% of French people believe that there are too many foreigners dans le pays. 60% say that today, we no longer feel at home as before. 61% believe that in general, immigrants make no effort to integrate into France.

Regarding Islam, 74% of French people share the feeling that this civilization seeks to impose its mode of operation on others, 85% judge Islamist fundamentalism as a growing concern,

and they are 46% to think that, although this is not its main message, Islam nevertheless carries within it the seeds of violence and intolerance.

– Manuel Valls, ex-1er Minister to the newspaper Liberation: " As long as the left has not found its own response, different from that of the violence of the National Front, whose only angle is the exclusion of Muslims, it leaves a space to the far right, or to "La France insoumise ", who compromises with political Islam, even with the Islamists. We've been around these questions for 20 years. I was targeted in the legislative elections because I had taken up this fight. I was a Republican, I was a secularist, I had said that a new anti-Semitism had been born in our neighborhoods, and on top of that I had the weight of the balance sheet… The new Secretary of State, for Gender Equality , claims that there is no anti-Semitism in our neighborhoods. There is one, it is the ideological engine of terrorism. I said it, and that's how part of my image went from authoritative to authoritarian, anyway… that's life… But I didn't want to leave the territory to these people- the. That's why I applied. Knocking me down, they would have won a huge victory »


United States

– Given that, strategically, Iran's advances in the Middle East are serious and that a Saudi-Iranian confrontation seems inevitable, the American president must decide on his policy. Does he want a region controlled by the Iran-Qatar-Turkey group, as his predecessor Obama wanted, or by the Saudi-Egypt-Emirati coalition?

– Global Strategy Group conducted a survey for Brand Israel with a sample of 2600 Americans to find out their feelings about Israel. 62% see this country favorably against 76%, six years ago. The % remained stable among Republicans, but fell sharply among Democrats, from 73% to 60%, especially among young people, blacks and Latinos.

- The Clinton Foundation received significant funds from donors who took advantage of the fact that when Hillary Clinton was in charge of foreign affairs, she allowed the export to Russia of 20% of US uranium supplies. And that's why Putin was riding for Clinton, not Trump, in the last presidential election. (see the Uranium One Deal)

– Pro-Palestinian propaganda is wreaking havoc on American campuses. The only way to neutralize it is to call Hamas by its name and expose its genocidal aims against Israel and the Jews. The groups allied to Hamas which carry out the harassment are: “Students for Justice in Palestine”, “the Muslim Students Association”, “Jewish Voice for Peace”, and all the leftist groups which support them.
– A Court of Justice rejected a fine of $1 billion imposed on Facebook for failing to exclude from its platform sites inciting the murder of Israelis, on the pretext that only the authors of the texts are responsible and not the broadcast platform. The lawsuit was filed by the legal organization "Shurat Hadin", which appealed the court's decision.

– Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison has become the first deputy to Tom Perez, former labor secretary under Obama, and new chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison took the oath on the Quran, not the Bible, claiming to be a Muslim MP. His writings, his positions and his public speeches, like his troubled past in the organization “Nation of Islam” paint the portrait of an openly anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist man.

We can only regret the ambiguous position of the Democratic Party which, far from cleaning up its own camp, and, faced with the resurgence of anti-Semitism in the United States, never ceases to oppose the anti-Semitism policy. Donald Trump's refugees and anti-Muslims.



– The weekly Der Spiegel recently published an article saying that "the special treatment of Israel for historical reasons is reaching its limits”. Then : "Our historical fault cannot bring Germany to acc
expect that the Israeli government is moving further and further away from the values ​​that we have held to be common until now
“. That Germany claims to be lecturing Israel in terms of values ​​is new and worrying.

– Historically and politically, this country has always subsidized and encouraged jihad, beyond the opening of its borders to Muslim migrants. The particular German-Islamic affinity has never been denied throughout history!



– Bill Gates, President of Microsoft: “ The more generous you are, the more the reputation of generosity spreads and causes a mass exodus from Africa to Europe. I believe that Germany has reached a level of migrant saturation…. – The “Project 28” group investigated this topic and found that 76% of the public in European countries consider the European migration policy to be inadequate. The ruling elites then hastened to muzzle the media to silence this popular opposition to their migration policy. Angela Merkel even asked Mark Zuckerberg, president of FaceBook to limit any opposition to her policy on her social network. But the new society that is emerging today is overly merciful, not wanting to see anyone suffer, everyone having to be permanently happy and at peace. Wonderful dream, but also dangerous. Because in this dual world, an excess of mercy and generosity leads by a pendulum effect to an excess of rigor, and the opposite of what we hoped for.

– The regional reconstruction of the Middle East which started under the aegis of Donald Trump, and which aims to establish an alliance between the Sunni Arab countries and Israel in order to stem Iran, is all the more important as the abuses noted for years within Europe are increasing alarmingly. The European Union's anti-Israeli positions have been clear and explicit ever since.



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