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PPPPP No. 196


Albert Soued et – No. 196 – August 11, 2017


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Palestinian Authority (PA)

– According to the Palestinian Media Watch website (, the PA tries by various means to deceive the international community, by promising to stop paying salaries to the terrorists who carried out an attack or to their families if they died, while continuing this practice by means of budgetary subterfuge. “Al-Rissallah”, a Hamas site, quoted the AP, which said it was channeling these sums through its interior ministry. Other sources indicate that the AP would consider removing the use of the term "shahid" (martyrdom) in its reports, so as not to attract further attention. You should know that the PA uses half of the aid received from abroad to compensate these "shahids" or incite others to kill Jews and Israelis. Thus in 2016, the United States gave nearly $350 million to assassinate dozens of citizens of Israel.. Numerous testimonies from Palestinians show that they often commit acts of terrorism because they are forced into it financially, with the PA largely compensating them, if they survive, or their families (more than $1000/month).

Western aid thus becomes a redistribution of subsidies to promote terrorism, death and the destabilization of the Israeli state.

For example, the family of Omar al-Abed, the 19-year-old terrorist who murdered three members of the Solomon family at their Shabat table and seriously injured a 4nd will receive a monthly salary of 3 120 $. A Palestinian engineer earns an average of around $1/month.

- For Dr. Mordekhay Kedar, a Middle East expert, the main purpose of King Abdullah II's visit to Ramallah was to capitalize on the victory over Israel in the Temple Mount crisis and to wrest other concessions , with a view to creating a 23nd Palestinian Arab state in Judea and Samaria. The King of Jordan seeks to coordinate a strategy with Mahmoud Abbas and President Donald Trump, to destroy " the Jordanian option which would consist in transforming Jordan into a Palestinian state, in case the peace process was doomed to failure.

Mr. Kedar warns against the creation of a Palestinian Arab state in Judea and Samaria, as it would pose a strategic threat to Israel.

- The Israeli Security Agency (ISA) recently uncovered an infrastructure used to transfer funds between Hamas command centers in Turkey, the Gaza Strip, and the Hamas leadership in Hebron. The secret network started operating in early 2016 on the initiative of Muhammad Maher Bader, a Hamas activist in Hebron, also a member of the Legislative Council, who recruited two couriers for the transfer of funds: Muasseb Hashalmon, a Hamas activist from Hebron who was sent to Turkey under the guise of business trips, then was joined by an additional recruiter, Taha Othman, also a resident of Hebron.

- A UN report indicates that theamas has only caused suffering and destruction to the people of Gaza. The continued exploitation of humanitarian aid by this terrorist organization harms Palestinian civilians. It sabotages the efforts of the international community. Gaza is rapidly becoming unlivable, with access to health, energy and water becoming precarious for the greatest number. Moreover, the AP gets involved by boycotting this enclave. Researcher at the think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Grant Rumley, estimated that the hour is serious in Gaza, blaming Hamas which wasted international aid for the benefit of its arsenal of war, using imported concrete to build tunnels and other raw materials to make rockets.



From 1948 to 1967, this country illegally occupied Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and East Jerusalem. During his administration, 57 out of 58 synagogues were destroyed and 38 tombs were desecrated or demolished on the Mount of Olives – including that of my grandfather Moshe Ancona who died in 000 –. The Western wall has been turned into latrines. All Jews were expelled from the region and prevented from gathering at their holy sites. Jordan has also blocked Christians from accessing their churches. There is no assured religious reciprocity with the Arabs to this day. However, all Muslim holy places are free to enter, both in Israel and in the so-called “occupied” zones. The Jordanians attacked and injured a guard at the Israeli embassy in Amman and they show their hostility to the control of the entry of pilgrims to the mosque of al Aqsa. In addition, you should know that the security of Jordan and its king is today ensured thanks to the United States and Israel. This asymmetrical strategy cannot last forever without a reciprocal attitude on the part of Jordan.



– Let's remember that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) bringing together 57 Muslim countries was created in 1969, following the attempt by a Christian madman to set fire to the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. One of the main objectives of the OIC is to support the struggle of the Palestinian people currently under foreign occupation, and empower them to recover their inalienable rights, including the right to self-determination and the right to establish their sovereign state, with al-Quds al-Sharif, while preserving the historical and Islamic character and the holy places of this city ". Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Zarif said that " Muslim countries should never forget that regardless of some disagreements, Palestine is the main concern of the Muslim world ". For its part, Turkey is trying to expand its influence in Jerusalem, investing millions
s$, by supporting the PA, by paying the radical imams and by developing the teaching of Turkish….. The northern branch of the Islamic Movement, headed by Raed Salah, serves as a transmission belt for Erdogan, in Israel.

Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, whenever they want to attack Jews on the territory of Israel/Palestine, Muslims invoke the alleged will of the Jews to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque. This myth was already invoked in 1929 by the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husseini and he caused pogroms in the country. These false allegations reappear periodically with strong intensity, with the same objective, as recently, to kill, injure, traumatize Jews and Israelis.

– The lies and calumnies propagated by the decisions of Unesco and other international bodies practically governed by the OIC risk condemning the entire UN institution in the long term.



– After two years of endless war, the situation in Yemen has never been so deplorable, given the emergence of a massive cholera epidemic which could affect up to 600 people at the end of 000. Remember that the Shiite tribes al -Houthi, aided by Iran, joined forces with former President Abdallah Saleh - dismissed following the "Arab Spring" - to seize the western part of the country, including the capital Sanaa, and control the banks of the Red Sea, which could endanger traffic in the Bab el Mandeb Strait. The legal government is aided by a coalition led by Arabia, along with the emirates and Egypt. The coalition is completely bogged down in this endless struggle and none of the parties has any hope of a cessation of hostilities in the short or medium term.

– Houthi leader Abdul Malik Badreddin al Houthi swore to fight Israel, in any future conflict between Hezbollah and Israel. This group is officially known as the Ansar Allah. Both Iran and Hezbollah are involved in supporting the Houthi rebels. Iran and Hezbollah provide training, money and weapons, for over a decade. This  support could only increase.


Islamic State (IS)

After its rout in Syria and Iraq, the jihadists of the EI attack the Philippines and Indonesia and dream of fighting it out, arms in hand, with the timorous non-Arab Muslims. In the south of the Philippine archipelago, on the island of Mindanao, militants from the jihadist group Maute - which pledged allegiance to IS in 2015) - have taken over the city of Marawi, which has a population of 200.000, at the end of May 2017. On jihadist websites, the message went viral: "If you can't reach Syria, go to the Philippines !” For young Muslims imbued with Wahabi ideology, these new destinations on the Celebes Sea give them a glimpse of exotic walks... The Burmese, who have 5% of Muslims, have already taken special precautions thanks to the action of the " Venerable W ". See the excellent documentary film by Barbet Shroeder which bears this name &



– The recent riots in Jerusalem following the erection of security gates at the gates of the Old City, were provoked and paid for by the PA with the complicity of Iran, which went so far as to offer the insurgents prepared meals (see picture).


- According to Debka, Russia quietly advanced troops to the Quneitra area, 8 km from the Israeli Golan border, ignoring Israel's objections. Moscow took advantage of the unrest on the Temple Mount and the diplomatic crisis between Israel and Jordan, to cover the creeping deployment of its troops to the Syria/Israel/Jordan borders.

Most of the Russian troops there were purposely recruited from Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia, which are republics notorious for their extremist Muslim activities. Recall that the Russians entered a month ago in besieged Dera'a, in order to monitor the first ceasefire zone and that they did not demand any withdrawal from the Radwan special units of Hezbollah, a group Lebanese auxiliary to Iran.

– Reserve Major General Yaakov Amidror: “ If Iran builds bases in Syria, it would immediately erect missile launch pads for Hezbollah. And Israel must prevent this at any cost…. We will not let the Iranians and Hezbollah become the forces that will emerge victorious from this long and devastating war in Syria, because then they will focus on Israel. »



Jean-Francois Revel: “The erection of the Sharia'h as a source of political, civil and penal law, governing public, private and cultural life, erects the obstacle which bars Muslim countries from the road to democracy, development, science and technology. It is not the Muslim religion as a religion that should be incriminated, it is madness to want to confuse it with the State, the law and society. ".


United States

American journalist Hunter Stuart, a Wasp (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), liberal, after an 18-month stay in Israel: « I don't think the Palestinians support terrorism because they are bad people, or because their religion dictates. I believe they support terrorism because the world rewards them .... I'm not saying that Israel is right and the Palestinians are wrong. There's a lot of blame to be had on both sides. But as long as the world continues to hold the Jewish state to
different level than the rest of the world, I will continue to defend Israel, whether or not it is politically correct or socially acceptable



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