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PPPPP No. 198

Albert Soued et – No. 198 – September 4, 2017
– with important links at the end –

Palestinian Authority (PA)
PA President Mahmoud Abbas congratulated North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un on his country's "liberation day" amid nuclear tensions between Pyongyang and Washington. " The Korean people have offered the most precious sacrifices for their freedom and dignity - Abbas said he appreciates the strong solidarity in support of the rights of the [Palestinian] people and their just fight to end the occupation and establish our independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital ". – Abbas also wished “ health and happiness to the leader, the prosperity to North Korea and hoped that " the historic relationship between Palestine and North Korea will grow any further ".
Thus, along with Hezbollah and Hamas, the PA is now part of " North Korea-Iran Axis of Evil »

– The Islamic State has been ejected from its capitals both in Syria and in Iraq towards the Syrian-Iraqi desert where it takes refuge in villages within the Sunni population. Many jihadists managed to find their way to European secret cells ready to act.
The evacuated place is immediately occupied directly by Iranian militias or by affiliated militias. Iran is a partner of Russia in this region as long as it does not compete with it on the gas plan; it allows him to have the minimum of troops and the least cost to control the access to the Mediterranean and to the naval and airport bases created. The Russian presence in Syria also prevents the creation of a Qatar-Turkey gas pipeline, via Iraq and Syria, to supply Europe more easily.
– Four sophisticated Awacs aircraft have arrived at the Russian base in Khmimim, in the province of Latakia. These Beriev A-50s are capable of spotting a target at a distance of 600 km, that is, any movement of troops or aircraft in Israel. Israel, like the United States, is no longer free to move to attack arms shipments to Hezbollah, for example.
– Benjamin Netanyahu's concern is due to the Iranian presence at the gates of the Golan, without this worrying too much the Russian and American protagonists who have concluded disengagement agreements in southern Syria.
– It is an Assyrian specialty that has become Syrian. One ethnic cleansing is underway in the country to evacuate the Sunni majority to camps, preferably in neighboring countries, or to Europe and replace them with Shiites. Before the civil war, there were 4 million too many Sunnis who today have deserted their towns and villages fleeing the fighting. They will never return home, being already replaced by Shiites from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan and elsewhere. With Russian-Iranian help, Bashar al-Assad managed to form a new Shia state to his liking.
– Two United Nations member states intercepted shipments from North Korea bound for Syria. The recipients are front companies for the Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC), a Syrian body, identified by the commission as cooperating with KOMID in previously banned shipments.

– In retaliation for the reinforced American sanctions, the military budget was increased by ½ billion $, half of which to develop missiles. In addition, the budget of Qassem Souleimani's Foreign Legion has increased by $300 million. During a speech in Parliament, President Rouhani said: " In an hour, in a day, Iran will be able to reach a higher nuclear level than at the start of the negotiations in 2015 »
- Israeli and American experts believe that if Pyongyang can no longer be contained, there is still a chance to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions. Yaakov Amidror, former national security adviser, recalls the words of senior Iranian negotiator Ali Larijani in 2007: “ Look at the attitude of North Korea. What happened to two years of negotiations with North Korea? They led to [the West's] acceptance of North Korean nuclear technologies in the field of uranium enrichment. So from now on, [the West] will accept ourse "
Amos Yadlin, former head of military intelligence in the Israeli army and current president of the Institute for National Security Studies, a think-tank based at Tel Aviv University:You can't compare North Korea and Iran now. You can just see how Iran can position itself in the future given the example set by North Korea. "-

A referendum is planned in Kurdistan on 25/9/17, vote which will decide the future of the autonomous region, an independent state or a reinforced autonomy within the Iraqi state. The central government is opposed to any disengagement, but it is above all the sponsor country, Iran, which will be able to oppose the Kurds. The Iranian Foreign Legion has infiltrated the autonomous region through various Shiite militias, Kata'ib Sayyid al-Shuhada, Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq and the Badr organization, under the name of the Popular Mobilization Forces which can intervene militarily, according to the result of the Kurdish vote. Independent Kurdistan is supported by the United States and Israel.

President al-Sisi is playing on a tightrope. On the one hand, it seeks to clean up a faltering economy, by reducing subsidies to the 40% poor out of a population of 90 million inhabitants which is constantly growing (multiplied by 6 in 80 years), in order to obtain a loan of $12 billion from the IMF (to cover the budget deficit), on the other hand, it seeks to eliminate the Islamist terror which rages both in the Nile Valley and in Sinai, against Copts and tourists, in order to encourage the arrival of substantial foreign investment.
At other times, in 1977 and 2007, the same shock remedy operated by Sadat then by Mubarak, led to serious riots.

– A survey of voting intentions carried out by the Geocartographia Institute of Prof. Avi Degani shows that the current coalition is strengthening by 8 seats: Likud 34 (+4), Yesh Atid 14 (+3), Habayit Hayehoudi 13 (+5), Zionist Camp 13 (-11), Koulanou 10 (-), United Arab List 10 (-3), Yahadout Hatorah 9 (+2), Meretz 7 (+2), Israel Beiteinou 6 (-) and Shass 4 (-3). (In brackets the current situation)
– The start-up Flytrex has partnered with Iceland's largest online merchandise service Aha, to provide delivery by drone in the capital, Reykjavík. With around twenty deliveries per day, Aha saves 60% in costs and saves 20% in time during peak hours!
– A mosque in Lod refused to comply with the obligation to no longer vociferate at night through loudspeakers. Coming to the mosque to recall the rules, Mayor Yair Revivo was attacked by worshipers and injured; present at the scene, the police did not protect him…

– Mohamed Louizi: “ Where the cowardice of a Republican, man or woman, left or right, is expressed in broad daylight, an Islamist breeding ground is implanted and grows quietly. Therefore, a total “weeding” campaign becomes inevitable at all levels, on all floors. Failing this, Islamism will soon practice a totalitarian purge, à la “Erdogan”, before rolling out its draconian and anti-democratic program. Seems to be fictional in spirit short-termist of some naive people. I readily agree. But between us, who, in the year 2000, would have imagined that the face of Europe and the world would resemble the one that now terrifies us? The Islamists imagined it, even projected it, but not their useful idiots, all those worthy heirs of collaboration under Vichy: a whole tradition, the other would say! »
– Dr. Zagury, psychiatrist specializing in terrorism: “ I met many subjects caught up in Daesh's propaganda: they have no real religious culture, they are only parrots of suras. For them, the prospect of death is central; religion is no longer a metaphor, but a reality. They firmly believe that angels will accompany them to the summit of paradise where young virgins await them. This psychological benefit escapes us completely, but we must not lose sight of the fact that it exists and pushes beings deprived of solid reference points to commit the most deadly attacks possible. »
– A specialist in Islam and the contemporary Arab world, Gilles Kepel explores the origins of jihad in France in Terror in France. A masterful synthesis, this text sheds light on the meeting of various currents, in France and abroad, which will lead to the emergence of an uprooted French youth, breaking with the Republic, and who will come to embrace armed combat. of ideologues of integral Islam advocating civil war in Europe as a strategy of conquest. Terror in France, Genesis of French Jihad,

– Catalonia has 7,5 million citizens, 7% of whom are Muslims. There are 10 Catalans converted to Islam, often radical. Heavy immigration – legal and illegal – from North Africa and South Asia has turned the region into a magnet attracting all recruiters…According to the Police, there are more than 000 Pakistanis living in and around Barcelona, ​​who in addition to the Moroccans, unmarried and single men, living on the margins of society, unemployed people who do not speak Spanish, and offering fertile ground for the recruitment of terrorists. With its sympathetic and complicit far-left elected officials, the autonomous region of Catalonia offers an easy base for terrorist activity. The threat is all the greater because the radical Muslim population is sparse and intelligence is unable to penetrate it. 20% of Catalan converts belong to the left-wing republican party “ERC” – This party now manages Catalonia and refuses to cooperate with the Spanish central government on all matters related to jihadist terrorism. ERC opened the doors to promote the independence of Catalonia– a future Islamic state?
- In 2004, Oriana Fallaci wrote in " The Force of Reason" "In Madrid, the process of Islamization is advancing rapidly"
But this truth applies to all of Spain. From Barcelona to Madrid, from San Sebastian to Valladolid, from Alicante to Jerez de la Frontera, you find the best trained terrorists on the planet. It is no coincidence that in July 2001, before settling in Miami, Mohamed Atta, one of the "martyrs" of September 11, 2001, stopped there to visit a fellow fighter detained in Tarragona prison, an explosives expert. Nor is it a coincidence that from Malaga to Gibraltar, from Cadiz to Seville, from Cordoba to Granada, Moroccan moguls, members of the Saudi royal family, the emirs of the Gulf have all bought the most beautiful lands of the region. They finance propaganda and proselytism, reward converts, who give birth to a boy, by granting them a bonus of 6000 dollars, offer a thousand dollars to women and girls who wear the hijab. It is therefore not out of love for Allah that certain pious Muslims don the Islamic dress of modesty and modesty, but out of love of the god…money. This Spain where almost all Spaniards still believe in the myth of the Golden Age of al-Andalus and in the lost paradise of Moorish Andalusia.

United States
– Is President Donald Trump still in control of his foreign policy? Everyone who wanted to get out of the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran was eliminated, even the adviser John R. Bolton.
Daniel Greenfield, American journalist: McMaster's National Security Council has become a threat to American national security. Indeed, McMaster has a list of enemies who will be expelled from the NSC. And when that is done, the NSC will again become a purely Obama-Bush body. The consensus will be that the deal with Iran should not be changed, that Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism, that ways must be found to satisfy the aspirations of the Muslim Brotherhood and that 'Israel must make concessions to the terrorists. McMaster sent a letter to Susan Rice, Obama's former national security adviser who was involved in arranging Obama's wiretapping of Trump, granting her access to classified information…  Already fired, Ezra Watnick-Cohen, Derek Harvey, Rich Higgins, KT McFarland, Adam Lovinger… The victims of the McMaster purge “are pro-Israel and oppose the Iranian nuclear agreement ».
Dore Gold, former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs "I can't imagine a high ranking officer like McMaster not being concerned about Iran revealing new centrifuges to enrich uranium, like the IR-8 which works 15 times more efficiently than the old IR-1 . Moreover, I cannot imagine that a former planner of CENTCOM forgot that Iranian troops are creating a border corridor with Iraq to the Mediterranean to dominate the Middle East. Today, being concerned about it does not make you more pro-Israel than pro-Saudi, pro-UAE, pro-Egyptian etc. Since we are all allies of Washington, that would also make him pro-American. So I think these accusations are baseless and we need to come together to deal with more serious matters."
– Jean Patrick Grumberg, journalist, webmaster of the Dreuz site: “ Less well protected by judges than Muslims, whites are victims of discrimination and are on the way to becoming second-class citizens in the West. Muslims are today treated before the courts as beings with superior rights to those of whites, who must strictly obey the laws. If in doubt, try riding for a few minutes without a seatbelt, and compare with the treatment reserved for young people from the suburbs who rodeo on a scooter, without a helmet, without a license, without respecting speed limits, and often with two wheels. stolen. Muslims are protected from all criticism by the Republican Front, Islam is violently defended against the slightest accusation by the entire press, even when it kills during the attacks. And beware of those who offend them, these are heavily sanctioned, accused of Islamophobia. .

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