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PPPPP No. 200
Albert Soued et - No. 200 – September 28, 2017
– with important links at the end –

Palestinian Authority (PA)
The "BDS" (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) or boycott of Israel, advocated as the main activity of Palestinian diplomats, is losing momentum. Thus it is already condemned by law in France, as in half of the American states, among others. Three examples in Europe.
In Frankfurt, the general treasurer and deputy mayor, Uwe Becker: “The BDS movement not only insinuates “don't buy from the Jews” like the Nazis did, but the movement is built on the same toxic model..” …” For our city, threats to Israel feel like threats to people here tooi ".
In London, during a giant Festival highlighting Israeli culture and innovation, the authorities invalidated the requests of the boycott movements wanting to hang posters on bus stops and in the city's underground stations, to designate Israel as an "apartheid" regime, and urging passers-by not to attend these events. Movements that aim to boycott Israel have suffered a slap in the face from the London City Council after it rejected a request to cancel the upcoming London-Tel Aviv festival, TLV in LDN. London prepares to paint its streets blue and white, as the capital of the United Kingdom strikes the three blows of the biggest Israeli festival to ever take place in England.
In Berlin, the mayor, Michael Müller, will stop all support from the city to groups that defend “BDS” aimed at the Jewish state: “BDS crashes with anti-Semitic signs in front of businesses in Berlin. These are the same intolerable methods of the Nazi period. We will do everything to withdraw financial support and premises offered for BDS activities against Israel ».
– While it has increased its military capabilities due to the fighting in Syria, and dumped troops throughout the Middle East, Hezbollah is short of money, despite its numerous illicit trafficking. The finances of the Lebanese Shiite group, designated as a foreign terrorist organization by dozens of countries around the world, have also been victims of US sanctions.
Two years after Iran and world powers signed the nuclear deal, the Islamic Republic has boosted its financial support for Hezbollah to $800 million/year, a dramatic increase from $200 million/year. One of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the world, Hezbollah has 22 fighters, of whom 000 fight for the Assad regime and some 7 have been killed in the years spent in Syria.
- Hamas establishes itself in Lebanon with the help of Iran, according to the head of the Shin Bet, and Russia does not seem to take a dim view of Tehran's plans. Manuel Valls: Iran's strategic ambitions in the region do not only concern Israel... it is the balance of the world that is at stake, and in this balance, we, we Europeans, including France, are directly concerned. »
The conjunction of hostile forces in the north of Israel, both in Lebanon and in Syria, makes the strategic situation explosive in this sensitive area.
The American troops and those of their Syrian allies who are withdrawing from southern and central Syria are being replaced by Shiite troops coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, in large numbers, under Iranian obedience. This concentration of foreign troops on a territory in chaos for more than 5 years makes the atmosphere explosive, without anyone knowing which way the wind will blow. Still, the Iranian presence in Syria cannot be eternal, because the Alawite shiah is antinomic to the duodecimal Iran/Hezbollah shiah. Many "fatwa" of Iranian ayatollahs castigate the Alawites, calling them heretics to be slaughtered. For their part, the Syrian supporters of Assad regard the Iranian mullahs as sinister fanatics and count only on the Russians to stay in power.
– In a tough sermon, Shia Sheikh Salam el-Asqari urged Muslims to emulate the Jews, who managed to emerge from the Holocaust, building a state and managing to win the respect of the world, thanks to successes in the science and technology. Thanks to their scientific discoveries, they have become indispensable and Europe needs Israel. On the other hand, the Islamic nation has become a headache for the world… (source Memri) – Objective observation or simple jealousy?
– In Iraqi Kurdistan, the authorities of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) authorize the masses to gather around the two united flags of Kurdistan and Israel. The demonstrations around the world for the Independence of Kurdistan, in which the Kurds participated, coming from all corners of historic Kurdistan, testify to an unprecedented number of Israeli flags flying alongside the flags of Kurdistan. From the capitals of the world, in Washington, Brussels, Stockholm and Cologne, to the cities of Iraqi Kurdistan, in Dohuk, Akre, Zakho and the capital Erbil, Kurdish nationalists waved the blue and white flag, as they sang nationalist songs calling body and soul for independence.
– Iran tested “successfully” its new Khoramshahr missile, with a range of 2.000 kilometers, multiple warheads. During the presentation of the missile at the military parade marking the bloody Iraq/Iran war in 1980, an Iranian official indicated that it would be “operational in the near future”.“The Khoramshahr missile with a range of 2.000 km, can carry several conventional warheads to hit several targets at once“, said General Amir Ali Hadjizadeh, commander of the aerospace force of the Revolutionary Guards. Additionally, a senior Iranian military official claimed that Tehran was in possession of a 10-ton non-nuclear weapon dubbed “father of all bombs”, more powerful than the American version”mother of all bombs“. Iran already has two other missiles, Gh
adr-F and Sejil, which have a range of 2.000 kilometers, capable of reaching Israel and American bases in the region.
- Tehran says inspections of military sites are not included in the agreement signed in Vienna in 2015 and its leaders have even mocked US Ambassador Nikki Haley,


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