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PPPPP No. 201
Albert Soued et – No. 201 – October 8, 2017
– with important links at the end –

Palestinian Authority (PA)
- Gathered in Beijing, the annual convention of Interpol adopted the resolution to accept as member the PA, with 75 votes for, 24 votes against and 34 abstentions. This decision is particularly serious, as it could have serious consequences. Indeed, the PA is not a constituted state, but a terrorist organization, and this admission will give Mahmoud Abbas's police access to all the computer databases of 192 Interpol member states, including sensitive information. available to Israel on terrorists linked to the PA. PA terrorists will also have access to information on combating cybercrime. This membership will also facilitate attempts by the PA to drag Israeli political or military leaders before international justice. Another international nonsense.
– According to a recent poll, 67% of Palestinians want their President Mahmoud Abbas to step down (AP 60% & Gaza 80%)
– The installation in the country of troops linked directly or not to the Foreign Legion of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards poses a strategic problem of freedom of access to the Red Sea, through the Strait of Bab al Mandeb, through which passes a large part of world trade (outlet of the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean). However, for 3 years now, the Sunni coalition around Saudi Arabia has failed to overcome the rebellion of the Shiite Houthi tribe, and to reinstall President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in power. And the Houthi forces occupy the capital Sanaa, the important port of Aden, as well as part of the facade on the Red Sea. Moreover, with funds, Iran has succeeded in setting up military bases on the African coast, in Sudan as well as in Eritrea. Iran can control this strategic strait at any time and incidents have already taken place with the American navy.
– Houthi military spokesman Colonel Aziz Rashid said: “ Israel's military bases in Africa (Assab-Eritrea) are within range of Houthi missiles…. Our forces will soon have missiles capable of reaching Israel itself ". Tehran has offered the Houthis Borkan-1 and Borkan-2 ballistic and tactical missiles, whose respective ranges are 800 km and 1400 km, which cannot reach Eilat, which is 1720 km away.
Thanks to the ayatollahs, in 2 generations this country has succeeded in becoming an important oligarchy where 80% of the wealth is held by a few thousand people, through institutions created by the Islamic power. These riches have been gradually stolen from the people who have continued to be indignant in periodic rebellions which have not yet succeeded. In addition to the army, much of industry and commerce is in the hands of the Revolutionary Guards. In finance, the mullahs have created more than 5000 banking institutions, such as the “Caspian Credit Institution”, which act as they please, outside the law, and strip the deposits of individuals as well as those of small businesses.
There were riots caused by the impoverishment of the population in 1981, 1988, 1999 and 2009. And the repression was often brutal. In 1988 alone, 30 political prisoners - most of them belonging to the communist "people's mojahedeen" party

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