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PPPPP No. 202


Albert Soued et – No. 202 – October 29, 2017


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Palestinian Authority (PA)

With European financial aid, the PA is establishing itself illegally and discreetly along the Jordan Valley, in area C under Israeli control, according to the Regavim organization. Under the pretext of humanitarian aid, dozens of temporary structures were hastily set up, structures that gradually became permanent.


Islamic State (IS)

Several senior IS commanders, including Abu Hamam Jazrawi, fled Iraq and northern Syria and settled in southern Syria, near the Golan Heights, in an enclave close to the border with Israel where they train 300 new recruits. Propaganda recordings of the camp and training were intercepted.

The IS-affiliated army of Khalid ibn al-Walid and the al-Qaeda-linked Fateh al-Sham group, the former Nusra Front, have been established on Israel's borders for years. Israel warned of this conflicting situation and the Tsahal prepared for cross-border attacks which have already caused casualties on the Islamic side.



Ateya Adlan, professor of Islamic jurisprudence at the Turkish-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Mekameleen TV channel: The European revolutions, from the Italian Renaissance to the French Revolution, were a continuum within the framework of a cultural transformation, a movement going from tyranny and backwardness to rebirth, progress and freedom. In our countries too, we had a January revolution [2011] with the events that preceded it, and outbreaks of revolution which, Allah willing, will follow, until the revolution takes root … This too is part of the cultural transformation, the rebirth of the Islamic nation which will inherit the land, Allah willing, and represent the rising civilization. Western civilization is bankrupt. Western thinkers themselves testify to this. The Islamic nation will inherit it, Allah willing. This is not propaganda, this is the truth, and there are many signs that point to it. » (source Memri)



– Pro-Iranian militias are closing in on the border at Bukamal, coming from Iraq and seeking to join the Shia area at Tal Al-Sha'ar, Tal Al-Ahmar and the headquarters of the 90 Alawite division, to constitute a Iran-Mediterranean corridor, taunting the Israeli state. In addition, Hezbollah al-Nujaba, a force linked to Iran via its command, has formed a combat-ready Golan liberation unit.

– To overcome the last enclaves of the IS, along the Euphrates, the Russian air force drops tons of bombs without trying to distinguish civilians from armed men. Perwer Emmal's testimonial: "It's a real slaughter, all those who can escape take to their heels and rush into the desert where they find absolutely no structure to welcome them. This anonymous exodus concerns more than 250 people and constitutes one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of the beginning of the 000st century. And no one cares, starting with the UN and the organizations that depend on it, and up to the NGOs ". According to him, a meeting took place in the Khabour Valley between commanders of the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces and IS leaders and it was agreed that the Islamists would abandon all oil fields in the area and a large number of villages along the Khabour and Euphrates valleys to the American coalition against a safe conduct to regroup in positions further south-east. They prefer to cede the conquered territory to Sunnis than to Shiites.



After the useless or badly planned independence referendum of Iraqi Turkestan, or after the betrayal of a Kurdish leader, Bafel Talabani of Suleimaniya, called the "White Wolf", the Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar Al-Abadi sent to the Kurdish leaders an ultimatum to abandon the oil positions acquired from the Islamic State (IS) around Kirkuk, then sent to dislodge them the Shiite militias, the Popular Mobilization Forces (UMP), led by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, under the direct orders of the al Quds Brigade, of General Qassem Soleimani, the armed wing of Iran abroad. In compensation, a Russian-American agreement was reached giving the Syrian Kurds the less important oil fields in El Omar, east of Deir el Zor and acquired by the peshmergas from IS..



– Ali Vaez, Iran specialist at Internationa
l Crisis Group: “ Iran's influence in Iraq is a natural given, and neither persuasion nor pressure can eliminate it. Only US military engagement can balance it… The rivalry between Iran and the US and its allies could further destabilize Iraq and create space for the emergence of an ISIS 2.0 or an el- Qaeda 3.0 ». 

– Iranian President Hassan Rouhani “ The importance of the Iranian nation in the region (of the Middle East) is stronger than in any other period… In Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, in North Africa, in the Persian Gulf region, where can one take decisive action without considering the Iranian point of view? »

– Fox News, citing German sources: Since signing the Vienna Accord in 2015, Iran has attempted to acquire illegal nuclear technology 32 times in 2017 and 141 times in 2016. These technologies are believed to relate to the ballistic program , but also the nuclear program, which is strictly prohibited, according to the agreements signed by Tehran. Iran has attempted to acquire materials that fall under the official category of " atomic, biological or chemical proliferation for purposes of mass destruction », with companies located in the Rhineland and North-Westphalia.


Saudi Arabia

– Women have been given permission to drive a motor vehicle. However, they cannot pass the driving license without the authorization of a male guardian. The modernization of mores is done slowly because of the resistance of the elites, in particular religious, who fear losing their prerogatives. Some consider that adaptations to modernity are doomed as long as certain rules of male elite preeminence remain in force, and they do not see them evolving in the near future.

– The construction of an autonomous mega-city of 25000 km2 on the Red Sea and linked to Jordan, called “Neom” was announced by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It will be a free zone independent of the Saudi constitution and will be governed by international standards. To be continued…



For several years, the King and the rulers of this country have continued to strengthen their ties with the Jews. This is also why every year, for Hanoukah, Jewish delegations from all over the world are invited to Bahrain to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa said that " religious diversity is a blessing for Bahrainis who have for centuries grown up with neighbors of all religions, cultures and ethnic groups, allowing them to live happily and comfortably in a multicultural environment , multi-faith and to recognize this diversity as a natural and normal way of life in the country…. Our noble ancestors started this Bahraini tradition: churches, synagogues and temples are built next to our mosques, so there is no ignorance of other people's religious rites or practices. We all live together in peaceful coexistence, in the spirit of mutual respect and love, and we believe it is our duty to share this with the world. We believe that ignorance is the enemy of peace and that true faith lights our way to peace; for religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence throughout the world »


– On the way to carry out a raid against a hideout of the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the Oasis El-Bahariya, 135 km southwest of Cairo, the police convoy was attacked while driving on the El-Wahat highway, between Cairo and Giza.

This disastrous ambush in which more than a hundred police officers are dead or injured adds to a series of Islamist attacks in the Sinai, raising many questions about the real capacity of Egypt to deal with this extremism which is descending on the country.


- Egypt plans to create a new administrative capital for 25 million people, to the northeast of overcrowded Cairo, towards Suez.



– Freddy Eytan, journalist and former diplomat: In Lebanon, there is a desire for the stabilization of the country while Hezbollah reinforces its manpower and its military arsenal, and prepares for a new decisive war against Israel. In Syria, IS is losing fighters and territory, while terrorist acts continue on the ground and in Europe. Internationally, North Korea threatens the stability of the world. Putin's Russia scores points with a foothold in Syria. It has just welcomed a Saudi king for the first time, while Trump's America is losing credibility and strategic assets.

In an explosive international context, Israel will have to react with skill and a lot of wisdom, and above all take advantage of its deterrence and its good relations with all potential actors. Never has the Jewish state been so strong militarily and economically. And never, since its existence, has Israel known an American administration so sympathetic to its cause. Now, the Netanyahu government should do everything in its power to cement its unique relationship with Washington and make it easier for President Trump to offer him a cohesive and pragmatic peace plan with the Palestinians and Arab countries. Indifference, immobility and internal political calculations risk leading to escalation and will work against our interests. Time is running out because the sounds of boots are already being heard. Finally, let us always meditate on the words of Victor
Hugo: " War is the war of men; peace is the war of ideas ».

– Joshua Teitelbaum, researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies: “ Without a significant evolution of the peace process, there will be no qualitative change in relations with Saudi Arabia…Why would the Saudis buy the cow if they can get the milk for free?…I don't see the Saudi leaders, who face the threat of the Islamic State and the Muslim Brotherhood and who are challenged by a conservative elite in the country, agree to open an Israeli economic office in Riyadh. I do not see why. It's not worth it to them - In fact, Israel provides Saudi Intelligence and discreet security assistance.

Shapiro, a member of the Institute for Homeland Security Studies in Tel Aviv: The Gulf countries have an interest in opening their relations to Israel. This builds the strategic alignment that has given the Gulf countries and Israel the same adversaries…. That said, it is hard to imagine the Gulf Arab countries, and in particular the Saudis, making a move towards normalization unless they can point to concrete steps that assure them of a guaranteed solution. to 2 states that fulfills Palestinian hopes for independence, a state of their own, as part of a package that gives Israel recognition and security »

The Obin Report confirms the reality of the situation in France, which explains the massive migrations from sensitive suburbs to more lenient places: “We observe the trivialization, sometimes from an early age, of anti-Semitic insults. The mot “Jew” itself and its equivalent “feuj” seem to have become among many children and adolescents an undifferentiated insult, which can be uttered by anyone towards anyone. […] This trivialization does not seem on average to move staff and managers very much, who highlight, to justify their indifference, the trivialized and non-targeted nature of the remarks, or the generalized existence of insults of a racist or xenophobic between students: […] a component of the “youth culture” in a way. On the other hand, well-targeted insults, threats, attacks […] are increasing against Jewish students or those presumed to be such, inside and outside schools.; they are generally the result of classmates of North African origin.» As we imagine,events in the Middle East as well as a surah from the Koran are frequently invoked by the pupils to legitimize their remarks and their attacks. These justifications can go so far as to ensuresea ​​the persecutions or the extermination of the Jews. The apology of Nazism and Hitler is not exceptional […] even sometimes in remarks openly made to teachers, professors and education staff. These attacks do not spare […] other pupils, like this Turkish schoolgirl who has recently arrived in France and has become the scapegoat of her class because her country “is an ally of Israel”. It has […] become common for students to ask a new student or a new teacher their religion. We found that many teachers did not refuse to answer this question.»


United States

Guy Milliere on Dreuz: Nearly half of young American Jews under 30 today say they no longer have any connection with Judaism. An equivalent proportion is indifferent or hostile to Israel. However a current of Judaism is booming in the United States, Orthodox Judaism, and it sees more and more American Jews turning to it. Thus, the Chabad movement creates "Chabad Houses" (Chabad houses) throughout the country. An American Jewish organization also defends Israel unambiguously: "the Zionist Organization of America", led with courage and excellence by Morton Klein.

This Judaism can also rely on millions of evangelical Christians, whom it is important not to defame, because their work is precious and they respect Jews as Jews. Likewise, no organization in the United States does more for Israel than Christians United for Israel (CUFI), founded by Pastor John Hagee in Texas.




At the Valdai International Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin suddenly quoted the Torah, the holy book of Judaism. When a journalist asked him if new technologies and science could end up replacing the moral values ​​that govern the world and men, Vladimir Putin replied as follows: “Everything you mentioned is part of the eternal and essential values. It is no coincidence that the Torah says that the abandonment of territories is a great sin […] the territories, the treasures of nature and men, that is what is most important…. Changes are happening so fast nowadays that it is obvious that science and technology are decisive factors from a military point of view and for what concerns
foreign politic. And these changes have an irreversible nature



Arab parties in Europe

Netherlands: Denk against the assimilation of immigrants (mutual-multicultural acceptance); police to fight against racism; affiliated with Turkey – Europe: Dyab Abou Jahjah, leader of the "Movement X" faction, of Lebanese origin: “I consider as a victory any death of an American, British, or Dutch soldier creates a pan-European movement based in Brussels to install a "democracy" based on sharia'h or "sharicracy". He supports Hezbollah, Hamas and hangs out with Jeremy Corbyn. Very influential in Belgium

Belgium: ISLAM created in 2012 to install the Shariah and institute the practice of religion; a convert, Michel Dardenne is a candidate for mayor of Brussels

France: PEJ wants to abolish the separation of church and state and fight against Islamophobia, generalize halal meat in public establishments

Sweden: Jasin multicultural Islamic party with a double language, peaceful, secular for the Swedes, and for the Muslims, to apply the Shiite law advocated by the leader mullah in Tehran Sheikh Zoheir Eslami Gheraati

Austria: NBZ, movement for the Future created by Adnan Dincer, affiliated with Erdogan's Turkey


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