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PPPPP No. 204


Albert Soued et – No. 204 – 1er December 2017


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Palestinian Authority (PA)


Historian Abd Al-Ghani on PA TV: “ Before the Balfour Promise, when Ottoman rule (1517-1917) ended, the political borders of Palestine as we know them today did not exist, and there was no Palestinian people. , with a political identity as we know it today ».
He recalled what Hamas Minister of Interior and National Security Fathi Hammad said on Al-Hekma TV in March 2012:Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis. Who are the Palestinians? We have many families called Al-Masri, whose roots are Egyptian. Egyptians, they may be from Alexandria, Cairo, Damietta, the North, Aswan, Upper Egypt. We are Egyptians... » 



During a major international march in memory of Cyrus, the former Persian monarch, organized by the Iranian people, the ayatollahs deployed the forces of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basijis to prevent any excess that could have triggered a civil war, the discontent of the population is great. The authorities spoke of a " foreign conspiracy against the state ". With the ayatollahs, in 38 years, the country has been transformed into a kleptocracy where twenty thousand people, linked to the official clergy and its armed forces, own all the wealth of the country. The middle class has disappeared and poverty is such that many citizens offer their organs in the public square to be able to feed their families. The many minorities are persecuted and marginalized. What is the West waiting for to incite or participate in the elimination of a nefarious Axis of Evil dictatorship?

– Paul Salem of the Middle East Institute: “We are in a new Middle East and we will see a series of confrontations and wars. Two years ago, we could still contain Iran. It could have been prevented from pursuing its nuclear program, if Washington had the will to do so; Iran was locked in the box of sanctions and frozen assets and it could not exercise its power beyond its borders. But the greed of the Europeans who saw a huge market opening up and the maniacal desire of President Obama to appear in history, led to the conclusion of a lame agreement. This agreement allowed Iran to enter Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. As Egypt and Turkey have domestic problems, only Arabia remained to lead the coalition of Sunni states and confront the greatest existential threat of the century, the domination of the Middle East by Iran.




Bahrain accuses Iran of having blown up its strategic oil pipeline on its territory. It is the last Gulf country in the running to denounce the permanent interference of the Revolutionary Guards in internal Arab affairs.



writer Abdullah Al-Hadlaq to Alrai TV channel: “ Whether you like it or not, Israel is an independent and sovereign state… It exists and has a seat in the United Nations and it is recognized by all democratic peace-loving nations… the other nations that do not recognize it are countries of oppression and tyranny, like North Korea… There is no occupation, it is a people who return to their promised land, promised by Allah as the Koran specifies… ”


United Arab Emirates or WATER


The Gulf region increasingly resembles Renaissance Italy, with its alliances of opportunity and court intrigues. The emirates' crown prince, Mohamed ibn Zayef or MBZ, will not only remain as an architect of the unification of the Gulf, or as the mentor of MBS (see below) who helped install him as heir to the throne of Arabia, but also as a strong proponent of gunboat diplomacy, given his taste for weaponry. At the Pentagon, this security and militarist policy has earned the UAE the nickname of “little Sparta”. Not to mention the maneuvers of its ambassador Yousef Otaiba in Washington, who does not hesitate to shower American or Israeli think-tanks with millions of dollars to promote the views of the emirate on Middle Eastern affairs. The spirit of Machiavelli and the morals of a Borgia, Yousef Otaiba is the combination in one body of Emirati foreign policy, with the excesses and decadence of Dubai.


Saudi Arabia


Defense Minister and future heir to the throne, MBS, or Mohamed ibn Salman, has taken risky reform steps in a country where religious conservatism characterizes power. He is expecting $100 billion from the hundreds of figures arrested, linked to power and accused of corruption, money laundering, and “exploitation of public office for personal gain”. Nearly 1750 private bank accounts were frozen in this way.

Likewise, MBS has devised a plan to phase out the religious police, arrest the most influential Islamists, and abolish the Council of Great Scholars, Saudi Arabia's highest religious body, so that all Islamic activities that serve Wahabism cease. Moreover, he seeks to restore Islam from before Medina, " at the time when we went to the theater with the Jews and the Christians, in complete freedom and when the first judge chosen was a woman... »

It remains to resolve the crisis with Qatar, which is close to Iran and the Islamists, and to win the war in Yemen against the dangerous Shiite Houthis...




Hezbollah swarms on Israel's border and has improved military capability since the 2006 war: more than 100 powerful and accurate missiles target Israel from underground tunnels and homes in nearby civilian villages, using residents as human shields.




The Kurds are the fourth ethnic group in the Middle East but have never been able to obtain an independent state. They are today the figure of an ally forgotten by the great powers, because they greatly contributed to the victory over the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, but they will not have obtained any political or economic advantage in return. After the referendum on independence, where more than 90% of voters said "yes", the Iraqi Kurdish leaders bent under threats and economic retaliation measures from the Iraqi and Iranian governments. They announced that they submitted to the court's decision, thus renouncing the independence of this territory. They say they hope that this decision will form the basis of a national dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad to settle all the disputes in progress.



Israel Victory Project , initiated by the American think tank Middle East Forum, ensures that a resolution of the conflict can only take place once the Palestinians are defeated, abandon the objective of destroying Israel and recognize Israel as the Jewish state. Pr Daniel Pipes , President of the Forum declares: “ The current approach to achieving a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always failed because it allows Palestinian rejection to be met with a call for further concessions from Israel, thus pushing back peace, because of the entrenchment of a Palestinian denial, the peoples' right to sovereignty… As Ronald Reagan said of the United States' fight against communism, the only way to win is if it loses »

Two lobbies, one emanating from the US Congress and the other from the Knesset, jointly signed a statement calling on the US Administration to let Israel decide its future freely and no longer suffer outside pressure in the search for a solution to the israelo-Palestinian conflict. The aim of this campaign is to put an end to the rigid and inefficient paradigm which has governed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since its origin and to create new axioms, one of which is based on the experience of international relations: a conflict cannot be settled until one of the parties is definitively defeated and the other victorious.

– A survey by New Wave Research Institute of 426 Israeli Arabs over the age of 18 (outside the Druze community) shows than :

.. 65% define themselves as non-religious, while 35% say they are religious.

.. 46% identify as Israeli Arabs and 42% as Palestinian Arabs, while only 3% as Israelis!

.. 73% feel a sense of belonging to the country and 60% are proud to be Israeli,

.. 73% think the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about land, while 19% think it is about religion,

.. 82% say they have no desire to live under Palestinian rule, while only 14% say the opposite.



– The "March of Muslims against Terrorism" brought together only 25 people, place de la République, while the Congress of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France, close to the Muslim Brotherhood, brought together 20.000 people. Your turn to judge…

Yet Marek Halter called on them to demonstrate: " Stand up ! Where you are, neighbours, residents of estates, suburbs, members of associations, employees, workers, unemployed, it's time to make your voices heard! »  

– Yvan Rioufol: This is happening in France. Since 2006, a philosopher, Robert Redeker, lives hidden and protected for having criticized the Prophet, in Le Figaro. Charlie Hebdo is again the target of death threats after he caricatured a priapic Tariq Ramadan declaring: “I am the 6e pillar of Islam.Le Monde has devoted a dossier to the anti-Semitism of the cities without daring to write the words Islamism, Muslim, Koran. The special assize court of Paris, which judged Abdelkader Merah, acquitted him of complicity in the crimes committed by his younger brother, Mohamed, to retain only the association of criminals (20 years old). Lhe magistrates wanted to ignore the ideologue that is Abdelkader, impregnated with suras ordering to kill Jews and non-believers; the prosecution appealed. The Parisian attacks of 2015 have been commemorated. However, the plaques placed on the sites of the tragedies do not name the Islamist signature of terror. And so on. This is happening in France, and this cowardice is shameful. Criticizing Islam is forbidden...

- Manuel Valls speaking of Edwy Plenel, boss of MediaPart, who accused him of rightism: " To criticize (Tariq) Ramadan, to criticize Islamism, this ideology of death, is to criticize – if I am Edwy Plenel – Islam and Muslims. This is what is unbearable and it is he himself who suddenly makes this amalgam that I mentioned between Islamism, the ideology of terrorism, and Islam and Muslims. And that, I can't stand. I have the right, I even have the duty to fight against the ideology that has shaped terrorism... It's a complacency towards terrorism... It's an intellectual complicity... When you have part of the editorial staff of Mediapart which explains that Islamism as such, in itself, is not a serious problem, which explains that I am the heir of Déat, that is to say of the fascists of the 1930s, me who fights against anti-Semitism, which faced an ignoble anti-Semitic campaign, which fights against all forms of racism (…), which accuses intellectuals of carrying out crusades, we are designated…. I want them to back down, I want them to back down, I want them out of public debate. Not by the prohibition, it is not the subject. But let them lose, let them lose this fight, this battle of ideas. We lead it for the Republic and I lead it for the Muslims of France. Because we are the ones protecting them. It's not Edwy Plenel and his minions" 


Social Networks


One of Facebook's early investors, Roger MacNamee, compared the social network's practices to Nazi propaganda: In order to maintain your attention, they took all the techniques from Edward Bernays and Joseph Goebbels referring to the public relations mogul who promoted smoking for women and Adolf Hitler's propaganda chief, respectively. "Everything is done to make you addicted; Facebook creates a culture of fear and anger and lowers civil discourse »



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