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PPPPP No. 195


Albert Soued et – No. 195 – July 26, 2017


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The American-Russian-Jordanian agreement to neutralize areas in the south of the country, to allow the population not to suffer too much from the civil war, presupposes a minimum of control. Today, it is not clear if the United States will want to engage in this control, while it is the only credible partner, to prevent Iran and its affiliates (Hezbollah, al-Quds brigades, etc.) to return to settle in this area. Likewise, the anti-Assad Sunni militias that occupy the buffer zones east of the Golan constitute a good protection for Israel against the advance of Iran; but the Syrian army is constantly trying to dislodge them and it is on the verge of succeeding, the United States having stopped helping them… And the Russian troops are in Kuneitra at the foot of the Israeli Golan… To the point that some wonder what Donald Trump is playing and if he is not being blackmailed by Russia...



The Iraqi militias that helped liberate Mosul are Iran-affiliated Shiite militias and the largest Popular Mobilization Forces is led by veteran Hezbollah friend Jamal al-Ibrahim aka Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis . It is well known that the 1er Minister Nouri al Maliki is the plaything of Iran through this commander. Iran virtually controls Iraq, aiming to create a Shia arc from Iran to the Mediterranean.



– In Sinai, the army and the police continue to suffer losses in ambushes by the Islamic State (IS).

The 23 tribes of Sinai issued a statement rejecting Hamas infiltration from Gaza into their areas, saying they support Egyptian security forces in their efforts to defeat the Palestinian group. They issued a serious warning against Hamas: The Union of Sinai Tribes, led by the Tarabin tribe, warns that the Hamas terror group should continue to move terrorists through tunnels from Gaza to Sinai and vice versa, and help them be housed and treated as allies and to arm them…. the Union of Sinai Tribes will not accept the continuation of this attitude and will strike with an iron fist all those who support the terrorists in the Sinai... It is time for the leaders of Hamas to understand that the permanent immersion in terrorism affects not only the people of Gaza, but also their neighbors in the Sinai”.

– The economic situation is dire. Youth unemployment is very high and more than 60% of them want to leave the country. " Even wealthy youth dream of leaving the country. says a young computer engineer of 34 years “ Initially, when I was thinking of leaving, I wanted to have more opportunities in my job. Today I want to escape from Egypt. We are living through an unprecedented crisis… I am leaving for Canada and I will not be returning to Egypt. There is also the prevailing political gloom. I never recognized myself in the conservatism that is slowly devouring Egyptian society” – The devaluation of the Egyptian pound, a consequence of the liberalization of the foreign exchange market, in November 2016, was accompanied by a surge in prices…


arab states

– Frédéric Encel, journalist and writer: “ This is a new stage in the balkanization of the Arab world. When I published “Geopolitics of the Arab Spring” last year, I noted that since 1991 the Arab world has never stopped fragmenting and balkanizing. It started with Somalia, then Sudan, Iraq, Syria, all the way to Yemen and the Comoros… There is a collapse either economic, or political, or geopolitical and military, or all three, with a deep division within the League of 22 Arab States. And this is a new step. It is serious, because basically, the last Arab geopolitical pole to still have a real lever of power with hydrocarbons, and to maintain real unity, is the Gulf Cooperation Council. And it is bursting. It is a new illustration of the geopolitical collapse of the Arab world, the most striking translation of which in Syria is the sponsorship of negotiations between Russia, Turkey and Iran. There is no Arab State."

– A legal-diplomatic problem arises in an acute way: do the Arab states and Islam consider themselves above the international or national laws of other countries, because they apply the sharia'h (Muslim law ) at their home ? Two incidents demonstrate this: the demand for the removal of the security gates at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, while these gates exist for the same reasons in Mecca among others; and then the ban on non-Muslims from practicing their religion in Arabia or Jordan, for example.



– John Bolton, former American ambassador to the UN and adviser to Donald Trump, during a rally of more than 100 Iranian opponents in Paris: “ The ayatollahs' regime has failed, domestically politically and economically, and internationally; its failures accelerate its fall and that is why today we must seize the opportunity to overthrow the mullahs' regime; I have already been saying this for 10 years, because this regime will never moderate, its objectives being immutable; then we must help the Iranian people to change their regime, a change that we will celebrate in Tehran before 2019… »

Nevertheless, the American president renewed for 3 months the JCPOA agreement of the “5+1” nations, while reinforcing the economic sanctions because of the subversive actions of the regime. The EU remains opposed to any retaliatory action against Iran and is strengthening its economic ties with the country.

- Revolutionary Guards Corps strategist Hassan Abbasi boasted of Iran's ability to create organized cells everywhere that could wage a "global guerrilla warfare" against the West: “If only 11 people made it through 11/9, then imagine what we can do, which is what we want…. We don't need nuclear weapons…It won't be only Iranian groups that will act, but groups from all over Islam…Even if the West deports all its Muslims, we have organized Mexican and even Argentinian cells , and we will train all those who have problems with the United States… !




– During his visit to Budapest on 1er Minister was caught on the spot complaining about Europe (EU). " There is no logic in that. Europe is undermining the foundations of its own security by weakening Israel ", he declared, during a private meeting with the leaders of Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, when discussing the threats posed by Iran, Syria and Islamic State, in the light of relations between the European Union and Israel. " The EU is the only partner that determines its relations with Israel — a country that provides them with technology in various fields — by imposing political conditions. No other country imposes arbitrary rules. Thus in our special relations with China, the latter does not impose political rules… The EU must stop attacking Israel. The EU is disengaging from the largest innovation network in the world. It makes no sense, the EU is sabotaging its own security by sabotaging Israel… I think the EU has to decide if it wants to live and thrive, or if it wants to retreat and disappear. I am not politically correct and I understand that I may offend some of you, and I joke sometimes, but the truth is the truth, and I am talking about European security and its economic future, and these 2 concerns must prompt to a different policy towards Israel… Secure your borders! Secure your borders !” Benjamin Netanyahu touched on other topics. Its relations with the United States, We had a big problem (with Obama) but today it's different, with the resumption of the American presence in the region and the intensification of the attacks (against IS) and this is positive "and with Russia" I told Putin that if we see Iran smuggling weapons to Hezbollah, on our doorstep, we will take military action, and we have done that more than a dozen times »

– Sarah Zoabi, Israeli Arab and fervent Zionist, denounces Unesco and its decisions concerning Jerusalem and Hebron. In a video released by the Boomerang organization, this courageous citizen accuses Unesco of " spread hatred and incitement and falsify history ". Regarding the latest resolution that lists the Cave of the Patriarchs as a Palestinian heritage site, Sarah Zoabi says that the UN and Unesco are trying to erase the connection between the Jewish people and this land: “ Hebron is the city of the ancestors of the Jewish people ". She wonders how these international organizations can thus deny the facts which are mentioned in books recognized by the great religions and accuse them of being obsessive against Israel at the same time as they abandon the peoples who need help in the Middle East. (see )

– What does Israeli Jewish public opinion think of the following idea: convincing the Palestinians that they have lost the centuries-old war against Zionism, in short, that the party is over? In other words, how do Israelis feel about the victory? To find out, the Middle East Forum commissioned the Smith Institute to interview 700 adult Israeli Jews. The poll reveals the existence of a widely held belief that the Palestinians' admission of defeat will result in the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, which would end the conflict.

« A peace agreement with the Palestinians will only be possible once the Palestinian leaders have recognized their defeat in their fight against Israel. The proposal collects a total of 58% of favorable opinions, but 69% agree on the right against only 16% on the left. " The reason the Israeli-Palestinian conflict drags on is that no military operation or diplomatic engagement with the Palestinian leadership has resulted in an Israeli victory. This proposal obtains 65% of the opinions, as well as the proposals: Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem will be seen as a defeat by the majority of Palestinians” & “Israel’s victory cannot take place until the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state . »

This explains the creation of a Caucus in the Knesset for the victory of Israel. Co-chaired by Oded Forer (Yisrael Beiteinu) and Ya'akov Perry (Yesh Atid), the Caucus is intended to explore the various Israeli strategies and tactics to be put in place once the US government gives the green light to " an Israeli victory ».



- On the Grand Mosque website, the rector Dalil Boubakeur maintains a climate hostile to the Torah and to Judaism, by taking up for “cash money” the text of the Koran, written at least a dozen centuries after that of the Bible, and which takes over the biblical text by distorting it, while accusing the Hebrews of being the forgers... Thus in the story of the "binding of Isaac", son of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac is replaced by his half-brother Ishmael, son of Hagar and ancestor of the Arabs. We find on the site phrases such as " According to Genesis, the candidate for immolation was Isaac. According to the Muslim thesis, it is Ishmael. Semitists (…) have underlined this falsification and consider, moreover, the following chapters, especially chapter XXII, as transformed and practically emptied of their substance, because of the late compilers of Jewish traditions who strove, by arranging the texts to their own way, to make Isaac and his son Jacob the only depositories of revelation and the only founders of the cult. To make the biblical narrative consistent and their conception of prophecy as an exclusive privilege of Israel, they modified the Sacred Text and substituted Isaac for Ishmael – And throughout, venomous expressions abound: “ implausibilities and nonsense "," grossly naive and pretentious "," falsification "," struggled, arranging the texts "," forger "," interested determination and therefore stubborn "," blatant untruth ". Such remarks maintain a climate of hostility which can only encourage possible anti-Semitic passages to the act.

– Guy Millière, journalist and writer: “ I remain immensely skeptical of Emmanuel Macron. If, as I fear, he talks about French Islam again, Mahmoud Abbas, a man of peace, terrorism born out of poverty or the climate, if he abandons the Sarah Halimi case, and if he continues to to follow concerning Israel, the scandalous line of the Quai d'Orsay, that will confirm my skepticism ».



Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs praises Israel and the interest of being its ally: “ In these times when terror threatens all countries of the world, Israel's expertise in counterterrorism is extremely valuable. In addition to benefiting from Israel's friendship, Canada strongly supports Israel's right to live in peace and security. »



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