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                           8 Boulevard Saint-Simon 93700 Drancy

The President                                                      Drancy on November 1, 2017

The National Bureau of Vigilance against Antisemitism welcomes the brilliant indictment delivered by the Advocate General Mrs. Naima Rudolf who demands life imprisonment against Abdelkader Merah accompanied by a 22-year security sentence 
             The fact that the author of the murders Mohamed Merah is not present at the trial of his big brother, does not change the need for this trial as well as its conclusion with a very severe exemplary sanction to be dissuasive.
For the BNVCA It is time that the perpetrators of these Islamic terrorist attacks are no longer qualified a priori as "unbalanced" or "lone wolves". What they are not 
For the BNVCA, they are jihadist terrorists motivated by the passionate and compulsive desire to become martyrs (shahid) to show their deadly love for Islamist ideology.  
  The. BNVCA also disputes the arguments of the defense lawyers who plead acquittal and claim that to condemn. Abdelkader. Merah would "kill justice." The BNVCA affirms the contrary and considers that any other decision than the condemnation of Merah would be perceived as a serious injustice committed to the detriment of the victims and of the Truth. Legion of Honor by declaring that in this case " "he prefers to receive spitting on his lawyer's robe rather than the Legion of Honor ".  

The BNVCA represented at the hearings by Maître Charles Baccouche remains attentive to the outcome of this historic trial and the statement of the verdict..

Guaranteed virus free.

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  • Cohen
    Published November 1, 2017 13h43 0Likes

    Scandalous pleadings are, for some lawyers, a form of publicity; because we cannot ignore their impact both on the side of the victims and the general public.
    We are therefore entitled to wonder whether these "pleadings" are not, for certain very politically committed lawyers, in addition to the notoriety brought to them by the scandal, a means of securing a certain clientelism, consideration in certain environments…
    And, for this purpose, what better than to inflict new wounds on the relatives of the victims?
    Not to mention the pleasure it gives, maybe…

    This is reminiscent of the attitude of the defender of klaus barbi.

    It is not to be excluded, beyond the effects of the round or the comments on the Legion of Honor, that much less honorable considerations explain this choice.

    Silver has no smell, but rot is easily detected.

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