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What ? A young sportsman, Jew excuse him, was shot on July 3 by three teenagers, it happened in his home, in Boca Raton. Certainly it is in Florida, but the facts are strangely reminiscent of…

What ? Has it become a habit to kill Jews in their homes? What ? Has it become the law to keep the murders of Jews quiet?

Because he was a Jew, Aaron Rajman. The rare information concerning him presents him as an MMA fighter, a mixed martial artist with a professional record of 2-2, we are told he was 25 and that three young teenagers, ages 16 and 18, would today, two months later, be in jail and charged with homicide.

A few photos are circulating. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, the faces of the 3 murderers, Summer Church, Roberto Ortiz, Jace Swinton. This is Palm Beach Post, the local gazette, which does the job. Because it's not that important after all. Without a doubt.

The individuals arrested in connection with Rajman's murder are charged with trespassing and murder with a firearm. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office? He claims that Rajman was shot dead on July 3 at 22:30 p.m. after these thugs broke into his home. In her house.

The Gazette, I tell you, she did the job: she interviewed Judith Church, Summer's mother. We learn that Summer and the victim, Aaron Rajman, had just met, and that, on the day of the murder, Summer would have been compulsory by Ortiz and cronies to call Rajman to see if he was home. All that under the threat. So, Summer Church, what does she do? Well she takes the gunmen to Rajman's house.

You say ? Are you also thinking of the bait, the centerpiece in the death of Ilan Halimi? Evil spirit that you are: the girl's mother assures you that her daughter would have cooperated with the authorities as much as possible. But maybe you're right: another article from the Post claims that the police might believe that Church would be the brain de all that. 

The Post also reports that Ortiz was no angel. That it was not his first attempt.

Anyway, speaking of the case, Palm Beach County State's Attorney Dave Aronberg said: It was not a random act of violence. Mr. Rajman was targeted by his killers and we intend to seek justice for the victim and his family. 

Yes, but. Does it matter, such a statement. With a name like that. He wouldn't be a bit Jewish, too, Dave Aronberg. And you know how they are. Between them. Seeing anti-Semitism everywhere.

In the meantime, we learn a little more about Aaron Rajman. His career. His projects. His records. His last MMA match. A neighbor says that the young man had gone to her house earlier in the evening to say hello to his children. Aaron, known for being one of the few Orthodox Jews fighting in MMA. Member of Chabad.

Very involved in the local Jewish community. We are now told that the subject of his religion came up regularly in his public appearances, that Aaron described himself in interviews as an observant Jew and that he endeavored to pray and study in the morning, as well as in the evening after a day of training. On his Facebook page, many photographs show him with a yarmulke on his head, praying for Yom Kippur. So of course, justice today is interested in what could be a motive to understand his brutal death.

Two months later, the international press began to talk about it. The tributes are linked, in particular from his combat partners.

Sarah Cattan

Source: ©  What ? Aaron killed like Ilan? by Sarah Cattan | Jewish Tribune


  • And if.....
    Posted September 9, 2017 15h17 0Likes

    The death penalty for these criminals!

  • Ren
    Posted September 9, 2017 23h26 0Likes

    What a misfortune to attract criminals because we are Jewish.

  • yvets
    Posted September 12, 2017 15h00 0Likes

    curious and atrocious mimicry!
    moreover, look at the black or Muslim institutions in France, they all have names that recall that of the CRIF…. that everyone knows...
    what a lack of imagination…. I'm cynical but I think none the less...
    Already a certain holy book plagiarizes the Bible without even having always understood it

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