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November 27, 2017
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Large victory of “Osons le judaisme” with Joël Mergui

This Sunday, November 26, 2017, the voters of the Consistory of Paris were called to the polls to renew their Board of Directors by half, as provided for every 4 years by the statutes of the consistorial institution directed by 26 voluntary administrators elected for a mandate of 8 years.

49 synagogues in Paris-Ile-de-France were partially transformed into polling stations.

25 candidates stood for the 13 vacancies divided into two lists and three independents. 3713 votes were cast. As a reminder, the 26 directors who make up the Board (the 13 elected in 2013 and the 13 for the present election) will elect the Chairman of the Paris Consistory from among their number at their first meeting in January 2018.

12 of the 13 candidates from the “Osons le Judaisme” group supporting the action of the President of the Consistory Joël Mergui were elected, namely:

David Amar, Jack-Yves Bohbot, Anne Laurence Breton, Patrick Bunan, Colette Chiche, Emmanuel Cohen, Vanessa Dahan, Max-David Ghozlan, Michel Gurfinkiel, Claude Annik Haïk, Pascal Karsenti, Martine Mimoun.

David Revcolevschi of the “Notre Consistory Demain” group, which included 9 candidates, was also elected.

In his declaration after the ballot, Joël Mergui thanked the members completing their mandate for their collaboration as well as all the candidates for their personal investment, their commitment to the service of the Consistory and their willingness to contribute, each in their way, the means for the renewal of a bicentenary institution which works every day to defend the Jews and Judaism and to fulfill its missions of service.

He also invited everyone to work in harmony to be a force for proposals and renewal. “The Jewish Community, he said, has shown great maturity in showing its confidence in the young people and in 5 new administrators to lead the Consistory of Paris – bringing the number of women to 10 out of 26 administrators. The community, he concluded, has recognized the work that has been done in recent years and has chosen the experience in the service of renewal., with in particular the election of Jack-Yves Bohbot and David Amar to support the new generation of leaders, whose complementary skills will be able to enrich our action. We can together prepare for community succession and face the challenges facing us.”



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